What Is A Cuckquean?

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If you’re married or in a relationship, close your eyes for a minute and imagine that your man is having wild hedonistic sex with some random woman. Maybe you’re watching from a chair while he verbally degrades you and reminds you of how worthless you are. How do you feel—Hot? Horny? Like a pawn in his sexually dominant universe?

Well, you may just be a cuckquean.

A cuckquean (KUH-kwee-in) is a woman who derives sexual pleasure from imagining her partner having sex with someone else. Cuckqueans are usually submissive and enjoy feeling like they are being used for their partner’s sexual gratification. Many cuckqueans also enjoy being humiliated and degraded as part of their sexual fantasies, even if they do not identify as subs.

Understandably, you may have questions about where you fall within the kink. After all, there are plenty of subcultures that enjoy partaking in open sexual relations—polyamory, swinging, hothusbanding, etc. This guide will hopefully clear things up and help you to embrace your wildest fantasies.

What Are The Power Dynamics of a Cuckquean Relationship?

What is a cuckquean?
What is a cuckquean? It’s the female version of a cuckold…

Swinging, open relationships, hot-partnering, polyamory—whatever you want to call it, there are plenty of different terms for consensually being cheated on by your partner. But does it all qualify as cuckqueaning? As far as we’re concerned, no.

Cuckqueaning is about more than just sex; it’s about the power dynamics between you, your partner, and the person they’re cheating with. In order for an experience to qualify as cuckqueaning, there must be an element of humiliation, either real or imagined.

This can manifest in many different ways, but the key ingredient is that the cuckquean must feel like they are subordinate to both their partner and the person they’re cheating with. This can be as simple as your partner telling you about their exploits in vivid detail, or as extreme as them bringing their lover home and having sex right in front of you.

Being a cuck, or a cuckquean, is all about being in a diminished role within the sexual hierarchy. It’s about being submissive and relinquishing control to someone else. In some cases, the cuckquean may even enjoy being humiliated or degraded as part of their sexual fantasies.

Cuckqueaning is not for everyone, but if it sounds like something you’re interested in, there are plenty of ways to make your fantasies a reality.

Finding a Cuckquean Community

Understandably, most people aren’t walking around declaring their sexual fantasies on the street. Ok, maybe exhibitionists are but that’s beside the point. If you’re hoping to get into cuckqueaning, or even just exploring your kinks in general, the Internet is going to be your best friend.

There are a number of different ways to find a cuckquean community online. The most obvious way is to do a search for “cuckquean” or “cuckold” in your favorite search engine. This will bring up a number of different websites, forums, and social media groups dedicated to the topic.

We’ve covered a few related communities you might enjoy:

Another way to find a cuckquean community is to explore other kinks and fetishes that you’re interested in. Many people who are interested in cuckqueaning are also interested in BDSM, so searching for BDSM forums or groups is likely to bring up some cuckquean-friendly results.

Once you’ve found a cuckquean community that you’re comfortable with, the next step is to start participating in the conversations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, share your fantasies, and get to know the other members of the community. Who knows, you may even make some new friends along the way.

How Common is Cuckqueaning?

A lot of people hear the term “cuck” and immediately think of shriveled INCELs jerking off from the corner. This is a harmful stereotype that ignores the colorful variety of sexual desires. Men and women can both enjoy the thought of their partners openly cheating on them and humiliating them at the same time. But is it actually that common?

As with any kink, it’s hard to say how many people are into cuckqueaning.

Anecdotally, it seems to be more popular with women than men, but that could just be because women are more likely to openly discuss their sexual fantasies. In any case, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of people out there who are interested in cuckqueaning, even if they’ve never heard the term before.

The only real problem is finding your way into the community. This will be easier if you live in a larger city but don’t discount your local population even if you live in the countryside. The beauty of kink-based communities is that they’re usually highly social, dedicated to their interests, and looking for newcomers. So, once you’re in, you’ll quickly find others within the community.

Further Information About Cuckqueaning

On the whole, cuckqueaning is a relatively new concept but that’s not to say that you can’t find erotica and other resources about the topic. The best way to find further information about cuckqueaning is to do a search for “cuckquean erotica” or “cuckold erotica”. This will bring up a number of different websites and forums where you can find stories, videos, and other resources about cuckqueaning.

Popular cuckquean community
A popular cuckquean community on Reddit

But, if you’re still having trouble finding information about cuckqueaning, don’t hesitate to reach out to the community for help. As mentioned before, kink communities are usually highly social and welcoming to newcomers. So, if you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, someone in the community will likely be able to point you in the right direction.

You may even be able to enlist the help of a sex worker. They will almost certainly have the contacts for people looking for casual sex and can help you set up an arrangement. Just remember to be safe, use protection, and get consent from everyone involved.

The Bottom Line on Cuckqueans

Cuckqueaning is a specific blend of submissiveness, humiliation, and swinging that can be a huge turn-on for some women.

Understandably, though, it’s not for everyone. If you’re turned on by the idea of your man pleasuring another woman in front of you, though, don’t be afraid to dive deep into the recesses of your sexual fantasies.


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