10 of the Weirdest Fetishes: A Kink’s Guide

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When it comes to fetishes, we’ve probably all heard of S&M, bondage and the fascination that some people have with feet.

Whether it floats your boat or not is neither here nor there, if you’ve got a particular thing that tickles your fancy then nothing else compares.

So, without any judgement, we decided to unearth the weirdest fetishes that you (may) never have heard about.

What makes a fetish a fetish?

Most of us have certain things that turn us on more than most, whether that’s big breasted women or latex.

But what makes certain sexual play a fetish?

The strict definition is when someone fixates sexually on something that isn’t living or a part of the body that isn’t the genitals.

That pretty much gives most of us a fetish if we get aroused by lingerie but it goes further than that for some people.

A non-pathological way to become aroused, a fetish is generally regarded as a harmless part of consensual sex.

However, for some people their fetishes can become a causation for a dysfunctional sex life.

Some of us may consider these fetishes way out there but, hey, as long as it’s legal and those participating are all consenting adults then we say, enjoy.

Lastly, we use some terminology in this piece which is not intended to offend, alienate or judge – for instance, deviant should be considered in the context of ‘non-standard’ as opposed to a ‘misfit’ or ‘weirdo’.

After all, who are we to judge, right?

Note: Anybody looking to level up their fetish game can check out our guide to the weirdest porn categories.

10. Furverts

We’ve grouped together quite a couple of fetishes into one here and labelled them furverts.

The sub-groups of this fetish group include plushies and fursuiters. Principally what they both have in common is a sexual fetish involving fur (or plush).

Fursuitters (or zooters) use a combination of roleplay and costume to incorporate the fur within their sexual games. It should be pointed out that not all people who enjoy dressing in animal mascot costumes enjoy sexual roleplay this way but those that do often adapt these commonly found suits to incorporate specialised strap on dildos or cut convenient slits.

Consenting prties can both be dressed in fursuits but sometimes roleplay revolves around the dominaton of one person by the fursuiter.

This particular fetish hit the media about a decade ago when it came to the public’s attention that dogging had reached the realms of woodland creatures. And some groups of furverts still engage in outdoor sexual activities in full fursuits.

Plushies or plushophiles on the other hand don’t need anyone to dress up for them but rather they are turned on by soft toys themselves.

Gratification can be obtained in a wide number of ways including mounting an adapted soft toy or simply using it to stimulate the gentials. Some plushophiles don’t even need stimulation in order to satisfy their pleasures.

For anyone who is interested, Reddit has a large group of fursuiters just make sure you use the right link as there is a group for fursuiters who are interested in the fandom or mascot scene.

Now, that is a weird fetish!

For plushophiles, there is a smaller Reddit group.

furvert werid fetish
Next time you’re at a game, check the person next to you for signs of arousal. Image via Flickr.

9. Adult Babies

With a penchant for dressing up in diapers and accessorizing with pacifiers and bonnets, adults who dress as babies are not as unusual as you would think.

There is a mainstream crossover here with many tube sites catering for babysitter porn but this takes the interest one step further.

Adult babies are part of a sub-group of fetishists that also include gerontophiles (sexual interest in the elderly) and those that are interested in age-play. This latter interest can also be seen in mainstream porn with school play being a common turn-on.

The world of adult babies however can also include some pretty extreme play that doesn’t have to include sex.

Soiling diapers, napping in over sized cribs and suckling the teat of a surrogate mother figure can all form part of this weird world of the adult baby fetishist.

For anyone who is interested in meeting others with a similar penchant then Reddit also has a group of almost 10,000 members who are interested in age play relating to diapers.

8. Body Inflation

Again, we’ve pulled together several fetishes in this category all relating to inflation of the body.

From those people who are turned on by fat people including ‘feeders’ but also those whose sexual roleplay involves the use of expansion, extension and body growth accessories. This can be to accentuate the breasts, butt or belly as well as nose and limbs.

With breast and butt augmentation, many men will find common ground with fetishists who fall into this category. However, we wanted to focus on the extremes of this particular deviant sexual behavior.

Let’s start with belly extension.

Some people who are interested in this kind of sexual get up find pregnant or fat women arousing and are simply creating a body shape that turns them on.

By extension (on the pregnancy theme), some men (and women) may also be participating in age play where lactation is a feature or even role playing as adult babies (see below).

Fat admirers who artificially want to enhance themselves or their partners do so using body suits and, when applied to other parties, can be seen as a way to dominate another person. The physical manifestation of being fat can hamper normal activities and is like a mobile form of bondage.

body inflation fetish
Fat admirers may be turned on by the idea of mobile bondage. Image via Flickr.

When it comes to body inflation of other areas such as the nose, limbs or digits then there are people who suggest that this is a phallic representation and can be a fetish borne by women with penis envy or men who have small dicks.

When it comes to the nose specifically, some fetishists not only increase the size of the nose but also the shape leading to theories of body transformation and fantasy.

Different to nasophilia (sexual attraction to noses), this is a specific form of partialism for increasing the size of the nose (or other body part).

Whatever the reason for it and whatever the Latin phrase, there is no denying that it’s got to be among the weirder fetishes you’ve now heard of.

7. Expectoration Fetish

And again we throw in some similar fetishes to bring you the expectoration fetishsist.

Simply, someone who is aroused by the ejection of fluids, air or solids from the human body.

Whilst, we can all appreciate a good cumshot, not all of us will be as into bukkake as some.

By the same token, you may also have heard of golden showers and ‘messy fun’ including puking and pie play but this kind of fetish can also extend to burping, sneezing, farting and even zit-popping!

The roots of expectoration fetishes may have something to do with what is known as ‘orgasmic explosions’ and can be linked to the anticipation of something happening; like a balloon being inflated and waiting for it to burst.

We all know that sneezing is said to invoke a similar response to an orgasm but most of us don’t experience this.

However, for some people the build up of this kind of explosion (and expectoration) can build up orgasmic sensations that are only released when an ‘event’ occurs. Somebody pass the pepper.

sneezing weirdest fetish hentai
Hentai for sneezing fetishists. Image via Flickr.

6. Forniphilia – Human Furniture

Maybe not so far-fetched as you may imagine but the definition can get pretty weird.

Effectively, forniphilia is a form of sexual objectification where someone is treated as an inanimate object, in this case furniture.

It is commonly found as a part of bondage sexual play whereby someone is immobilised and strapped to (and thus incorporated into) furniture. This can be a table, chair or some other form of useful household item.

Submissive ‘items of furniture’ are then treated as an inanimate object and most often used sexually.

The main kick of the forniphiliac is not so much in the act of sex (this is where it differs from simple bondage) but in the treatment of the submissive as an actual item of furniture. You can see a form of this kind of fetish with the Japanese practice of ‘Nyotaimori’.

Known as the human sushi platter, a woman is required to lay atop a table and have sushi arranged on her naked body for serving to guests.

She must remain motionless and silent a duration of several hours and the Japanese pay handsomely for the pleasure. It is age-old power play that is at the heart of this fetish as well as being linked to objectifying other adults.

5. Crush Freaks

Being aroused by the sight of an insect being crushed under foot is not the most erotic of fantasies for many of us but crush freaks seem to get a kick out of it.

There are many elements to this bizarre fetish that are at play here including power, sacrifice and masochistic tendencies. The manifestation of these three factors in the death of an insect is peculiar but is, perhaps, a lot less disturbing than another focus of this kind of arousal.

Some crush freaks are reported to not only find exploding insects sexually exciting but other small creatures too. Reportedly having religious dimensions, crush freaks came to public attention in the late 1990’s with the publication of ‘The American Journal of the Crush Freaks’ and latterly in the Supreme Court (2009).

The case of whether this particular fetish fell into existing animal cruelty legislation or whether prohibition of any depictions of such acts broke free speech rights was settled in favor of Stevens, a crush freak.

A later statute was enshrined in law specifically applying to ‘crush’ videos with the Animal Crush Prohibition Act 2010.

crush freaks standing on insects weird fetish
Crush freaks enjoy watching insects being exploded. Not for everyone. Image via Flickr.

4. Anasteemaphilia (Giants & Dwarves)

Whilst this may seem like a rare fantasy fiction fetish, the truth may just explain that phenomenon of the unusually mismatched couple.

The term basically means having an attraction to a partner of a different height to your own but when it comes to a fetishist the difference can be extreme.

Most anasteemaphiles who are aroused by their fetish find that the greater the difference in height, the stronger the arousal. In effect, dwarves and giants become sexual gods (and goddesses). Short men, you may finally have found your calling in life.

3. Climacophilia (Falling Down Stairs)

It’s a very specific fetish and one that most of us have a phobia about as opposed to being aroused by it but, yes, climacophilia is a real thing.

A rare deviant sexual way to gratify oneself, subjects become erotically charged by the idea, and act, of falling down stairs.

They can also derive sexual pleasure by watching other people fall down stairs and, in some cases, pushing someone down stairs.

However, the common factor in most subjects who experience this kind of paraphilia is the anticipation derived before the moment of falling itself.

In much the same way as reaching climax can be a teasing experience, standing at the top of a set of stairs and looking down can build to an enormous charge of sexual excitement.

The falling itself is likened to a (very painful) orgasm and reaching the bottom brings an enormous flood of pleasure. We’re not sure if escalators are a climacophiles equivalent of a ‘quickie’ but just watch who you are shoving the next term you are on the stairs.

weirdest fetishes falling down stairs
Steady! We don’t know whether spiral staircases send climacophiles round the bend. Image via Flickr.

2. Agalmatophilia (Arousal by Statues)

Warning: playing musical statues will never be the same after you have read this.

Yes, this group of fetishists have a deep seated sexual desire for statues.

Actually, not people pretending to be still but real statues; bronze, clay, stone, alabaster – you name it, if it’s a statues an agalmatophiliac will be turned on by it. The term also covers other forms of inanimate human form including dolls and manequins.

However, this is somewhat different to using a sex doll for the convenience of it. There is actually some psychology at play here which can be applied to different variants of this fetish.

For some people, the objectification of a person in statue form can be akin to idolising an unattainable person.

The fetish was highlighted in a famous case in 1877 when a gardener was found attempting to have sex with a statue of Venus de Milo.

Evidently he had fallen in love with the fabled Greek goddess of love. Some agalmatophiliacs are aroused with the possibility of transformation and fantasise about being turned into a statue. Their roleplay may involve being costumed in latex or rubber and left to observe, statically. In this form, the fetish can be likened to a submissive role or even voyeurism.

Perhaps it’s time to take a second look at those human statues busking in cities and reassess why some of them are doing it.


Sigmund Freud always believed the nose to be a penis substitute and though most of us are blissfully unaware that we have cocks in the middle of our face, the nasophile will most likely be looking at us all with an appetite to suck us off…according to Freud.

Yes, nose sucking is a bona fide thing and not just a weird thing an ex-girlfriend did once in the heat of the moment.

Nose sucking is different to the expectoration fetishists who are anticipating something to come out of it. It is usually the tip that causes arousal but can also be the nostrils.

Although, nasophiles can also become sexually aroused by the sight and touch of the nose, some people find it exciting to press their nose into their partner’s closed eyes; though this crosses into the boundaries of oculophilia.

nose fetish weird
The red light district for nasophiles? Who nose? Image via Flickr.

There are extremes of nasophilia that include those people that are turned on people picking their noses. We suppose that this is no different from playing with the rim of a beer bottle to excite a partner in a restaurant, it just may not be as socially acceptable.

When you consider the anatomy of the nose isn’t that surprising to find that some people are so fascinated with it. The nose contains vascular tissue that can become engorged in a similar way to the genitals when aroused.

Size, shape and nostrils are all of varying attraction depending on the person though what is common in this fetish community is a shared abhorrence of rhinoplasty.

Anyone who is interested in the world of nasal fetishes can join the Facebook Group, Nasophilia.

Featured image via Flickr.


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