We-Vibes Review: Which Toy Should I Buy?

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When the first We-Vibes came to market in 2008, they rapidly became the world’s fastest selling sex toy. Initial success was followed by a range of exciting and innovative bedroom aids.

The company has built its reputation for ergonomically designed, sleek and stylish products, most of which are compatible with the high-tech functionality offered by the Wi-Fi enabled We-Connect app. This smartphone/tablet enabled remote control offers couples the chance to pleasure each whilst they are apart.

The We-Vibes product range can be split into two categories: solo toys that can be enjoyed alone and those that are designed to be used with a partner.

In this guide, we take a look at the full We-Vibes range to give you the information you need to choose the right product for you.

We-Vibes: The Company

A brand of the Canadian sexual wellness company, Standard Innovation, We-Vibes is a popular and well known supplier of innovative vibrators for men and women. Standard Innovation was founded in 2004 but launched its signature (and original) product line in 2008 and has since sold over 2.5 million We-Vibes.

The company was the eventual fruit of a mission by inventor Bruce Murison and his wife, Melody, to develop a sex toy that could be shared by couples; a safe and comfortable sexual aid that could be worn during sex to boost intimacy. Research into the world of sex toys showed that most bedroom aids were designed for the pleasure of either him or her.

Murison hit upon an idea of designing a product that could be worn during sex to stimulate both partners whilst offering flexibility to be used for foreplay.

With its focus on design and technology, Standard Innovation has been steadily adding new varieties of vibrator to its stable of products and now offer more than 15 solutions for men, women and couples.

In addition to the We-Vibes brand, Standard Innovation has also added a second brand to its offering, Laid. Offering another innovative product (this time a Norwegian design of cock rings, dildos and vibrators), Laid consolidates the company’s commitment to sexual wellbeing, modern design and cutting-edge technology combined with a commitment to sustainability.

We-Vibes: The Product Range

The We-Vibes range is made from environmentally conscious materials and incorporates the company’s ethos of offering a sustainable product with all their vibrators being rechargeable and manufactured using a carbon neutral process.

From the initial design of their signature couples vibrator to solo stimulators, cock rings, kegal balls and anal plugs, We-Vibes products are made from medical grade silicone with comfort and hygiene at the heart of their range.

The most recent models (like the Melt) are even capable of simulating oral sex for women.

Many of the We-Vibe products also feature their We-Connect technology to transform these intimate play toys into remote control sexual aids. Available as an app to download to your tablet or smartphone, We Connect allows couples to pleasure each other over any distance and can also be used to enhance the pleasure of watching virtual reality porn.

The We Vibe products have won many awards including XBiz, AVN, Adultex and ETO Best Product, Sex Toy of the Year and Best Adult Product.


We-Vibes solo range is predominantly designed for women but can also be used by men for external and internal stimulation.


we vibe nova rabbit stimulation
Keep going like a bunny with the We Vibe ‘rabbit-style’ Nova.

The inspiration for the design of the Nova vibrator isn’t hard to recognize and this dual stimulation dildo/wand is unmistakably similar to the classic ‘Rabbit’.

The main insertable is designed to stimulate the G spot and is a 3.1” fixed, curved shaft with a 1.3” width head. The clitoral stimulator is a flexible arm that can be adjusted to suit the position of your sweet spot.

Each stimulator has a whisper quiet, independent motor which offers one of ten preset vibration modes including bounce, surf, echo and wave.

The intensity of each motor can be varied or even isolated and you can even create your own wave pattern using the We-Connect app to get a truly bespoke experience.

100% waterproof and fully rechargeable (USB), the Nova comes with a low power alert indicator and silky storage pouch. Nova is only available in pink and retails at around $80.


Ostensibly a simple wand style vibrator that can be used to stimulate either the clitoris or G spot, Rave has been designed with a unique curve.

This sculpted twist to the Rave should make finding the G spot an easy matter and offers a deep rumble vibration to get powerful satisfaction.

Rechargeable and splash proof, Rave also works with the We-Connect app so that pleasure can be automated and tailored to suit you.

Rave is supplied in purple and comes with a silky travel pouch for discreet storage. The product retails at around $65.


wish we vibe
The love pebble; ergonomic grip and powerful pulsing action to stimulate the vulva.

Looking a lot like an enormous love egg, Wish is a powerful vibrator designed to stimulate the vulva.

The pebble shape has a tapered tip to focus the sensations and can be pressed externally or internally to maximize pleasure.

As with other We-Vibe products, the motor is whisper quiet and has ten different vibration settings in addition to the power pulse technology that is compatible with the We-Connect app.

At 4.1” in length, 2.6” in girth (tapering to 1.6”), the Wish can be used anywhere on the body to deliver teasing massage for your pleasure.

Ergonomically designed in a pastel blue, Wish retails at around $75.


wevibe kegel ball bloom sex aid
Can be word discreetly, the only outward sign of wearing them is the look on your face.

Bloom is a product designed by We-Vibes for stimulating the pelvic floor and resemble kegel balls.

Long used in many cultures to produce pleasurable sensations, kegel balls can be inserted into the anus or vagina and, when combined with a clenching motion, can help improve the strength and tightness of the vagina. Women use kegel balls during and following pregnancy to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Bloom builds on this concept by adding intense vibration to further enhance the sexual pleasure that can be experienced during this process.

There are three changeable weights so that the exercises can be varied (10g, 30g and 50g) as your pelvic muscles strengthen.

One of the delights of Bloom is that it can be worn anytime and anywhere simply to provide the opportunity to work on your PC contractions (even whilst stood in the supermarket queue) but with the integration of the We-Connect app, you can remotely switch on and vary the intensity of the vibrations. A popular toy for couples where she can hand over the control of her pleasures whilst out and about.

Available in coral red and with the usual features, Bloom retails at around $80.


we vibe touch vibrator
A popular bath time companion, the We Vibe Touch is small but powerful.

Designed solely as a clitoral vibrator, Touch is a contoured and compact vibrator that is 100% waterproof making it a popular shower time companion.

The silky soft silicone finish covers a powerful but quiet motor that delivers eight different vibration settings.

1.8” wide and 3.9” long, Touch is an external play toy and is not compatible with We-Connect.

The battery lasts around two hours and can be easily recharged in 90 minutes using the USB cable provided.

Touch comes in purple only and retails for around $60.


tango we vibe pocket vibrator
Powerful, pocket-sized pleasure with the We Vibe Tango.

Packing a pocket size punch, Tango is a petite and simple rechargeable personal vibrator. Sometimes referred to as a lipstick (or bullet) vibrator, Tango is highly portable and comes with a handy silk travel pouch.

At just 3.5” in length, play is designed for clitoral stimulation with some insertion to provoke internal vibes.

Not compatible with the We-Connect app, Tango is an entry level mini-vibe and is available in blue or pink for around $40.


Though the original We-Vibes toy was designed for use by male/female couples, some of the couples devices can be used by same sex couples or incorporated into group play.

We-Vibe Sync

The original design of the We-Vibes sex toy is a curved, U-shaped toy that can be inserted into the vagina whilst a soft flexible sleeve curves upwards and outwards to cup the clitoral area. Designed to be worn during intercourse, the internal sleeve is soft, pliable and comfortable enough to stay in place giving her deep internal vibrations to accompany the thrust of her partner whilst he receives satisfying vibrations down his shaft.

The device features adjustable vibration zones to tailor the aid to the wearer and comes with a remote control to vary the intensity and vibration settings during activity. The remote works at a range of up to 3m.

We-Vibe Sync is fully compatible with the We-Connect app and can even be synchronized to the beat of your choice of music. Control is real time and is one of the features that make the We-Vibes sync popular with couples keen to pleasure one another whilst apart.

Twelve vibration modes, this powerful sexual aid is one of the world’s most popular bedroom toys and comes with a stylish storage case that doubles as a charging station.

You can choose between aqua or purple with prices starting at around $100 depending on the retailer.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

we vibe plus 4
Remote access makes the We Vibe a popular choice for couples.

Similar to the Sync but more compact, the We Vibe 4 Plus also features connectivity with the We-Connect app.

However, this version does not feature real time touch control nor beat mode (sync to music) functionality.

We Vibe 4 Plus is also less powerful than the Sync and has just 10 modes instead of twelve.

Available in purple, pink or aqua you can buy the We-Vibe 4 Plus for around $90.

We-Vibe Classic

we vibes instructions for use
Safe, simple and easy to use: We Vibes stays in position even if you don’t.

With the same features as the We Vibe 4 Plus, the classic is a flexible form without the clitoral and G spot adjustments available on the Sync. Also a lower power output, the classic is only available in purple but still features remote control, variable intensity and is fully waterproof.

The classic retails for around $80.

We-Vibe Unite

we vibe unite couples sex toy
Slimline, the original WeVibes couples toy isn’t compatible with We-Connect.

The original model, the Unite is not waterproof but is splash proof. It comes with a remote control but is more basic and does not feature intensity control.

The Unite is not compatible with the We-Connect app though is slightly more slimline than the new Sync.

Available in purple only, the Unite retails at around $50.

we vibe compare
Compare the four main We Vibe couples stims.


we vibes pivot cock ring
A powerful, rechargeable cock ring with intense clitoral stimulation.

One of two cock rings manufactured by We-Vibe, the Pivot is made from the same soft and stretchy silicone that offers silky sensations in the rest of the product range.

Waterproof, light and comfortable, the pivot features the same powerful but quiet vibrating motor that provides deep and rumbly sensations.

The Pivot gives clitoral stimulation whilst maintaining pleasurable waves of varying intensity at the base of the shaft for mutual satisfaction whilst helping to maintain erections.

The Pivot is compatible with the We-Connect app.

Available in midnight blue only, the Pivot retails at around $80.


verge cock ring perineum vibrator
Contoured to provide stimulation for the perineum, the Verge lets you ride high.

Another cock ring, the Verge is designed to stimulate the perineum whilst being worn to extend the life of your erection.

Deep and powerful vibrations can be controlled via the We-Connect app and comes in over ten modes to vary the sensations delivered.

Stylishly contoured, Verge is comfortable to wear, easy to slip on and packs a powerful vibe for two hours of play time on each 90 minute charge.

Available in slate only, the Verge retails at around $70.


we vibes ditto butt plug vibrator
The Ditto vibrating anal plug; pleasure you’ll want to repeat.

Contoured for anal insertion this plug style vibrator has a flexible neck with small head and is a comfortable fit for most people.

Compatible with the We-Connect app and coming with its own remote control with a 3m range, Ditto features the same whisper quiet motor that typifies the We-Vibe range yet delivering powerful rumbly vibrations.

The plug is waterproof and has over ten different vibration modes.

Available in midnight blue and purple, Ditto sells for around $120.

We-Connect: Remote Stimulation for Couples

We-Connect is the free to download app that works with many of their more popular products to enhance user experience. The app offers remote control functionality of your sex aid across Wi-Fi using your tablet or smartphone to vary the settings of your partners device.

You can pre-set your favourite intensity and vibration modes/settings and create playlists to automate your sessions. Playlists can be saved by mood, duration or musical accompaniment to fully tailor your experience.

The app also offers ways for you and your partner to chat in-app using video text or SMS.

Where to Buy We-Vibes

You can find a local or online retailer of We-Vibes products by using the ‘Find a Store’ facility on the We-Vibe website.

Most major online sex toy retailers stock a range of We-Vibe products with Love Honey, Ann Summers and Amazon covering the majority of devices.

Featured image via We-Vibe.com


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