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Looking for high quality and immersive amateur VR porn site that is female-friendly?

YanksVR may well be your best choice.

With almost two-decades of experience, this VR studio focuses solely on amateur female models and makes their orgasms the main event of each show.

Featuring ethical porn produced by women, the content here is based on realism vs. the glamor of traditional US studio porn.

The results are an impressive collection of alluring scenes filmed with an eclectic range of newcomers to the adult industry.

Yet, from solo masturbation to lesbian scenes you won’t find a man in any of their clips; this is ‘Amateur Girls Playing – Filmed By Girls Watching’.

In this YanksVR review, we take a closer look at one of the world’s top female-friendly virtual reality porn sites.

We give you a summary of their top content and models, plus full details of how much access costs and how it stacks up to the competition.

What is YanksVR?

Launched in 2016 (by a team who has been filming since 2002), YanksVR is an all-American amateur site where all the girls are 100% natural.

Filmed and produced exclusively by women, the content is softcore and there are no men involved whatsoever. It is not directly marketed as such, but it’s one of the top VR porn sites for lesbians that we’ve found so far.

Far from simply being lesbian content, YanksVR has come to have a reputation for filming some of the best female orgasms around and, because all the action is filmed in VR, you get to experience real pleasure in the most immersive way possible.

YanksVR review ethical porn

And that’s one of their USPs: 100% Real Orgasms with all of their scenes being wholly unscripted.

Sister site Yanks (one of the top amateur studios and largest collections of high quality scenes of female orgasm) has been nominated for both XBiz and AVN Awards.

YanksVR takes things to a whole new level.

How Is Video Quality on YanksVR?

There are two types of VR films available to watch on YanksVR:

  • 180o 3D Videos – recorded with two cameras to mimic the way the human eye perceives the world, this traditional 3D method of filming results in a good imitation of real-life perspective.
  • 360o Videos – filmed with ten 4K cameras, this kind of technology really transports you into the action, allowing you to look all around you and experience being in the room as the scene unfolds.

Both types of filming technique used by YanksVR employ VR Head Tracking technology which means that if you move your head (tilting, shaking, nodding etc) then the screen adjusts accordingly.

YanksVR review vr devices

Supported devices on the site include:

  • Gear VR
  • Oculus
  • Smartphone Daydream
  • Vive
  • Playstation VR

As yet, YanksVR does not support any teledildonics with its content, which makes sense as there isn’t a male partner on cam which can be used to link sensations with your Kiiroo or Launch device.

All content must be downloaded and there are no streaming options supported through the site.

That might irritate a few users, but as we always say – the best VR porn experiences require that you download the content fully.

Streaming will result in lower quality viewing.

Which goes against everything the YanksVR brand stands for…

The Best Content On YanksVR

There are almost 200 exclusive scenes available to watch on YanksVR, all available to download in a format which is compatible with your device and covering a decent range of solo and girl-on-girl activities.

Categories include:

  • Dildo Insertion
  • Solo Masturbation
  • Toe Curling Orgasm
  • Wet Pussy
  • Humping
  • Mutual Masturbation
  • Lesbian
  • Vocal Orgasm
review of yanksvr

New content is added to the site at a rate of 1-2 releases each week.

Scenes are shorter than many comparable sites and you can expect each download to be around 5-20 minutes long.

If that seems a little short, remember that the studio is against the notorious ‘storylines’ that pad out some of the offerings from other companies.

What you get is sexy and authentic clips with an added sense of realism where you know that the performer is really in to the act.

You might also enjoy the solo / masturbation scenes from rival site: Baberotica VR.

Ethical Porn on YanksVR

‘Ethical porn’ is a trendy phrase these days to use when marketing adult content and so it should be.

The production of porn by a studio that respects its cast and crew by paying them equally, embraces social responsibility and promotes freedom of speech within the industry is long overdue.

The results can be enjoyed by all with those taking part in the filming and promotion being rewarded fairly and those that enjoy watching the end result being able to do so without the guilt that their ‘hobby’ is coercive, corrupt or counterfeit.

In fact, you can quite happily enjoy the porn on YanksVR as a member knowing that $1 of every new sale made on the site goes to Call to Safety; a non-profit charity organisation which supports survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

A part of the ever-increasing stable of feminist porn studios and premium porn sites, YanksVR knows that simply producing adult content is no longer enough.

Audiences are increasingly prepared to pay for ethically-produced scenes.

Models on YanksVR

All of the models featured on YanksVR are amateurs and range from the archetypal ‘Girl-Next-Door’ to some more alternative ladies.

You’re not going to find A List stars on YanksVR, in the same way that you might on big hitter sites like BaDoinkVR or WankzVR.

They cover a pretty diverse range of ‘Types’ and include women who are hairy and those that are shaved, teen girls and mature ladies, big tits and small, as well as women with piercings and tattoos.

There are some women of color on the site but the vast majority are Caucasian.

YanksVR porn review

In all, there are around 60 models currently featured on the site including some who predominantly work as a pair.

The team at YanksVR choose the women they work with carefully and always look for ladies, not just with hot bodies and sexy faces but who have the ‘IT’ factor.

That quality allows them to abandon their inhibitions at the door and experience authentic pleasure on camera.

Members can download content and save scenes to ‘Favorites’ online as well as rate the content and leave comments.

How Much Does YanksVR Cost?

Ethical porn does come at a premium and your monthly subscription to YanksVR is higher than you’d be spending on some other Virtual Reality adult websites.

However, discounts are available if you sign up for an extended subscription.

Current membership prices are being charged as follows:

  • One month for $39.95
  • Three months for $71.95
  • Six months for $119.85
  • Twelve months for $189.95

$39.95 for a one month membership makes YanksVR the priciest VR porn site in our latest round-up, higher than even Naughty America VR and Virtual Taboo.

What are you getting for that premium?

Original, authentic, ethical VR porn content.

Payment can be made via credit or debit card, PayPal or Check.

review of yanksvr premium ethical porn

There is a free 3D VR sample scene which can be downloaded so you can try before you buy and YanksVR has selected a pretty tasty treat to try and tempt you.

Featuring an outdoors scene of lesbian oral sex beside a waterfall, if this toe-curling orgasm doesn’t make you want to check out more of their content then not much else will.

YanksVR Review: Is It Any Good?

Want to see a woman having a mind-blowing and all-natural orgasm?

The content on YanksVR brings you as close to being a fly on the wall as any VR porn site on the market today.

The studio has perfected a non-invasive technique of filming these women masturbating and having lesbian sex that makes you feel as though you are there but without being a third-wheel.

review of yanksvr premium porn

They reportedly work with the girls before they film to find out more about their fantasies and how they like to be touched which means they can really capture the authenticity and intensity of self-love.

At times, it almost seems as though the cameras aren’t there.

Scenes are filmed in high-quality VR and these amateurs could teach the professionals a thing or two about how to convey on-screen pleasure.

Of course, all of this great content comes with a big side-helping of ethical goodness and audiences can enjoy guilt-free viewing in the full knowledge that their membership fees are helping to support good causes and that the studio is paying everyone fairly.

The downside to the content here is that there is nothing to float your boat if you are looking for male-female scenes nor is there a great range of ethnic diversity.

YanksVR ethical porn review

Add to this the fact that membership prices are on the expensive side and you really have to be a lover of quality solo/lesbian porn to want to sign up.

Fans of big-name porn stars will also be disappointed.

But if you love a new face, especially debutantes, then YanksVR has you covered; after all, it is the realism and authenticity that will have you hooked.

So, if you want to watch real girls having real orgasms in the fully immersive world of VR porn AND do so knowing your money is being put to good use then YanksVR should definitely be on your shortlist.

Sign up on YanksVR to get started!

All featured images via YanksVR.


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