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Want to be part of an amateur porn community with a difference?

Part amateur porn sharing platform and part social networking service, Zoig is a high-quality XXX site where you can browse and share your adult clips and pics. With over 14 years’ worth of high-quality content to enjoy and offering networking opportunities with thousands of other users this is a unique adult site.

In this Zoig review, we take a closer look at the site and find out just what being a part of this community can offer for amateur porn enthusiasts.

What Is Zoig?

You can’t swing a cat around the internet these days without hitting dozens of XXX tube sites boasting enormous collections of amateur porn. So, what makes Zoig different?

zoig amateur porn review

Launched in 2007, Zoig offers up more than just somewhere to browse and post your amateur content.

Instead, this is a community driven platform of like-minded liberals who want to share their saucy clips and pics.

So, as well as being able to enjoy adult amateur content you can also chat and get involved in forum discussions with the people who create it.

Not only that but Zoig is also committed to keeping its platform populated only by 100% genuine amateurs.

PLUS, because Zoig is a premium service, you don’t get any annoying ads, popups or spam to your email.

The site attracts traffic of more than 1.8 million hits per month and this ranks it in the top 500 adult websites in the world.

Around 50% of users are from the United States but Zoig is also popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany.

100% Genuine Amateurs

To keep the site free from pesky fakes, the site team ensure that every member who posts on the site is real using their Genuine Member verification check.

A simple and well-used method of qualifying real people, all users must submit content containing the site’s name in order to achieve verified status.

It might seem like a pain in the ass to have to do but it does guarantee that what you DON’T GET on Zoig is any studio trailers or commercial clips as well as annoying fake profiles.

This check also helps minimize any submissions stolen from other porn sites and revenge porn.

zoig amateur porn

High Quality Content

All content submitted to Zoig is subject to quality control and users will have their files rejected if they don’t meet minimum standards.

There are a number of reasons that files don’t make it through the quality control filters including:

  • Blurry images
  • Lighting too dark/bright
  • Pixellated images
  • Out of focus
  • Video too short (must be at least a minute long)

Or the content itself might violate the terms of use of the platform.

Whatever the reasons, the result for users is this guarantees that ALL of the pics and clips across the site are of a high quality.

And there’s tons of content which does meet these high standards; 1.5 million+ photos and 174,000+ videos!

Covering a diverse range of categories, there are amateurs on Zoig sharing their most intimate and hardcore homemade content.

From sex toys and devices, homemade tit fucks and fisting to eating pussy, bondage and cumshots you can find all the most popular genres covered here.


The Amateur Porn Sharing Community

A community driven platform, the heart of the site is the amateurs who use it and without participation from fans and users Zoig would simply be yet another XXX tube site.

There are tons of ways to interact with content and other members and Zoig encourages participation in a number of ways:

  • Comment and give feedback on content.
  • Vote on content for the best submissions.
  • Video chat with other users.
  • Join in discussion on the message boards and forum.

More like a social media platform than just a simple tube site, Zoig also allows users to ‘Friend’ other members and to send direct messages using the platform.

It’s similar to Amateur Community and ExtraLunchMoney, with a large active community.

And Zoig is a community which doesn’t tolerate trolls so it becomes a pretty safe space to be a part of. If you comment or send a message that is considered ‘Rude’ then your account is deleted. No exceptions, no excuses.

Social Networking with Zoig

Aside from all the great XXX content being posted by other users, the best part of Zoig is the opportunity offered for users to network with one another.

In all, the site has more than a million registered amateur users.

A quick search in the Member database reveals that there are thousands of active members to connect with whenever you log on.

And you can pretty easily find women, men and couples in your area.

In the same way as using platforms like Facebook you can send friend requests to other users, post comments, private message and even video chat with.

review zoig amateur porn site

How Much is Zoig?

You can participate on Zoig with a free account but access to the site and content is limited unless you become an active member of the community.

To get a better experience of Zoig you need to upgrade to a ZG+ account which means you can:

  • Play ALL 174,000+ videos in full screen mode.
  • View, enlarge and zoom in on ALL 1.5 million+ photos.
  • Watch live cam shows.
  • Access unlimited messaging with other members.
  • Take part in ALL forum conversations.

You can become a ZG+ member in a couple of ways.

Firstly, you can simply pay for a premium membership in real money which currently costs:

  • $29.95 per month
  • $69.95 for three months
  • $99.95 for six months
how much is zoig

Or you can earn a membership with zDollars.

zDollars are earned for every photo and video that you submit as long as they meet certain criteria:

  • Videos must be at least a minute long.
  • Photos must be at least 800×600 pixels.
  • Photos and videos must remain on the platform for a minimum period of 30 days.

Oh, and to qualify for zDollars you must become a Genuine Member. This means you have to upload a photo or video of yourself clearly displaying the words ZOIG or ZOIG.com.

Once you do this you can qualify for a free seven-day ZG+ membership.

Zoig Review: The Best Genuine Amateur Porn Site?

Zoig is more than just an amateur porn site; it is a specialist community with high standards and a unique selling point.

Offering adult content creators the chance to share their work and to communicate with other members, Zoig is a hybrid tube site and social media platform.

zoig community amateur porn

What we like most about the site is that the content being shared is of a super high standard and because of the Genuine Member verification process, all clips are original and authentic.

And there’s a huge variety of genres being catered for here. From fetish and kinks to popular categories like cuckolding, threesomes and solo sex there’s something for most people.

On the downside, Zoig only caters to heterosexual amateurs and there are no gay male or trans submissions allowed on the site. Women on women clips and pics are fine but Zoig has made a commercial decision not to allow gay content.

We love the fact that all clips have to be a minimum length, with more than 174,000 videos it would take months to enjoy them all.

But by far the best part of being a part of this community is being able to interact with all the other users on the site.

An active bunch, the forums and messaging boards are always busy with new conversations and every piece of content you post will attract messages, feedback and votes.

Pretty quickly, you’ll become part of a network of ‘Friends’ and build up a collection of your own favorite clips and pics.

As for the premium cost of using the site; yes, $30 a month might sound pretty steep if you consider that you can get a lot of free amateur porn off the tube sites but REMEMBER you don’t have to pay a single dime if you earn yourself enough zDollars!

zoig review community amateur porn

Our final hats off goes to the team at Zoig who have created a safe and welcoming community for amateurs to be a part of. We love the community guidelines which don’t tolerate any negativity and this all helps to encourage a more open atmosphere. And, let’s face it, the more open a community is, the more it shares….

Overall, we think that Zoig is an excellent format for a porn sharing platform and our only question is why more sites like this don’t exist?

So, if you want to join an online community of like-minded and friendly exhibitionists who want to titivate strangers with their XXX content then Zoig should be your first port of call.

All featured images via Zoig.


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