Virtual Taboo Review

If you are new to virtual porn and looking for a library of content to test your new headset on, then Virtual Taboo provides a nice mix of alternative adult content. 

Offering 100% exclusive content that is updated on a weekly basis, Virtual Taboo creates virtual reality porn with a difference; the content is ‘taboo’.

But exactly how taboo are the scenarios, what do you get for your money and how much content are we talking?

In this review, we take a look at the online VR porn site, Virtual Taboo, and give you the rundown of what to expect for your money.

Who are Virtual Taboo?

The website is owned by and operated by Virtual Life Productions, a Spanish company who create unique content for the adult VR market.

The company also produces VR content for advertising and marketing. Spain is a big driver in the market for VR production with VR Life (another Spanish company) being the operators behind Virtual Real Porn.

As the market for VR porn is bigger in Asia than in the US, Spain is pushing into different areas far more quickly and effectively than U.S. producers. We can expect to see a reversal of this kind of studio content being produced in other countries as demand picks up with the U.S. slowly taking up the mantle.

What’s Taboo About the Content?

As one of its main points of difference, Virtual Taboo is keen to promote the kinky side of its site but in reality the ‘taboo’ is pretty softcore.

Principally, taboo means step-incest with most of the videos featuring sex with a step-mother, step-sister or step-daughter. There are one or two adultery and cuckold movies, one of which is in front of a sleeping wife, and barely legal teens. And that’s as taboo as it gets.

Perhaps taboo is the wrong word, videos with a sexy twist could just about cover it.

virtual taboo review

If you have a penchant for step-relation porn then Virtual Taboo does a good line in VR content. Image via website.

Having said this, the content that is available is filmed in great quality and is well produced with a good range of positions and variation of techniques.

One of the things that can become tedious with VR porn is constantly being left in the viewpoint of someone lying down. Whilst the thrill of being ridden cowgirl by a hot porn star is initially very hot, interest can wane without some variation. Here you get to view from standing, sitting and laying down with the girls in some great positions.

Voyeurs will also find something to write home about as a couple of clips have some extended masturbation scenes which are worth a look.

As well as getting dirty with step-relations, you can find lesbian, anal, MILFs, big tits and blowjobs as starting points to search for porn.

There are 33 videos available on Virtual Taboo at the moment but weekly updates add to the library all the time and the site will be one to watch as VR porn grows in popularity.

Though produced by a Spanish company, the content created features American, British and other European adult film stars including Cassie Fire, Angie White and Claudia Bavel. All content is, so far, filmed in English language.

What Does Virtual Taboo Offer?

Before committing to a membership, the site lets you browse extensive stills from all of their videos in the gallery section. Not only does this give you a flavour or the kind of positions and scenario being played out but also a sense of the quality of each clip.

There are also five free clips to download, each being around 5-7 minutes long with one being filmed from the woman’s POV.

Once you commit to a membership, you can get full access to all their videos as well as member support.

Virtual Taboo: Technical Information

All of the content available to stream or download on Virtual Taboo is made with full 180 degree immersive filming and is compatible with Gear, Oculus, Android and iPhone (including Google Cardboard headsets).

With high definition imagery and binaural sound, the experience of watching porn with Virtual Taboo is very good and, combined with 60 fps, gives superior quality over many of the free clips you may have trialled on tube sites.

The site offers some basic support for the main four types of VR gear that is compatible with their videos but is limited in what it can offer if you get an issue. Members do get access to additional support.

Clip length varies from around 15 minutes to 30 minutes so the total content is around 17-18 hours; enough to get started with but not quite enough to keep you going, even with weekly content being added.

virtual taboo review free galleries

Free galleries help you get a feel for the content before buying.

Virtual Taboo: Membership Costs

Virtual Taboo offers subscription services to allow full access to stream and download any of their content or you can purchase a single video for $9.99. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal with monthly charges discounted if you pay in advance for a longer subscription. Charges are as follows for full access:

  • Single month: $29.99
  • Three months: $59.99 (equivalent to $19.99 per month)
  • Twelve months: $99.99 (equivalent to $8.33 per month)

Partner Sites

Virtual Taboo as a start-up site is keen to advertise its links with other VR content companies like, vrhub, PornQueen VR and Sex like Real.

Though there are no official links, they do recognize that it’s good to have friends in high places. All of these site (and more) keep an affiliation with Virtual Taboo which helps to underpin its domain authority as well as capture new members from other sources.

virtual taboo review porn VR partner sites

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Virtual Porn keeps good links with partner sites.

Our Verdict

Virtual Taboo is a start up VR porn site that has plenty to get excited about.

The quality is excellent and, so far, they have produced memorable scenes filmed in 180 degree VR that works well with the main brands of headset.

There is still some way to go before the site catches up to the likes of Virtual Real Porn with its library size but with weekly updates, this will no doubt come in time. The niche isn’t as exciting as the name would suggest but does provide a specialty site for anyone interested in naughty step-relations.

The fees might be a little steep for a full year up front given that you can probably blaze through the existing content in just a month.

However, as new content is downloaded then the fees might become more reasonable for longer intervals. We also like the fact that you can pay for just a single video at a time.

Overall, we have high hopes for Virtual Taboo for the future and are just pleased to see new and original content being produced for the VR market. With such good quality, the future for curating adult VR content looks good.

You can find out more about becoming a member with Virtual Taboo by visiting their site here.

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