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Heard about virtual sex on Yareel and want to know if it lives up to the hype?

Regularly touted as one of the best cross-platform adult sex games on the market, Yareel offers more than just virtual sex. It’s a social network too.

It has been likened to a pornographic Sims. And the game allows you plenty of opportunities to live out a fantasy double life online.

In this guide, we take a look at Yareel to find out exactly what the game entails, how much it is to play, and whether it delivers on the NSFW thrills.

What Is Yareel?

Yareel is a multiplayer sex game built on the Unity cross-platform game engine. It offers a virtual social 3D environment allowing players to interact to network and socialise with other users as well as engage in sex.

Some players use the system for hooking up and dating but most enjoy Yareel for entertainment only.

How to Play Yareel

To play Yareel, you will need to download the Unity Web Player to your computer or install the Android App on your smart device. Once installed, you can launch the game and set yourself up as an avatar (free members get very little choice at this stage) by registering online using email, Facebook or Google+.

Your first choice is gender (male or female) and then sexuality (straight, gay or bisexual).

Once you have set yourself up, you can choose to watch a tutorial or simply start browsing the system. It’s always a good idea to watch the tutorial so you can be up to date with any latest developments.

yareel sex game review
Connect with any other users to chat, flirt and have virtual sex.

To get going, simply connect with other users who are online and start interacting with them. This can be for online chat or to invite them to your private room (URL) for sex.

You can search for people based on their location, sexual interests or physical attributes.

Both your room and your avatar are fully customisable and you can tailor all aspects of the following (some require you to purchase extras in the shop):

  • Body
  • Clothes
  • Poses
  • Toys
  • Energy
  • House

There are more than 50 different sexual positions available and you can select from a range of actions and poses including fellatio, male/female domination and rear-entry. All basic positions can be modified with the use of toys as well as by changing camera perspectives. Both users can vary the sexual position and intensity which makes for some interesting results.

yareel game review
Once you’ve got someone to come home with you, start the proceedings however you like.

And it is the sex side of the game, combined with the chat functions that really make this game stand out.

Not only can you vary the position and view but you can also increase or decrease the speed of what you are doing to help reach climax.

The graphics aren’t the highest-resolution but they are pretty good and are quite responsive to changes in action.

Yareel: Technical Specifications

Yareel can be played on Windows XP/7/8/10 and Vista as well as Android devices.

There is also an alpha port for Mac, making this one of the few viable Mac porn games.

You will also need an internet connection.

The game can be played in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Russian

Who is Using Yareel?

The Yareel website receives almost a million unique hits each month with around 18,000 players being online at any given time. The approximate breakdown of the community is largely as follows:

  • United States: 16.1%
  • Brazil: 7.3%
  • Russia: 6.99%
  • Germany: 6.83%
  • Turkey: 5.35%

The majority of users are men at 70.2% with the age demographics being broken down as follows:

  • Aged 18-24: 30.17%
  • Aged 25-34: 29.46%
  • Aged 35-44: 16.10%
  • Aged 45-54: 11.05%
  • Aged 55-64: 7.84%
  • Aged 65+: 5.33%

The important thing to remember with Yareel is that you could literally be talking to anyone both in terms of age, gender and location but the draw for many is the anonymity so they can ‘hide’ behind their avatars and take on a different persona.

For flirting purposes, this is kind of kinky and fun so don’t get too bogged down with the detail of the sites demographics…unless you are considering meeting up with another player.

sex game yareel
Though the graphics aren’t the highest res, they are still pretty good. Image via website.

What Does It Cost to Play Yareel?

You can play Yareel for free but access is limited.

VIP subscription costs $9.95 per month or $29.95 for a full year and members receive:

  • 500 coins free every week
  • Double coins for every sex action
  • Unlimited dates with Kate (the female guide)
  • Voice chat option
  • Invisible mode (good for voyeurs)
  • Fast Lane for random searches

All users receive a free 100 coins just for signing up and you earn daily bonuses for signing in on a regular basis.

Strawberries and coins are used in-game for buying upgrades and customising your avatars house, body and sexual repertoire.

Yareel Review: Is It Any Good?

For the price of subscription, Yareel offers some great entertainment as well as the potential for networking with other community members.

Overall the graphics aren’t the best you can find nor is the sound but we can forgive this in favour of the solid gaming experience.

We like the fact that the game offers far more than just a simple online experience and the ability to chat whilst making out with other users adds a lot to the enjoyment.

Not only that but beyond the sexual activity you can also network with other users for flirty chat. Yareel combines the best of a chat room as well as a 3D sex game, similar in many ways to the popular Red Light Centre world or sex in Second Life.

Lastly, for the price of annual membership, Yareel also offers one of the best value adult games online.

Featured image via Yareel.


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