The VRBangers Time Capsule: Relive Your Own Sex Tape

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Looking for a unique memento of your sex life?

The sex industry has consistently been at the forefront of advances in technology; from teledildonics to sex robots and virtual reality. In fact, many industry experts believe that VR has only been able to expand the way it has due to the interest and investment of the adult industry. The latest innovation from the world of virtual reality is a new take on sex tapes with the launch of their VR Time Capsule service. Offering couples the chance to make their very own VR porno memento, VR Bangers have found a way to preserve your memories of what sex was like when you were both in your prime.

In this feature we take a look at the service being offered by VR Bangers and exactly what a time capsule sex tape is.

VR Bangers Offer ‘Time Travel’

VR Bangers are one of several porn studios who have specialized in VR adult content and reach a monthly audience in excess of 1.5 million viewers. The world’s best virtual reality porn site, VR Bangers has won awards including:

  • Urban X – Most Popular VR Company 2019
  • XBiz – Virtual Reality Site of the Year 2019
  • AVN – Best Virtual Reality Scene 2019
  • Cybersocket – Innovative Company of the Year 2018

vr bangers best vr porn site

Consistently at the cutting-edge of their game, the company has recently announced its next innovation; a sex tape time capsule.

The popular VR studio is offering couples the chance to preserve their sexuality for the future in an exclusive opportunity to record themselves getting intimate. The service is offered with a unique sex session that uses specialist recording equipment to capture all the action. The result is a private sex tape that can be replayed over VR headsets so you can relive a moment in time with your lover in glorious, immersive 3D.

CEO Daniel Abramovich has always been interested in time travel and with this offering can make it happen in a virtual way for customers to enjoy. Commenting on the launch of the Time Capsule idea, Abramovich said:

 Even though we spend most of our days creating new VR adult fantasies for our growing community of fans and members, we also invest a decent amount of our resources on developing new technologies and solutions, and the Time Capsule initiative is our newest discovery that we are finally ready to share with the entire world.

vr bangers time capsule

VR Technology and Time Capsule Sex Tapes

The technology itself isn’t new and has been used by companies like VR Bangers to create ultra-realistic and immersive porn for years. What is ground-breaking is the idea to allow the public access to their studios.

If you’ve never seen a VR porn scene then let us explain what the difference is between this and a traditional sex tape.

Instead of being filmed by a cameraman and crew using a mix of static or handheld cameras getting up close and personal (gonzo pornography), a VR porn scene is filmed using a VR helmet rigged with several cameras bundled together. This allows the director to capture all of the scene at once from every angle. Postproduction, these shots are weaved together to create a fully three-dimensional world.

Unlike traditional porn, VR (usually) is shot in one continuous scene without any breaks. This means that the action flows more naturally.

Of course, to really make the scenes stand out, the action is filmed in first person viewpoint so that when you watch it, you feel like you are part of the action.

make a vr sex tape with vr bangers

The process of filming will be pretty daunting for some people as it will mean that a director and crew could be watching you whilst you perform plus there will be the added novelty of having cameras right in the middle of your intimate moments. VR Bangers is keen to point out that you can opt for the filming to be done in complete privacy.

It’s quite a complicated process and involves precision filming with timers to ensure that the action being captured for both partners is fully synchronized.

And, not only will VR Bangers be capturing the imagery in full 6K ultra high definition resolution but they will also be recording high quality binaural sounds.

The Result?

So, what do you get at the end of your session?

Just like the examples of professional VR porn videos available on VR Bangers, you and your lover will get a 100% private copy of your recorded and edited session. All you need to watch it is a VR headset. This can be as sophisticated as you want but if you are spending upwards of $10k on the production costs then it makes sense to use the best technology available to enjoy it afterwards.

The idea is that whilst you can enjoy the video as a standalone memento or piece of private porn you can also relive the moment with your significant other whilst both wearing headsets. Imagine being 80 years old and simply donning a pair of glasses to be transported back in time to when your bodies weren’t giving out on you.

VR sex tape time capsule vr bangers

Preserve Your Sexuality

The main driving sales pitch for their time capsule is based around the unjust but undeniable fact that we are all getting older and our bodies will no longer be at the peak of their physical attractiveness. It sounds a cynical way to sell a product but the truth is, in our image-conscious world, this really might motivate customers to book a session.

And how much does all this cost?

Well, interested parties will need to contact VR Bangers directly to make a booking but the current prices being quoted are in the order of $10,000-$15,000 per session.

Though it sounds like a lot of money, Igor Zhivago, Marketing Director at VR Bangers has already confirmed that there has been a significant amount of interest in the service. Within the first five days of the launch, the company had fielded inquiries from over 1,500 people.

VR Bangers Time Capsule: We Say….

We’re pretty torn on this one.

On the one hand, the idea of starring in our own personal sex video which takes advantage of the best that recording technology can offer is pretty tempting. However, the average couple may not want to remember their most intimate moments in ultra-high definition. After all, some of us have bodies we would quite happily forget.

There is also an intimation that sex as we grow older can be less satisfying because we no longer look or feel the same and this is slightly insulting. Just because we may gain a few pounds, become less toned and firm doesn’t mean to say we can’t find our partners attractive and appealing.

VR Bangers themselves are using this statement as part of their marketing promotion:

“Regardless of how cruel and unjust it seems to be, time is rushing inexorably and we cannot do anything about it. With ageing, it is completely natural that our bodies become less and less attractive, but this does not mean that the deeply hidden desires and passion felt for our sexual partners and significant others must also disappear.”

The novelty of this service however more than makes up for any misgivings over the social ‘faux-pas’ and anti-aging rhetoric behind it. What you are left with is the option to capture a moment in time with someone special that you can keep forever. Pricey as the service is, it is definitely something that is worth considering if you have a spare ten grand knocking around.

So, whilst the sales pitch leaves some questions to be answered the product itself is definitely worth celebrating.

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