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Like amateur porn but fed up with ‘home-made’ videos?

More and more people every year are uploading their amateur content to tube sites or registering as models on camming platforms. Perhaps we are becoming a generation of exhibitionists. Whatever the reason there is a huge demand for authentic sex on cam, yet there are relatively few premium porn sites catering for this genre in a professional way.

Enter True Amateurs, a professional porn production company specializing in high-quality amateur content.

In this True Amateurs review, we check out what kind of content you can expect, how much you’ll pay for it and whether it delivers on the premise.

Why Watch Amateur Porn?!

Despite the fact that we have never had so much access to high quality professional studio adult content, amateur porn remains one of the most popular genres around.

Who knows why?!

It could be the combination of voyeurism and the possibility of accidentally stumbling on sex scenes featuring your neighbors or just the fact that the action seems more real but non-professional stars continue to trend above the top porn stars on all tube channels.

Pornhub reports in its latest Year in Review that ‘Amateur’ was the search term that defined 2019 and continues a trend in our insatiable appetite for new faces.

Whatever the reason must be great news for sites like True Amateurs.

true amateurs porn review

A specialist premium porn site that only features real amateur couples they prove that a fondness for authenticity doesn’t have to come with crappy resolution!

Far from it.

This professional studio invites genuine couples or amateur models into their own sets and films the real-life action as these performers do what they do naturally but for your entertainment.

It’s a bit like Voyeur House or Camarads – or any of the other voyeur cam sites – but a professional production more akin to premium porn.

The result is high-quality and original content which positively crackles with authenticity.

So, if you are a bit tired with roleplay scenes, have a suspicion that those orgasmic moans aren’t real or just want to see some fresh faces debuting in glorious HD then you need to check out True Amateurs.

High Quality Production and Hot Amateur Stars

Just because you haven’t heard of any of the performers on True Amateurs doesn’t mean that you won’t be blown away by some of these ladies.

In fact, True Amateurs seems to both attract some pretty hot performers and employ some rigorous quality control.

During our review of the site we must have watched at least forty scenes and in every single one of them you’d be hard pushed to say that the female stars weren’t extremely bangable.

At least a dozen were so sexy we feel sure we’ll see them pop up again in porn and wouldn’t be surprised if they went on to reach some dizzying heights in the industry.

true amateurs porn

As for production values, True Amateurs are no such things themselves and all of the scenes were filmed with great professionalism.

From lighting and sound to angles and editing, the whole stack of content is like watching a slick professional porn movie.

The only difference is that there isn’t any script and these couples are going home with each other at the end of the shoot.

Diverse Amateur Porn Genres

When you hit up Amateur porn on a tube site it can cover a lot of categories and niche areas so it’s no surprise that True Amateurs is equally as diverse.

After all, sex doesn’t come as a single cookie cutter, one-size fits all format and this only adds to the authenticity.

Within the site you can find scenes curated into plenty of popular categories including:

  • Anal
  • Big Tits
  • Big Ass
  • Shower
  • Creampie
  • Squirt
  • Rimjob
  • Blowjob
  • Footjob
  • Titty Fuck
  • Deepthroat

And you get a variety of styles as well from softcore solo to hardcore rough fucking with situations and locations being switched up too.

true amateurs porn site review

In all you get 320+ scenes featuring 120+ girls which (if your basic math is correct) means you get to watch some amateur stars in more than one video!

New content is added every week so if you do manage to binge watch all 100+ hours available then you won’t have to wait too long for something new.

If you need to top up whilst you wait then you could always indulge yourself in the library of pics which accompany each video shoot.

Your Chance to Become a Porn Star

One of the great things about True Amateurs which hammers home the authenticity is that they are constantly on the hunt for new couples and girls to film with.

This means that if you live in the U.S. and want your chance to shine then you can apply directly to the studio and get the chance to be feature on the site.

Applicants must be aged 18 or over (19 in Alabama and 21 in Mississippi and Pennsylvania).

We like the fact that this casting call is front and centre on the site and just serves to remind you that what you are watching is genuine.

How Much Does True Amateurs Cost?

A premium subscription to True Amateurs will set you back $14.99 per month or $49.99 every three months.

And, if you’d prefer to give a try before you buy then you can pick up a free seven day trial to access limited scenes and content.

amateur porn true amateurs review

True Amateurs Review: The Best Amateur Porn Site?

It’s true what they say, every pro was once an amateur and just because the stars of this site aren’t being paid to have sex on camera for a living doesn’t make them any less worthwhile watching.

After all, most of us know our way around the bedroom without making a career out of it.

The site is pretty basic and doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles, instead True Amateurs just offers a decent selection of 320+ great looking scenes featuring hot women and couples masturbating or having sex on camera.

Some are doing this for the first time whilst others might be dipping their toes in the porn waters but all are eager and willing to performer for your entertainment.

We love the range and variety offered and the quality of performers whether they are teens or MILFs, redheads or blondes is consistently good.

porn true amateurs review

As for the price of subscription here, we think $15 a month is pretty competitive and reflects the fact that there isn’t enough content here to warrant a year long membership but doesn’t devalue what is a great premium platform.

Overall, there’s not much we could say to dissuade anyone from signing up for a free trial to True Amateurs to judge for themselves what the fuss is about.

After all, seven days is more than enough time to get the measure of a porn site and without having to part with a dime for the pleasure.

True Amateurs by name but not by nature we definitely think this professional porn site is worth a second look…..who knows, maybe you WILL recognize someone on this platform??!

Sign up here to see for yourself.

All featured images via True Amateurs.


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