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Love feet porn but want a site that gets you even closer to the action?

VR Foot Fetish is a site that offers audiences a huge collection of 3D Ultra HD, 5K scenes focusing on everything from arches and heels to toe-spreading and foot licking. And all filmed so that you can enjoy close-up footage in full VR.

With over 100 scenes to enjoy featuring some new and familiar faces from the European Adult Industry this is a premium porn site that ticks plenty of boxes.

In this VR Foot Fetish review, we take a closer look at the niche kink site to find out what you get for your money and whether it’s worth subscribing to.

What Is VR Foot Fetish?

VR Foot Fetish is an Italian kink site specialising in European softcore porn featuring feet and all that entails.

From pantyhose and full enclosure to stockings and socks, high heels and sneakers plus a whole lot more.

They’re a studio that has been in operation since 2008 when they began focusing on niche fetishes which include foot porn as well as domination, smoking, squirting and JOI.

But it’s their feet fetish sites which have made them (and their models) internationally renowned.

VRfootfetish review

140+ Full Length VR Videos

For a niche site, they have a lot of content available and you can find a library of more than 140 scenes on VR Foot Fetish

Diverse Sub-Kinks

What we love about VR Foot Fetish is that it not only caters for general kinks but it lets members drill down to those clips that are more niche.

Using tags and keywords, the entire library of content is curated using categories which include:

  • Arches
  • Smelly Feet
  • Dangling
  • Toe Spreading
  • Foot Licking
VR foot fetish kink site

You can also view videos by category of shoe/covering and choices include

  • Mules
  • Strapless
  • High Heels
  • Socks
  • Ballet Flats
  • Sneakers
  • Pantyhose
  • Boots

Or you can check out the foot fetish videos you want to watch by type of model:

  • Blondes
  • Redheads
  • Ebony
  • Brunettes

Stunning 4K and 5K Foot Fetish Scenes

All filmed in UHD, you can browse the collection by model, category or using the usual filters of Popularity, Date Uploaded and Alphabetical.

We did spend a little while checking out some of these fine offerings (all in the name of Quality Control, you understand!) and we found a couple that are well worth bookmarking.

Front and center, for us, is the pairing of Lily and Lauretta, a sexy brunette couple who tantalise by stripping each off and show off their elegant feet.

VRfootfetish review italian foot porn

And then you have the tattooed and pierced, alt-porn model, Denise, who rocks some fuck me stilettos before getting fully naked and showing off her painted toes.

The list goes on and, if you love feet, then you are definitely going to find some scenes that will blow you away!

International and European Models

As the studio are based in Italy, they mainly work with European models and most of these come from either Spain or Italy itself or from Eastern European nations including Russia.

In total there are more than 30 women who regularly work with VR Foot Fetish and you can find a decent index of models along with the scenes they star in on the site.

Mostly brunette with a handful of blondes and redheads, they cover a nice range of ‘types’ including demure and petite teens to dominas and MILFs.

VRfootfetish review italian foot porn nakewd

You can click on any model for a brief bio and full list of clips available.

The most popular model is Petra who also has her own website where you can find more foot fetish content (also operated by this network).

Custom Foot Fetish Porn

Another great, and unique, selling point for this niche kink site is that members can request custom content.

Many of the models are available for private work and will work with VR Foot Fetish to create bespoke scenes which can include several sub-kinks including:

  • Armpit
  • Encasement
  • Footjob
  • Licking Feet
  • Nose Fetish/Nose Blowing
  • Pedal Pumping/Revving
  • Pissing
  • Tickling

And whether you want these women to be naked, topless or fully clothed is also up to you.

Content like this will cost you but can be worth the investment if you have particular likes.

VR foot fetish panthose

Huge Network of Foot Fetish Sites

This European operated VR site is part of a much larger network of niche porn platforms designed specifically for foot fetishists.

As well as this VR offering, if you are a fan of feet, they also run the following sites:

  • Nylon Feet Love
  • Foot Fetish Beauties
  • Nylon Queen
  • Petra Feet
  • Nylon Up
  • Trans Feet
  • Diva Foot Fetish
  • Cosplay Feet
  • Ballet Flats Fetish
  • Black Pantyhose
  • Fantasy Flip Flop
  • Red Polish Feet

All softcore sites with exclusive content, these sites often feature models who are unknown on other platforms and networks.

If you’re looking for a more interactive experience, check out our guide to the best foot worship games.

How Much is a VR Foot Fetish Subscription?

Because this is a European site, membership charges for VR Foot Fetish are billed in Euros.

There are three options for a subscription:

  • Monthly (recurring) – €24.99
  • One Month (non-recurring) – €34.99
  • Annually – €89.99

Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.

VR Foot Fetish subscription fees

Technical Requirements

In order to enjoy the scenes to the best quality, you will need to download and install a VR player from one of the following:

  • DeoVR – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR
  • VR Player – Google Cardboard
  • Littlstar Cinema – Playstation VR

All scenes need to be downloaded before playing and are NOT streamed from the site.

You can, however, watch up to 10 free previews on the site before you need to upgrade to a paid up membership.

VR Foot Fetish Review: #1 For Foot Fans?

Whilst mainstream VR porn libraries are starting to get pretty big, there is still a general lack of quality fetish content filmed for 3D.

So, it’s a rarity that you can find such a large collection of specialist VR porn here on VR Foot Fetish.

But it’s not all about quantity but quality and we think that what is on offer across the site is pretty damned good.

All filmed in crisp 4K and 5K quality, we had no issues when viewing the scenes on our headsets.

Yes, this is a softcore porn site and you won’t find any M/F pairings across VR Foot Fetish but you do get a lot of eroticism and some nudity.

The result is more focused attention on feet themselves but if you want something a little more XXX then you could always request some custom content. There are some models who are happy to oblige with more masturbation and even footjobs on a willing male partner!

VR foot fetish smelling

For us, we enjoyed the fact that this is a European site and makes a great contrast to the US content being produced by some of the mainstream and kink studios of North America.

As a result, you’ll see a lot of new faces (and feet).

As for the prices, we think that the membership fees are great value for a VR site and are pretty competitive for fetish content.

And, unlike a lot of premium porn sites where a single month might be enough, we think there is mileage here for foot fetish fans to sign up for longer. As well as being able to access all 140 scenes, there are regular updates here which are exclusive to the site that make it worthwhile subscribing to.

So, for a superior quality VR experience where the feet are the head of table, this is definitely one site you should be bookmarking!

Sign up here to check it out.

All featured images via VR Foot Fetish.


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