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Looking for the ride of your life?

Once the exclusive preserve for porn stars, ride-on (or ‘saddle’) sex machines are becoming more popular as premium home sex toys. And out of all the machines you could choose, the Sybian is a design classic popularised by its use in adult movies.

Its simple saddle design coupled with a powerful motor and stimulating attachments make it one of the most exciting rides on the market.

In our Sybian review, we take a closer look at this iconic ride-on sex machine and find out more about what makes this such a premium sex toy.

Sybian: The Iconic Saddle Sex Machine

Created more than 30 years ago by Abco Research Associates, the Sybian brand has become a byword for premium saddle sex machines – often referred to simply as “fucking machines“.

Originally dreamed up in the late 1970s by an American inventor, Dave Lampert, it took until 1985 before the first prototype was built.

By 1987, the Sybian had gone into production but over the next few years, the design would be refined. Using the input from the women who tested it, the machine has remained relatively unchanged since the 1990s.

review sybian attachments

Originally called the Master Better (or ‘MB’), the name ‘Sybian’ was chosen after the ancient Greek city of Sybaris. An urban center of the classical world in Southern Italy famed for its luxurious living, a Sybarite is someone who enjoys a life of decadence.

And the Sybian is certainly an elegant piece of sex furniture designed for decadent pleasure. The saddle houses a deep and rumbly motor which connects directly with your choice of attachments.

With controls for vibration, speed and rotation, the result is a comfortable ride on sex machine that can give you hours and hours of deeply satisfying orgasms.

Whilst most users attach dildos for internal play, the Sybian is just as much fun for external stimulation.

Using the Sybian

The Sybian was developed primarily as a premium sex toy for women and was created on the premise that women orgasm best when they are penetrated whilst on top.

Lampert’s research showed that by being seated, rocking the pelvis backwards and forwards whilst being deeply penetrated allowed for an incredible climax

The position of the attachments for the Sybian are therefore designed to maximize contact with the G-spot.

For those women who prefer clitoral stimulation, there are also attachments designed exclusively for external stimulation.

And for those Sybarites who want the best of both worlds the Sybian can deliver powerful clitoral vibrations and deep vaginal stimulation.

But that’s not all.

A Sybian can also be fitted with attachments suitable for anal stimulation including a double headed accessory.

In fact, the inclusion of an anal fitting makes this a toy that men can also enjoy.

And although a lot of people think that saddle sex machines are designed exclusively for solo play, we think they are perfect for couples too.

When you buy a Sybian package (see below) you also get a matching stool and these are a great way for a partner to share the experience with you.

Couples can enjoy using a Sybian as part of foreplay and the build-up to sex or as part of their own lovemaking.

For some, the machine lets them explore DP without the need for a third person whilst others just enjoy watching, or being watched as they surrender to the pleasure of a Sybian.

classic sybian sex machine review

Sybian: A Lifetime of Orgasms

When you buy a Sybian ride-on sex machine you know you are buying a product which is designed to be enjoyed for life.

Made in the USA and designed with very few moving parts, each Sybian is constructed from premium materials and based on a durable design

All machines are covered by a five-year warranty and this extends to cover the body of the machine including all working parts.

But if you want a lifetime of uninterrupted pleasure then you can purchase an additional Lifetime Warranty at a cost of $195.

Note: the padded cover and attachments are not included in either of these warranties but do come with a 180-day defect insurance.

Warranties do not cover any physical damage to the machine.

How Much is a Sybian Sex Machine?

If you want to invest in one of the best ride-on sex machines on the market then you will be spending a minimum of $1,245, comparable to what you’d pay for a Motorbunny (reviewed here).


Sold as a package with everything you need to get started, you have a choice of four different colors of Sybian.

  • Classic Black
  • Blushing Red
  • Playful Pink
  • Passion Purple
saddle sex machine sybian review

All priced at $1,245 including free shipping, you can customize your Sybian sex machine during the checkout process to include your choice of:

  • Beige Classic Attachments
  • Chocolate Classic Attachments
  • Silicone Attachments

Each Sybian package also comes with:

  • Lubricant
  • Stool
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • Five Year Warranty


You can further customize and upgrade your experience of using a Sybian by picking up some exclusive accessories.

Storage Cabinet

Priced at $365, this 2-piece padded chest is designed specifically to accommodate the Sybian sex machine and attachments. They also couple up as a platform/riser system to use with the Sybian. Both storage units come with a lock and key.

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See more: our guide to the best sex furniture.

Floor Mat

Priced at $99 this fluid proof padded mat makes a comfortable floor to use your Sybian on. It also helps dampen the sound of the machine by absorbing the vibrations; perfect if you live in an apartment with wooden floors.

The Sybian floor mat measures 26.5″ x 36″ x 1″.

Fluid Proof Cover

Designed by Sheets of San Francisco and priced at $79.99 these custom fit covers will protect your Sybian from messy play.

Made from Polyurethane and Polyester the covers are machine washable.


Whilst each Sybian package comes with a few attachments to start you off there are plenty more to choose from so you can totally pimp your ride.

In all, there are 11 Classic attachments, available in either beige or chocolate.

Plus, a further 6 Premium Silicone purple attachments.

All designed for maximum pleasure, they come in various sizes and shapes to fully customize your Sybian experience.

You can also purchase a custom contact clitoral accessory or rabbit tickler to give you more buzz where it matters.

sybian review attachments

Enjoy Sybian Risk Free for 45 Days

As long as you buy your Sybian Saddle Sex Machine directly from the manufacture then you get an exclusive trial offer.

This means you can enjoy your Sybian risk-free for 45 days.

At the end of this period, you can contact Abco Research Associates and arrange for the machine to be returned.

A small fee of $175 for shipping is deducted from your original purchase price.

Sybian Venus For Men

Although the ride-on sex machine can also be enjoyed by men who enjoy anal sex, the designers behind the Sybian have also created a machine that can give your cock some attention too.

Originally released as the Venus 2000, Venus For Men is a high-tech automatic stroker designed to give you  the ultimate orgasm.

Durable, portable and quiet, users can adjust the stroke speed and length to deliver 8-300 strokes per minute.

What makes the Venus For Men so special is that the receiving chamber is custom designed to give pleasure with or without an erection.

Priced at $956, this isn’t a cheap and cheerful sex toy but an investment for stamina training; a high-performance solution for a lifetime of hands-free pleasure.

sybian review venus for men

Sybian Review: The Ride of a Lifetime?

Since it debuted on the covers of the December 1987 Penthouse Forum magazine, the Sybian has been an iconic sex toy for over 30 years.

For the first half of its life, this premium ride on sex toy was associated almost exclusively with the porn industry.

Making its first adult video appearance in the AVN nominated Orgasmatic (1998), the device has co-starred with hundreds of porn actors.

And although porn audiences have enjoyed watching the Sybian in action, they didn’t become a mainstream home pleasure device until the noughties.

In 2006 when Howard Stern received one of these machines as a birthday gift live on Sirius Satellite Radio interest was in the Sybian was sparked on a wider scale.

Nowadays, ride on sex machines are available from all good adult toy stores and you can find a whole range of choices available.

From machines that thrust and/or rotate to those that vibrate, the choice of which one to buy is about your budget as much as it is your preference for style of simulation.


Yes, the Sybian is one of the most expensive ride-on sex machines that you can buy but it remains so for good reason.

It’s a powerful piece of pleasure-giving kit and with its lifetime guarantee it will be the last and only sex machine you will ever need to buy.

Plus, with such a huge range of accessories and attachments you can pimp your ride to enjoy a fresh new experience.

sybian attachments

In truth, the Sybian is not just a sex toy or pleasure aid but it’s also an extremely useful training tool. By offering woman a failsafe way to enjoy sex in the girl-on-top position, it helps them achieve orgasm better when this is replicated with a real life partner.

And because the Sybian can be enjoyed as a couple, it’s a great investment for either solo play or as part of spicing up your sex life.

In short, the Sybian is unquestionably the ultimate tool you need to give your sex life a reboot. Premium pleasure comes at a premium price but when you experience the Sybian you won’t regret spending a single dime. Plus with the 45-day risk free trial you don’t have any excuses not to give it a try.

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