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Fancy trying the ultimate in escapism in this free adult dating/social network game?

A virtual online playground, Utherverse is the digital world in which the popular adult life/sex sim game Red Light Center exists.

Part game, part social network the platform allows users to live out their ultimate virtual fantasies in an expansive and complex universe.

Reportedly used by more than fifty million people worldwide to connect with other avatars, the game offers a world which is a mix of social networking and general online interaction as well as being a dating/sex and life simulation.

Think of it like a mix of The Sims, Half Life and 3DXChat.

In this review we take a closer look at the Red Light Center and Utherverse and find out more about the concept behind this social networking platform.

What is Utherverse?

Utherverse (pronounced ‘other-verse’) is an online community of more than 50 million players worldwide in which exists thousands of other worlds.

Each world is unique and is pretty much created by the users who ‘live’ in them.

Known as a 3D social center for adults, it’s a massive multiplayer 3D virtual game where you can meet real people and, if you get lucky, where you can simulate online sex.

utherverse adult game

Interconnected via transport centers, these worlds co-exist in the Utherverse and are populated by real life players who can interact with one another, get jobs, party hard and even date.

The whole thing is one big community of people ‘living’ an online fantasy life.

Released in 2006, the ‘adult’ zone within Utherverse is the Red Light Center which has been modeled after the red light districts of Amsterdam.

From here, users can interact in a far more XXX way and visit virtual nightclubs, bars and brothels as well as get high on drugs, date and have sex with other players.

The whole virtual universe operates with its own currency which you will need (just like in real life) to be able to buy yourself (or your avatar) new clothes and gadgets as well as pay for the house/apartment you live in.

So, if you want to advance in this fantasy world you have to be able to support the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

There are lots of different jobs available from wedding planning and deejaying to tutoring other users at the Uther Academy or even becoming a virtual clothing designer.

And if the first option seems a little limited, consider this; Utherverse hosts more than 1,200 virtual weddings each year!

social network utherverse adult sex game

As well as weddings, Utherverse users can host their own events including concerts, art shows, conventions and seminars.

In fact, Utherverse is so popular in the adult community that you can find plenty of real-life brands and companies running parallel services in this online world including the American adult industry publishers, XBiz.

They pay to advertise at community events and you can even find some brands who are selling virtual versions of their real-life products.

The whole place is a consumer’s paradise and you will find plenty of shopping opportunities to help you upgrade your experience and get more out of your virtual fantasy life.

In 2010, Utherverse was nominated at the XBiz Awards for being Innovative Company of the Year for its Red Light Center offering. Few adult games have been as well received by both users and industry critics.

Playing Utherverse

Getting started with Utherverse is pretty straightforward and just requires you to download the software to your laptop/desktop and create a new account.

Your first job is to create and customize your avatar; remember, this is how you appear to other users so consider carefully what kind of fantasy you want to create here.

This is your chance to inhabit the skin and persona of someone you’ve always dreamed of being. From gender and race to body type, clothing and hair you get to imagine a whole new you.

Oh, and there’s also the additional NSFW stuff you can customize too including genital mods.

getting started with utherverse review

When you first start out, you have limited options on this kind of thing until you have built up some currency to buy changes but there is a decent enough selection to get you started.

Register your user name, email, password and date of birth

The whole game is underpinned with a social networking platform (of sorts) where you can update your profile and view other users details. This is pretty helpful so you aren’t just interacting with a blank avatar but connecting in a more detailed way.

There is also a chat function which runs in the game allowing you to take part in discussions with other members you meet up with or are connected to. Of course, there is a more private and discreet chat environment for when you want to get intimate.

When you meet new characters in the game, you can right click on their avatar to bring up a sub menu which allows you to:

  • Check out their profile
  • Private message
  • Add to friends
  • Block
  • Invite to dance/have sex etc

As we’ve already mentioned, there are events run throughout the game so you can attend conferences and gigs, participate in seminars and join parties.

Heck, if you fancy you could just sit in your virtual apartment and watch movies or play video games….seems a strange way to spend your time in Utherverse but the choice is entirely yours.

utherverse adult sex game

Of course, the pleasure in the game is not just about interacting with other people in a social way but also, as a game, to advance and build up your own profile.

The whole Utherverse environment is a massive free roaming world and you can interact with almost all of the objects, explore cities, buildings, shops, rooms and landscapes just as you can in real-life.

However, just as in the physical world, there are rules. You can’t just walk into other people’s homes and you can’t take stuff without paying for it.

Remember as well that if you have a job, you have commitments so the whole game is pretty complex in terms of time management and ultimate goal objectives. It is totally up to you how you play it.

Although you can play the game however you wish, one of the main objectives and draws seems to be the dating/sex sim aspect and it is this element which keeps people coming back.

In fact, there are reports of couples who met through Utherverse some of whom continue to have committed relationships despite never meeting.

Others have gone on to meet with their online partners and continue their dating in the real world.

Like Second Life, the game is a great way to live out an alternate persona – so you can’t assume that somebody is who they say they are in the game.

Utherverse Game: Technical Specifications

Utherverse is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Mac users will need to use a system like Bootcamp in order to play the game.

However, there is a version called RLC2 which has been developed for a native Mac system and is compatible with the latest version of OSX.

The total download installation is 1GB but the files need an additional 2GB of space in order to install. The minimum system requirements for running Utherverse are as follows:

  • Processer / CPU – Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
  • Video Card – Must support DirectX® 9, as well as we recommend a card with a minimum of 64mb of on-board memory.
  • RAM – 2GB
  • DirectX – DirectX® version 9.0c
  • Sound Card – DirectX® 9

red light center utherverse adult sex game

What Does Playing Utherverse Cost?

Playing Utherverse is entirely free and you can get started without spending a cent.

However, there are in-game purchases and these are made using a virtual currency. Known as Rays, you can earn these through the game or you can purchase them using a credit card.

Ways to earn rays include logging in daily as well as:

  • Posting blog entry
  • Viewing profiles
  • Rating profiles
  • Uploading pictures
  • Rating pictures

You can also earn Rays through your work as a tour guide, wedding planner, gigolo/hooker etc.

You can upgrade your experience of the game by opting for a VIP subscription which costs $20 per month or $29.99 per month for UVIP status.

Becoming a VIP (or UVIP) gives you more functionality in the game including being able to see more nudity, start VoIP chats, access restricted regions and being able to port directly to your friends,

Rays are around $0.80 in value each but, as a currency, they can be traded through the game with exchange rates varying in the marketplace.

utherverse 3d adult sex game

Utherverse Review: Is It Any Good?

There is no doubting the popularity and success of Utherverse; it’s huge and the number of people playing are not nearly as impressive as the frequency with which they play.

Though there are no official figures over the amount of time being spent on Utherverse by the average user it is estimated that as many as a million users are playing the game daily.

As a social networking platform, there are limits to the service and one always has to remember that many people who use Utherverse aren’t who they say they are.

No judgement and plenty of social networking sites have their fair share of catfishes but, with Utherverse, this is almost the point. People here are free to live their fantasy life so just bear in mind that the hot women you fall for could quite easily be your old gym coach!

As a game, however, Utherverse is pretty addictive and you could easily lose yourself in this multiverse for days, weeks and months.

This is particularly true if you want to really create a full and active social life. Holding down a job, staying in contact and meeting with friends and lovers all takes time and there is every chance that you could quickly become immersed in the Utherverse.

Visually, the game is impressive but isn’t quite as advanced as some other 3D adult games on the market (especially the growing entourage of Patreon porn games).

In fairness to Utherverse, this is largely due to the sheer scale of the software and how many people are playing it.

Sophisticated 3D rendering of this expansive world and its characters  would be a mammoth undertaking.

However, the graphics have advanced a lot since the game was first released so you can expect this to improve over time.

utherverse 3d sex game

Overall, Utherverse is an exciting world of possibilities that offers a pretty comprehensive way to live a virtual life.

We remain impressed with the sheer extent to which you can lose yourself in the game and even more so by the people who inhabit this platform.

At times you can be forgiven for believing you actually exist in this world, so much so that you forget to exist in this one.

They say one of the greatest gifts in life is a second chance, if that’s true then Utherverse is the best present you can give yourself to make your fantasies come true.

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