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Fancy creating your own virtual reality porn movie?

With VRXCity you can cast, direct and take part in as much XXX content as you like and all in full 3D.

This latest sex simulation game comes courtesy of me.mento 3D Interactive and offers a sexy virtual sandbox for you to play in.

So, what sets this game apart from the rest of the competition?

As well as featuring some impressive photo-realism, VRXCity also features some famous porn stars including Jessica Drake, Texas Patti and Marley Brinx.

In this VRXCity review, we take a closer look at the game’s features and playability, plus what you can expect and how much it costs.

What is VRXCity?

VRXCity is the latest sex simulation game to hit the market and has been developed with full VR interactivity.

These styles of adult games are pretty popular and basically allow the user to create their own fantasy porn scenes using a cast of characters, selection of locations and choosing their own sexual positions and camera angles.

It follows the trend of other popular VR sex games like SinVR and City of Sin 3D.

vrxcity adult sex sim game

The game’s developers have paid a lot of attention to what is driving the market and, in this game, have given users what they want…..which is?

  • Stunning and highly detailed environments
  • Photo-realistic graphics
  • A cast of real-life porn stars
  • First person interaction or users can play as ‘Director’

Yep, instead of customizing your own characters, this game features the talents of five internationally recognised and AVN award-winning adult movie performers:

  • Jessica Drake
  • Texas Patti
  • Danny Mountain
  • Marley Brinx
  • Steve Holmes

And, of course, because this is a VR game, all of the interactions can be experienced using a headset and directions can be given using hand gestures.

At present the game has just 12 locations to explore and 5 sex positions; however, there are some exciting plans in the pipeline which make VRXCity far more enticing and potentially much more than just a game!

Intrigued? Read on to find out more about what this virtual world could become…

review of VRXCity Game

VRXCity & redBUX

Though the idea for this virtual world originated in 2014, the game wasn’t developed enough to properly showcase until 2018 but was finally launched to buy in June 2020.

However, that’s not the full story.

The company behind the game has also launched its own adult industry cryptocurrency known as redBUX. The two are linked and though users can buy the base game for a small fee ($/€), additional features and content will be able to be purchased using redBUX.

Users who produce quality scenes can then upload their content to a VOD platform. Fans will then be able to vote for their favorite videos with the winning ‘directors’ earning cash rewards (redBUX).

Launched in 2018 redBUX  finally went public in February 2020 and hit the Exchange during September 2020.

vrxcity redbux

The Future of VRXCity

The current shape of VRXCity is just the first release (Part One) of what is intended to be a much bigger project.

In July 2019, Tobias Platte (CEO of me.mento 3D Interactive GmBh) was interviewed for the European Adult Network ahead of the (delayed) October 2019 launch of VRXCity.

He explained that the concept for the development of VRXCity was to create a fully interactive 3D world where users could experience realistic encounters with adult performers.

Not only that but there are endless possibilities for how this platform could be used and many of these the me.mento team is already exploring.

More Porn Stars

In fact, it has been reported that dozens of other porn stars have also been scanned into the VRXCity engines so we should be able to look forward to new additions to this 3D world in the future.

Among the 700+ adult stars who have apparently already been motion-captured (or, ‘mocap’), you can find the likes of Asa Akira, Bonnie Rotten, Cherie Deville and Karmen Karma. 

vrxcity sex sim game review

Realistic Sex

Not only can we expect the availability of new characters to interact with but the team at me.mento has also been working on ways to couple the software with the advanced hardware technology of teledildonics (interactive sex toys).

Integration with Cam Models

It is also intended that VRXCity can become an alternative platform for cam girls to be able to interact directly with their audiences.

Become a VRXCity Citizen

me.mento has even expressed a desire to expand this 3D world to become a fully functioning online virtual world similar to SecondLife in which players can purchase real estate, develop their own characters and trade using the in-game currency, redBUX.

Scan Yourself

There is even talk that users can visit a mobile VRXCity scanning centre and have themselves rendered into the technology.

review of VRXCity adult Game

Limitless Potential?

The eventual possibilities seem endless and with the scanning of additional porn stars already underway, it seems the future of this ‘game’ could offer users the potential to experience highly realistic sexual encounters however they choose.

And what kind of activities could you get up to in VRXcity?

Platte himself has been quoted as saying:

“Our motto going into this project was: Create your own erotic world, any way you like. As a result, you can do pretty much anything.”

Whilst at present this is restricted to just a handful of sexual positions and a dozen of so scenes, the future development of this game could see you enjoying a kinky threesome with some of the biggest names in the industry, creating the ultimate gangbang in the your own custom built apartment or getting low down and dirty in the White House.

Wait! You can already do that last one.

review VRXCity sex in white house

How Much is VRXCity?

There are two versions of VRXCity on sale; one for Desktop which is non-VR and one which is compatible with VR devices.

The game’s developers are German and although their website is in English, the default currency is in Euros.

Prices are currently as follows:

  • €17.23 for the Desktop Version (approximately $20)
  • €25.85 for the VR Version (approximately $31)

You can also purchase both versions from the website in a bundle, priced at €34.47 (approximately $42). Or you could download both games via the Nutaku gaming platform for a flat fee of $24.99.

More: See our full review of the Nutaku platform.

There are some good deals on the official website when we went to press which featured a 50% discount on the above prices so do check both sites for current charges before making your final purchase.

vrxcity adult sex sim game review

VRXCity: Technical Specifications

The game is compatible in VR with Oculus Rift, Rift S and HTC Vive and is played using a PC.

The recommended specifications (VR) are as follows:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1070ti, AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 (alternative)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • CPU: Intel core i7 4770, AMD Ryzen 5 1600X (alternative)
  • Direct X: 12

If you want to play the game without VR then you can get away with a slightly less advanced spec.

There is no support for Mac yet. This is an exclusive PC sex game.

VRXCity on Social Media

You can follow the latest releases and updates of VRXCity by staying in touch over social media, including:

It’s also worth signing up to their newsletter as there are often some good promotions being run plus you never miss any news on game developments.

vrx city sex sim game review

VRXCity Review: A Worthy VR Sex Simulator?

We don’t expect the full version of VRXCity to be available for a while yet.

However, in its current form as a sandbox VR sex simulation game, the title is already really impressive – yet with some drawbacks.

On the plus side, the graphics are incredible and the fact that these include the mocaps of some great porn stars is like a dream come true.

Sure, it would be nice if those 700+ adult stars were already available but for fans of Jessica Drake, Texas Patti and the rest it must feel like all their Christmases have come at once.

The price itself of just $30-ish is another huge plus point and compares very favorably to the competition.

Even without any of the planned development, that’s a really good price for a sex-sim game of this quality.

VRXCity Game Review

So, what about the negatives?

Okay, so at the moment the playability is limited and there are just a handful of stars to interact with. And as for the sex positions themselves these too are a little on the light side.

Another thing which is a bit annoying is the fact that you have to be attached to your computer via a link cable to use this game.  As seasoned users of VR will know, this can be a bit irritating.

Oh, and you really need to be able to meet the recommended technical specifications for your desktop to enjoy the game in anything like the quality it was intended.

Overall then, VRXCity is a very decent little adult game but with the promise of so much more to come we think this one is going to be worth investing in at an early stage. Combine this with the potential for making some money on the adult cryptocurrency exchange and you could find yourself in profit before long.

So, yes, whilst it could be another 12-18 months before we see this title shape up into the game-changing new virtual world that it promises to be, those who got in at the ground-level might be very pleasantly rewarded.

Sign up on VRXCity to get started.

Featured images in our VRXCity review come via their website.


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