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Heard about the new adult social platform, Sharesome?

Already being used by Romanian porn stars, Jasmin Rouge and Candie Cross, this new NSFW social networking site is being hailed as the answer for those adult performers who are being banned from traditional platforms.

Part marketing exercise for adult content creators keen to connect with their audience and part genuine networking tool, Sharesome claims to be the world’s first free adult social networking site.

In our Sharesome review, we check out exactly what this new platform brings to the table. We also look at the ways the site is being monetised, including the brand new adult cryptocurrency, Flametokens.

What is Sharesome?

A new kind of social platform, Sharesome has been created specifically for the adult industry and aims to fill the gap left where the mainstream networking sites discriminate against adult performers.

Popular sites like Facebook, Linked In and Instagram are family-friendly social networking platforms and they, quite rightly, have controls in place to prevent adult materiel from reaching the wrong kind (or age) of audience.

As a result, porn stars, escorts, erotic dancers and cam performers are all unable to reach out to each other to connect in a safe space as well as communicate directly with fans.

nsfw social network, sharesome review
Is it ironic or just plain ballsy that Sharesome is using Twitter to recruit new users? Image via @TudorBold, Twitter.

The site is a hybrid between already popular adult platforms like OnlyFans and a social media site like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Sharesome is 100% free to join and to use.

It is also 100% anonymous and does not require any personal details in order to register.

Basically, Sharesome is a social media site for uncensored adult content that promises to never block or shadow-ban its users.

The press release on the site’s launch is quite clear about the company’s aims:

In a world where mainstream sites are increasingly hostile towards adult content, Sharesome emerges as the haven where people are free to discover and share their inner kink self.

It is a place where users are invited to share their innermost desires, kinks and fantasies without fear of any retribution, backlash or discrimination.

The tag for the site is unequivocally and encouragingly bold:

‘…be free to let your freak flag fly!’

Already popular with adult industry pornstars, performers and producers, Sharesome is currently receiving well over 100,000 visits each month and is growing at a fast pace.

It is comparable to Switter, which in contrast is pitched squarely at sex work friendly social media.

There is also Banned Stories by BaDoink, a platform for porn performers to post uncensored content.

How To Use Sharesome

To get started with Sharesome you need nothing more than a unique username and a password.

You don’t even need an email account or a lengthy profile.

Of course, as with any social networks, the more detailed your profile, the better your experience of interaction with other users will be.

Sharesome review nsfw social platform

A little like Instagram and Facebook, you have a profile page with your own news feed upon which you can post your own content such as links and text.

However, you can’t post photos or videos unless you upgrade your account and become verified (see below).

Still, on your basic account, you can connect with other users and adult content providers and build your own network by following and being followed.

The major draw to the site are the professional adult service providers who you can follow and get more information about.

It feels a lot like an adult-industry, celebrity Facebook but where you can follow the posts of these adult stars without the risk of getting a restraining order.

Although the element of having an adult space to post content is refreshing….at the end of the day, the site exists for one principle reason; for adult performers to further monetize their content.

In this respect, you will find that a lot of the people you follow have links to other sites like ManyVids, Just For Fans, Premium Snapchat and other platforms with model payment programs.

The cynic in you will keep judging the fact that these girls (and some guys) are basically trying to sell you a service – whether it’s a live cam site link or trying to divert you to their website or branded content.

However, it doesn’t matter because there is enough free content on the site to keep even a tight-fisted audience coming back for more.

There’s just something about being able to post on a public space without worrying that your network of ‘Friends’ will see what you are up to that is really appealing and it does feel like a private playground.

There is also the fact that many of the girls who are using Sharesome are not only posting naked snaps or begging posts to click on their monetized content.

The popular ‘Stars’ on the site are also using the platform to share all kinds of content and some of it is quite cute rather than erotic.

This can make the interactions feel quite intimate, as if you really feel like you are in an inner circle of friends with these people.

Content creators are able to use the platform to generate traffic to send to their own websites and it is this aspect which is appealing to the stars of the adult industry.

sharesome news feed nsfw social networking

Posts can be organised by topic which allows users to follow conversations in much the same way as you would on Twitter.

Though moderated, these topics range from the mainstream categories like Amateurs, Pussy and MILF to some unusual kinks and fetishes.

As long as the conversations remain legal and do not cross the site’s quite relaxed community guidelines (see below) then pretty much anything goes.

Is Sharesome Free to Use?

The site is free to use and you can get started within a few minutes of joining simply by registering a username and password.

This basic account gives you a profile, your own news feed and the ability to browse other users pages and posts.

However, if you want to share photos, videos or sell your own-brand content then you will need to verify your account.

You can also set up an advertiser account.

review of sharesome adult social networking site

What Are Flame Tokens?

Flame Tokens are a cryptocurrency (XFL) that have been created specifically to use on the Sharesome platform to reward users for activities.

All payments on the site are charged in Flame Tokens, it is the native currency for purchasing ads on the site, paying for content and tipping performers.

Flame Tokens currently cost $0.05 each and can be purchased in the following quantities directly from Sharesome using PayBilla:

  • 100 Flame Tokens – $5.00
  • 1,000 Flame Tokens – $50.00
  • 10,000 Flame Tokens – $500.00

You can also earn free tokens by registering on the  Flame Tokens website as well as by downloading the Cocktail Mixer app for your smartwatch and mine for Flame Tokens by jerking off.

Yes, you read that right, the ‘Proof of Jerk’ app monitors the motion of your wrist action and rewards miners with up to 360 tokens per day for their efforts!

The greater your Jerks Per Minute (JPM) the bigger the reward.

When you first register with Sharesome you are also given 100 free Flame Tokens to get you started.

Though a new concept for many users, cryptocurrency in the adult industry is fast becoming more of a standard.

Offering complete anonymity and flexibility plus a growing sense of security and accessibility, cryptocurrencies are able to offer adult content creators a payment system that they are often not able to access via traditional banks or payment processing platforms.

Household names like PayPal for instance has restrictions in place on the kinds of services that its system is used for.

It has been known to discriminate against porn stars, escorts and cam site models by closing their accounts, freezing transactions and even withholding payments.

Rules and Community Guidelines

Though the site is being sold as a ‘free’ space where you can express your kinky self and, proverbially, let your hair down when it comes to sharing and accessing adult content, they do have some rules.

These are mostly about mutual respect and staying within the law.

sharesome review

The following are a set of guidelines and rules which should be followed by all to enhance the user experience for everyone.

It’s difficult to say what will happen if you don’t as the site has already promised not to ban or block its members.

However, there are some exceptions to this and certain actions will get your account disabled without any warnings.

  • Verbal abuse of any kind is not welcome and Sharesome is encouraging users not to judge other people but to embrace kinks with an open mind.
  • Trolls are not welcome either and users are asked not to discriminate or to ‘hate on’ other users.
  • Promotion or glorification of self-harm is banned. Anyone found encouraging other users to cut, harm themselves or commit suicide will be ejected from the site. Sharesome also has a zero tolerance approach to anyone who promotes or encourages eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.
  • Fraudulent or misleading links are also frowned upon as is embedding pop up ads in your images or links.
  • Trademark or copyright infringements can also land you in hot water.
  • Violations of privacy is another area which can lead to accounts being disabled and users are reminded not to share their personal information, or that of others.
  • Spamming other users can also results in sanctions being taken on your account.

The site is still in Beta mode and it is likely to undergo quite a few changes (just like Facebook) before it really hits the big time.

However, they will need to sort out some of the ‘404 re-directs’ and bugs before they get major-league backing.

It is obvious that there is a market for this kind of platform but only time will tell if Sharesome has got the balance right in appealing to both performers and the general audiences that those performers are trying to reach.

All featured images in our Sharesome review are via Sharesome.


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