Rise of the Virtual Orgy: Sex Parties Head Online

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Fed up of lockdown and missing those sex parties?

The coronavirus has temporarily changed our way of lives in ways as diverse as how we work and how we ‘meet’ friends and family to how we date and get intimate. We’ve recently featured ways for couples to stay ‘physical’ during under lockdown with long distance sex toys but now the coronavirus is also being blamed for the rise of the virtual orgy. With social distancing being incompatible with sex clubs and swinging, the internet is once again the solution for people who still want to attend sex parties.

In this feature, we take a look at the creative ways that the swinger and sex-positive communities have found to keep their groups alive and how the coronavirus has created a new kind of sex club

What is an Online Sex Party?

A virtual orgy is a group sex party where the invited guests aren’t actually in the same room together. Instead, they log in to a virtual ‘room’ hosted by an organizer and using video-telephony they masturbate together. Or, if two people are logging in from the same location, broadcast themselves having sex to the rest of the room.

Fundamentally, the idea is not dissimilar from live cam sex but instead of being performed by one person on a public network, there are multiple performers and the party is private.

Imagine a work video conference over Zoom but instead of all those little windows being occupied by your shirt and tie wearing colleagues, they are each displaying the genitals and naked forms of multiple men and women…most of whom will probably be strangers to one another.

Otherwise known as a virtual circle jerk, online sex parties are rapidly becoming the next big thing in a world that has largely gone into lockdown during this pandemic.

Rise of virtual orgies coronavirus lockdown digital sex parties
The global pandemic has forced many people into using videoconferencing but popular platforms are now being used to host virtual orgies. Image via Pexels.

Online Sex Parties: The Tech

The tech requirements for a virtual orgy are similar to those you would use to attend an online quiz or work video conference.

The setup is simple but does vary from event to event; swingers and libertines join up to a hosted event and log in to the room via a secure invitation. Once inside, many parties allow people to watch without turning the own cams on but most will eventually join in.

The number of guests at a party can vary greatly with many able to cope with up to 100 people and others even able to offer as many as 500 places at a time. We’ve seen a wide variety but around 50 guests seems to work best.

With fewer guests, the more action you can see on screen at once but most videoconferencing platforms employ a feature which means that those screens with audio are brought to the fore.

The result in big parties is that you get a whole wall of muted thumbnails with people at varying stages of masturbation or having sex. As they approach the cumshots, they are encouraged to switch the sound back on so their screen is highlighted.

In smaller groups, this isn’t necessary and there are parties that don’t encourage members to mute their streams. Instead, what you get is a mass of close ups of men and women’s genitals as they masturbate to a soundtrack of grunts, whimpers and moans!

Rise of virtual orgies and digital sex parties
Image via Wikimedia.

As for which platforms are being used, it does vary but Zoom has become the de-facto standard for quarantine communication and is also the popular service of choice for many sex clubs offering online orgies.

The problem is that Zoom is not happy about its customers using their services for this kind of explicit behavior. Their Acceptable Use Policy forbids any kind of nudity and sexual material and there has been recent reports of the company trying to crackdown on these virtual sex parties.

The backlash of this has seen Zoom get a lot of negative attention over social media from swingers groups who believe the service should be being used to connect people in this way. In these unusual times when lovers and libertines cannot be physical, there is a need for adult services and groups like this to cater for horny (and lonely) people in isolation. That’s not to mention the outcry from disabled sex-positive groups who attest that this is the only way they can get sexy with people.

The cynical detractors are also keen to point out that, so far, Zoom is one of those benefiting from the coronavirus lockdown seeing its user base leap from 10 million to over 200 million people. The very least they could do (according to some) is let people connect how they want over their service

Sadly, the company is now employing machine learning AI to identify those people that are breaking their Acceptable Use Policy and violations are resulting in accounts being closed.

Fortunately, there are lots more services and platforms than just Zoom available to host your online sex orgy and many have been set up with just this kind of activity in mind (see ‘Who Is Hosting Online Sex Parties and How Can I Join In?’ below).

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Online Porn and Amateurs

But it’s not just sex clubs that are hosting these kinds of parties with adult content producers also getting creative. Observing strict social distancing measures, the porn star Ivy Wolfe joined fellow performers Charlotte Sartre, Joanna Angel and Aiden Ashley in Quarantine Lesbian Jerk Circle over a popular video conferencing platform!

Directed by Alexandre Sartre, there has already been a follow up with Will U Be My Quarantine? co-staring Maitland Ward.

Other studios have also been looking at ways to get around the moratorium on filming with several releasing solo scenes and others using video-telephony to create group sex scenes.

Amateurs too are getting in on the action and you only have to do a few searches on the top porn tube hosting sites to see that the lockdown isn’t making us any less horny.

Who Is Hosting Online Sex Parties and How Can I Join In?

So, where do you sign up for one of these virtual orgies?

First of all, if you are already a member of a swinger’s club then definitely check in first with your group’s organizers as they may already have something running or in the pipeline. As we go to press, we’ve seen a rise in the number of clubs who have started offering these events and a growing appetite to start hosting them in the future.

If you aren’t being catered for locally then you can look into the following clubs, platforms and events though some of these may require you to become a member in order to ‘attend’ a party.

Of course, the beauty of online sex parties is that you don’t have to be a local to get involved so don’t be put off by the fact that some of these are in London or New York, the virtual world of digital sex parties is truly an international one.


Rise of virtual orgies nsfw
Image via NSFW.

A private, members-only club NSFW is the Digital Sex Party and was running online events before the coronavirus lockdown.

Their parties are all hosted by sex positive leaders and are for singles as well as couples including hetero, gay, lesbians, bi and the curious.

With more than 3,000 members, parties are always well attended and there has been a lot of fresh interest in the events.

Newcomers must be initiated by attending a Send Noobs event and once this has been completed you are free to join in any of the scheduled parties.

The cost for events ranges from $19 to $209 per person. All members can join parties anonymously and are not required to put their cameras on in order to enjoy the festivities.

Killing Kittens

Rise of virtual orgies killing kittens
Image via Killing Kittens.

Another exclusive, members-only swingers’ group, Killing Kittens is a British club that puts women firmly in charge. All of their events have always been female-centric and the club has over 100,000 ladies internationally in its ranks.

Since the COVID19 lockdown, they have begun organizing parties and socials online including mindfulness and pegging workshops as well as life drawing classes. However, it is their international digital sex parties that are drawing the most attention.

Most are open to single kittens and couples only with limited space available. Check their website for details of membership or to inquire about any upcoming virtual play parties.

House of Scorpio

Rise of virtual orgies house of scorpio
Image via House of Scorpio.

Not all swingers’ groups and sex clubs are hosting virtual orgies with some preferring to hold less full-on yet still sexy events.

This femme-orientated, New York City sex-positive group usually hosts up to four events each month in the physical world but the social distancing measures in place has forced them online.

As well as Sex Bingo and Sex Lit (an erotic book club), the House of Scorpio also runs some virtual makeout sessions and online femme-flirting mixers.

Find out more details about how to attend these events online by hitting their website and requesting more information.

Playscapes NYC

Rise of virtual orgies playscapes nyc
Image via Playscapes NYC.

Hosting virtual play events for members of its own community and reaching out internationally, this NYC sex-positive group is also becoming a bit of a hub for digital orgies.

Combating isolation, there are organized events including donation based performances and interactive play.

Find out more by hitting the Playscapes NYC website.


Rise of virtual orgies crossbreed
Image via Crossbreed.

The sex-positive record label Crossbreed has also started getting in on the action and has begun hosting music-centric but hedonistic online raves.

These adventurous and kinky parties are being held fortnightly and have a strict dress code (lace, leather, PVC etc).

With limited spaces and tickets selling out quickly, interested parties should contact the organizers via the website.

Host Your Own Digital Sex Party

And if you don’t fancy joining a new group and would prefer to host your own online orgy then you now don’t have to worry about falling foul of your Zoom Ts and Cs and getting in trouble with the office.

Adult Friend Finder has launched its own platform, Virgy as a way for customers to host their own online sex parties whilst observing the social distancing rules.

Rise of virtual orgies adult friend finder virgy
Image via Adult Friend Finder.

Free to join, there are several hundred members already using the service including single men and women, couples and TV/TS/TG.

A popular hook up site, their servers are secure and offer you the perfect way to cam-to-cam other adults during lockdown for some naughty screen time.

Another adult service offering hook-up alternatives during isolation is the location-based app Feeld. Their new virtual location, Quarantine Core, is a place where couples and singles can meet others for multiple-partner hook-ups.

Simply sext away in one of three virtual environments:

  • Staying At Home – romance, friendly banter and platonic relationships
  • Remote Trios – a dedicated space for couples and one single to enjoy a virtual threesome
  • Fantasy Bunker – skip the small talk in this anything goes romp of a room

Designed to give us something more to do in isolation than just worry about the state of the world and bring horny people together, Feeld has seen membership in some areas grow tenfold with new members coming from more than 70 countries.

Download the Feeld app on Android or iOS to get started.

Rise of virtual orgies feeld
Image via Feeld.

The Future?

With the effects of social distancing in full swing across the globe and no immediate signs of a vaccine, there is the possibility that digital orgies and virtual sex events will be a sign of the times for a while yet to come.

Certainly the event organizers of the Burning Man (famous for its big orgy camps) have announced that their 2020 festivities for August will take place in the ‘virtual multiverse’.

Rise of virtual orgies burning man
Image via Burning Man.

Their plans are still taking shape and fans of this annual event are invited to suggest ways for the virtual Black Rock City to be formed.

Current plans include video-telephony sex parties, a VR city with themed rooms/camps, a social distancing silent disco and building big art in your own back yards. It is also hoped that regular burners will, in time-honored tradition, build art cars and drive them around their neighborhoods.

Whilst the final arrangements are still to be confirmed, the organizers are expecting to attract 100,000 burners to the digital equivalent of this annual event.

As for the future….nobody knows how long the current system of isolation will last and whether this is the start of a rolling program of social distancing for months to come. What is certain is that the sex-positive community is creative enough to reach across these barriers and to provide some fulfilling alternatives.

And when this is all over, we hope that this global spirit of inventiveness and inclusion continues to offer a digital and virtual way to hold sex parties. After all, there are occasions when we just can’t make it out of the house and parties like this also offer those with limited mobility a great way to be part of the orgy community.

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