X Virtual Review

Looking for virtual reality porn with fetish content?

A new website catering for VR users who really want to get their freak on with fetish reality porn, X Virtual has a good stock of horror and sci-fi genre porn. Some of the titles are based on parodies of popular films like The Mummy, The Exorcist and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider whilst others feature brand new freaky characters such as the Freak House where you can get a virtual POV blowjob from Siamese twin hookers.

In this review, we take a closer look at the X Virtual website where you can download and stream Ultra HD 5K VR porn.

What is X Virtual?

X Virtual is a relatively new website that specializes in providing 3D porn reality videos that are fully compatible with almost all VR devices.

x virtual review parody porn horror VR

They currently have over 40 videos available, most of which are in the fantasy or horror porn genre but with other offerings available.

As well as 3D porn reality, you can also find full 5K, 180 deg VR experiences.

The website is a part of the Czech Casting studios stable and there is some exclusive content available on the site that you won’t find anywhere else.

The site has been steadily growing in popularity since August 2018 when it was virtually unheard of to a position today where it is attracting more than 100,000 visitors per month.

Most of the traffic comes from the United States but there is also a large audience in Germany, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom.

Using X Virtual

Access to X Virtual videos is for members only and you will need to register and pay for a membership before you can view the full videos (see below).

All of the videos currently available have a free to view 30-second clip which gives you a rough idea of the kind of content you can expect before you sign up and download them.

x virtual review parody porn sci fi VR

A lot of the titles will be too messed up for anyone who enjoys their porn on the ‘vanilla’ side and you can expect to find sex scenes which include a lot of torture, horror fantasy and elements of BDSM.

Current titles include:

  • Roswell UFO – a Sci-fi parody of the famous Area 51 alien experiments.
  • The Exorcist – another parody, this is a porno take on the famous 1970s supernatural film of the same title.
  • Hellspital – a horror genre VR film with plenty to entertain fans of S&M and medical fetishes
  • Freak House: Siamese Twins – the clue is the title and you can expect a two-for-one fest with this one.

As well as horror/fetish films, there are some more mainstream options to enjoy including The Biggest Orgy of All Time in 180o. There are also some Czech Casting videos that have been filmed in VR that feature some more standard porn.

vr porn x virtual review

X Virtual: Technical Specifications

All videos on X Virtual are compatible with Delight VR, Oculus, Vive, PSVR, Gear VR, Windows MR, and Cardboard Stereo.

The quality is recorded in up to 5K Ultra HD and filmed in 180o VR.

Most of the videos are filmed with a 60 fps moving camera.

Sound is rendered in superb 3D surround.

What Does X Virtual Cost?

There are three ways you can enjoy the full benefits of X Virtual as a fully paid-up member:

  • 30 Days Access for $39.95 or $1.33 per day
  • 90 Days Access for $79.95 or $0.89 per day
  • 180 Days Access for $129.95 or $0.72 per day

All payments are billed in local currencies using VendoStore and are payable by credit card only.

X Virtual: Our Verdict

X Virtual is definitely offering some niche content on their website and there is not a lot of this kind of porn available for VR users. Of course, being so specialized, the site won’t appeal to everyone; in fact, just fans of horror, sci-fi, fetish and fantasy porn.

vr horror porn x virtual review

The prices for subscription are also on the high side compared to other premium sites; however, there aren’t many VR porn sites catering to this market and, with exclusive and high quality content, you won’t find anything similar to really compare it to. Our other issue over the price of membership is that there are only around 40 videos included…at the moment.

The quality of what you get on the site is not to be sniffed at though and, with Ultra HD 5K VR, it really is the closest you can get to reality without actually taking part yourself.

Overall, there is absolutely no doubt that X Virtual is a one-of-a-kind website offering unique and exclusive fetish VR content that, for the right people, is well worth enjoying. Whether the membership fees keep you busy for more than a month or so will very much depend on how much more content the site can curate and commission.

All featured images via X Virtual.

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