The World’s Most Expensive Sex Toys: 1 Eyewatering List

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Ever wondered how the other half live when it comes to their sex lives?

Well, there’s considerably less than ‘half’ of the world’s population that are super-rich. In fact, according to the Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2019, there are just 2,604 billionaires in the world. Estimated to have an average net worth of $4 billion, these elite group of wealthy individuals control a total net worth of over $10 trillion! That’s more than the combined GDP of over 150 countries. Yet, whilst we all know that the mega-moneyed like to spend their cash on cars, yachts, mansions and fine dining, it’s the ridiculous luxury personal items that really make our minds boggle.

In this feature, we take a look at some personal items of a, well….more intimate kind including a diamond-encrusted vibrator, and solid gold dildo. But before you fall off your seat, some of these expensive sex toys could be in your price range……..

Luxury Sensual Lifestyle Products aka The Sex Toy Rich List

Okay, so its not just the billionaires who can afford these luxury bedroom basics and sex accessories and plenty of millionaires probably sport one or two of these items as well. In fact, we know for a fact that plenty of famous names and wealthy business-people also love an exclusive vibrator, butt plug or sex swing.

But not all of these sexual aids are out of the price range of the average Joe and though you might spit feathers at the idea of spending a couple of grand on something you could pick up for twenty bucks, you too could be the owner of one of these luxury intimate toys.

So, let’s kick off at the ‘affordable’ end of our eye-watering list of the world’s most expensive sex toys.

Luxury Sex Toys: $1,000 – $5,000

For pleasure you can treasure, these sex toys are expensive but might still be affordable to the masses….

Yva by Lelo (Value: $3,300)

worlds most expensive sex toys vya lelo
Image via Lelo.

The luxury Swedish designers, Lelo, are renowned for their iconic personal sex tech devices and, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, they launched an exclusive collection of toys.

The Yva is available in either stainless steel or 24-karat gold and is the pinnacle of personal massage. Effectively an ergonomic bullet vibrator, the sleek design is iconic for the brand and is whisper quite for the ultimate in discretion.

Yva comes delivered in a velvet-lined wooden box complete with matching cuff-links.

Olga by Lelo (Value: $2,850)

worlds most expensive sex toys olga lelo
Image via Lelo.

From the same anniversary collection as the Yva, Lelo presents another elegantly crafted sex toy which you can opt to have created for you in either 24-karat gold or stainless steel. A refined and sophisticated double-ended dildo, the Olga is fit for a queen.

Again, Lelo soften the blow of the price tag by delivering the Olga in a presentation box with matching cufflinks.

JCobra Solid Silver Cock Ring (Value: $3,300)

worlds most expensive sex toys velv-or jcobra silver cock ring
Image via Velv-Or.

This ‘Velvet Edition’ precious metal cock ring is ergonomically designed and handcrafted by the British award-winning master silversmiths at Velv-Or. Created by Jelle Plantenga, you can wear this ring discretely all-day to give yourself the pleasurable sensation of being ‘enringed’.

The ring comes with or without a pearl or pavé set diamonds for a extra touch of indulgence.

The designer claims that wearing one of these rings will give you extra inner-confidence…..and probably a round-the-clock (sorry, cock) boner too.

Seven Pearls Massage Ring by Betony Vernon (Value: $1,920)

worlds most expensive sex toys betony vernon massage ring
Image via Zou Zou Store.

Although Betony Vernon is actually a jewelry designer, her pieces are all intended to be erotic in form and sometimes function.

This statement piece can be worn discretely but, for those in the know, it offers a very distinct kind of pleasurable massage. Worn on the middle finger, turn the ring inwards so the pearls are on the palm of your hand and they glide sensuously over ‘sensitive’ skin.

Available from the Zou Zou store.

Petting Ring by Betony Vernon (Value: $1,300)

worlds most expensive sex toys betony vernon petting ring
Image via Zou Zou Store.

The Petting Ring is an iconic piece of erotic jewelry that was made famous by Madonna during her Erotica phase. Worn on the right hand between forefinger and thumb, this stylish piece brings a whole new meaning to male masturbation and is a must-have elegant accessory for the wealthy woman about town. An example of one of Betony Vernon’s petting rings can be found in the iconic design collection of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Again, you can pick up one of these pieces in the Zou Zou Store.

Double Crystal and Swarovski Dildo by Shiri Zinn (Value: $1,780)

worlds most expensive sex toys betony shiro zinn crystal dildo
Image via Zou Zou Store.

The British designer, Shiri Zinn, creates conceptual objects intended for eroticism and empowerment and this crystal dildo perfectly embodies this ethos.

Handcrafted with a silver grip and embedded with 60 Swarovski crystals, it’s a piece of art that you will no doubt enjoy the sensation of.

Those people who put stock into the mystical qualities of crystals and precious stones might also be interested in the pink quartz dildo designed by Zinn which you can also buy from the Zou Zou store for just $1,200.

Jimmyjane Platinum Eternity Vibrator (Value:$2,275)

worlds most expensive sex toys eternity vibrator jimmy jane
Image via La Belle Epoque.

The flagship piece in the Jimmyjane luxury sex toy collection, this pure platinum vibrator is encircled at the base with 28 round-cut VS1 diamonds making this, truly, a girl’s best friend.

Measuring 5.25” long and finely tuned to deliver resonant sensations, the Eternity is reportedly a favorite of the supermodel, Kate Moss.

You can purchase one of these exclusive vibrators from La Belle Epoque on sale for a discounted $1,100!

Eyjafjallajokull Diletto by Forni Couture (Value: $1,200)

worlds most expensive sex toys Eyjafjallajokull Diletto by Forni
Image via Forni Couture.

Named after the infamous (and troublesome) Icelandic volcano that erupted in 2010 causing worldwide air-travel disruption, this ‘diletto’ is made from curved glass with a 18-strand plaited, kangaroo-hide leather handle and flogger tails.

It was created to emulate the plumes emitted from the Icelandic eruption and is handcrafted by British designer, AHH, at Forni Couture. Rumour has it that the leatherwork has been made by the Royal whipmaker, Swaine Adeney Brigg.

100% Made in England you can purchase one direct from the designers at Forni Couture.

Real Doll (Value: Starts at $5,999)

worlds most expensive sex toys realdoll
Image via RealDoll.

Luxury sex dolls are not out of the price range for many who see them as a good investment for long term sexual pleasure and companionship. There are dozens of high-end sex doll manufacturers out there. Some offer AI capabilities as well as a myriad of custom-design options including physical features and enhancements.

RealDoll offers a build-your-own sex doll service starting at around $6k but if you want to purchase a ready-designed cyber love lady then you can expect to fork out up to $8k here.

They also sell some increasingly sophisticated blowjob machines.

Read our full RealDoll review.

First Class Sex Toys: $5,000 – $50,000

Moving up a price range, these toys are starting to get way beyond the pockets of most people and fall firmly into the elite range of personal pleasure devices. Some of these bad boys will even set you back a year’s wages….

Eros Luxury Sex Machine (Value $13,600)

worlds most expensive sex toys eros luxury sex machines
Image via Ibis.

Sex furniture doesn’t come cheap and anyone who has ever decked out their own dungeon will know this. Fucking machines, in particular, are pretty pricey and are generally a couple of grand for one that won’t need breakdown repair calling out repeatedly.

These designs, from Czech manufacturers Ibis, are custom-built to order and use only the finest quality materials. There are two options available; the Eros which is built for two people and the Ebos which is for solo-play only. There is a third model in development (the Eimos) that will (presumably) be for multiple play partners?

Beyond these basic designs, customers can tailor the finish to their own tastes including attachments, fastenings and color/style of material. Basically, you can match your sex chair to the design of your own dungeon or living room….as you please.

These chairs deliver high acceleration and force with adjustable stroke length and speed so you can get the best experience from your automated fucking machine.

You can contact the designers directly via their website.

Inez by Lelo (Value: $13,000)

worlds most expensive sex toys inez lelo
Image via Lelo.

Those industrious Swedish designers are at it again with this decadent gold-plated vibrator. Perfect for those who ‘cant put a price on pleasure’, the Inez is sculpted to stimulate the G-spot and features 8 settings to satisfy even the very rich.

Dubbed ‘the world’s most coveted vibrating massager‘, you can pick one of these up via the online Lelo store.

Coco De Mer 18k Gold Plate Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator (Value: $15,600)

worlds most expensive sex toys golden nell seed vibrator coco de mer
Image via Coco De Mer.

The very definition of decadence, this seed-shaped palm vibrator with beveled twin prongs for extra play possibilities, could be yours for less than the price of a family holiday to Singapore.

Presented in a lavish, artisan gold-trimmed wooden box with a lock, Nell in Gold is an indulgence few of us can afford. But, for those who can, they will get a 0.14kg 18k gold-plated personal massager with five vibration settings.

You can order your Golden Nell Pleasure Seed direct from the UK supplier, Coco De Mer.

Lelo BDSM Anniversary Collection (Value: $11,700)

worlds most expensive sex toys lelo bdsm case
Image via Lelo.

Another limited-edition product created by luxury sex toy designers Lelo to celebrate their 15th anniversary, this briefcase set contains 12 kinky exclusive sex toys:

  • Cannes Feather Teaser
  • Hertz Telescopic Crop
  • Elena Shackles
  • Kie Eye Mask
  • Volonte Massager
  • Jarlsgatan Flogger
  • Sense Dual Massager
  • Rio Spanker
  • Fontasano Graduating Beads
  • Ax Multi Massager
  • Stureplan Plug
  • Dot Ben Wa Balls

Designed in baby pink and black with 18k rose-gold embellishments, these pieces are each, individually, luxury items but the presentation case adds an extra appeal.

Oh, and the price tag could be more affordable than you think with Lelo currently offering these for a reduced price of ‘just’ $3,750.

Super Rich Sex Toys: $50,000 – $500,000

For the next set of toys, you are going to need some serious spare cash to be able to afford these super-rich items.

King JCobra Solid Gold Cock Ring (Value: $145,000)

worlds most expensive sex toys velv-or jcobra solid gold cock ring
Image via Velv-Or.

Another design by Velv-Or designer, Jelle Plantenga this solid gold cock ring shaped like a poised-to-strike venomous snake is the ideal companion for your own trouser snake…..if you can afford the $145k price tag!

Yes, for the price of four average cars in the United States, you too could be pocketing this luxury sex toy. Designed to stimulate the chakra and massage the perineum, you can opt for some extra jewels with diamonds, pearls or other gemstones able to be set into the chest of the cobra.

A truly elite piece of erotic body jewelry, you can inquire about a bespoke and extraordinary gift direct with the designer, Velv-Or.

Elite Sex Toys: $1,000,000+

And finally, those items that will, literally, make your eyes water, we give you the world’s most expensive sex toys. These are more likely to be found in a sex museum than a millionaire’s bedroom!

The Pearl Royale (Value: $1.8 million)

worlds most expensive sex toys pearl royale
Image via Colin Burn.

Created by the luxury jewelry artist Colin Burn and complete with rare pink diamonds, AAA blue sapphire and a combination of freshwater and South Sea pearls this pure platinum vibrator is truly an iconic design. Only three were made and one is permanently housed in the ACCA Gallery in Beverly Hills in a dedicated exhibition.

Australian Burn started creating erotic jewelry art in 2004 and his designs are incredibly sought after in the elite world of the mega-wealthy. The Pearl Royal is the jewel of his unique collection and is topped with a majestic detachable orb atop a crown. Other pieces he has created over the years include a white gold dildo which was sold for $38,000 and a whip made with human hair that raised $19,000.

You can find pictures of his exquisite pieces on the Colin Burn website.

Beckham’s Gift (Value: $1.8 million)

worlds most expensive sex toys beckhams gift
Most women get stitches after they have a baby but the former ‘Posh Spice’ got a platinum, diamond-encrusted vibrator! Image via Wikimedia.

And finally, created by the UK strip club owner Peter Stringfellow as a present for Victoria Beckham from her husband David when she was pregnant, this 10-carat diamond encrusted vibrator is reportedly worth almost 2 million dollars.

As well as the jewels, the piece is made of platinum and was designed to accompany a similarly adorned necklace (also for Mrs Beckham). This cheeky gift was replicated and another 10 models exist for lucky (and wealthy) owners somewhere around the world.

Created at the peak of their celebrity in 2004, this is perhaps the world’s most expensive sex toy.

Featured image via Fornicari.


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