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Want to try an adult game that can actually teach you a thing or two?

Super Seducer 3 is the third instalment of an ultra-realistic dating sim game produced with Full-Motion Video (FMV). An entertaining but educational series, the game can be as fun or serious as you want and features ten different scenarios for you to test your skills in.

Developed by the internationally renowned pick-up artist, Richard La Ruina, the first two instalments of the game flew under the radar. But when Super Seducer 3 was launched in 2021, it gained a lot of media attention. The reason? Well, one of the largest and most popular gaming distribution platforms (Steam/Valve) banned the game.

In this Super Seducer 3 Review, we check out what all the fuss is about and whether this is a game worth playing.

What is Super Seducer 3?

The brainchild of Richard La Ruina, the Super Seducer series of games were created to help men master the art of smooth talking.

richard la ruina super seducer 3
The Original Super Seducer; Richard La Ruina. Image via Richard La Ruina Website.

A self-proclaimed ‘seduction guru’, La Ruina has been featured on mainstream media from the BBC to Maxim and has written instructional books including The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want.

Born in London with Italian heritage, his techniques have always gone deeper than just learning a few pick-up lines.

Instead, La Ruina focuses on a two-prong method which includes practical advice as well as looking at the psychology of seduction.

The result is a super-informative breakdown of those hidden secrets which make some men more successful at picking up than others.

And whilst his instructional guide may not have sold that many copies, the Super Seducer titles reach a new audience by gamifying this information.

super seducer3

The first and second instalments were both released in 2018 and they sold pretty well on platforms like Steam.

Each contained 10 different stories based on actual REAL-LIFE scenarios and were filmed using live action video.

Actors performed various endings and routes so that players could choose their own adventure and learn important lessons along the way.

And both Super Seducer 1 and 2 were popular.

Offering customers insightful bonus material which included more in-depth advice, the community of men who were benefitting from this series were looking forward to the third instalment.

So much so that, by the time of its release, more than 61,000 people had added it to their wishlist.

Why Did Steam Ban Super Seducer 3?

In 2021, Richard La Ruina announced the long-awaited arrival of Super Seducer 3 and it was launched as part of the Steam Game Festival with an exciting demo.

Yet the game was live for just an hour before it was pulled from the platform.


According to Steam, it was the FMV element of the game which was to blame with the company issuing a response to simply say:

Steam does not ship sexually explicit images of real people.”

A strange statement to make when both Super Seducer 1 and Super Seducer 2 also contain FMV footage and remain available for sale on their site!?

La Ruina offered to adapt the game and remove uncensored content but Steam remained resolute in their decision:

“We are not going to sell the game or re-review it.”

banned adult game super seducer 3
Image via Twitter.

But this wasn’t the first time that La Ruina was forced into a corner by his distribution companies.

In 2018, the first instalment of the game was due to be released for PlayStation but was pulled. La Ruina has also reported that both Epic Games and GOG refused to market Super Seducer 3.

Is There Sex on Super Seducer 3?

In a word; no.

The ban on this game comes solely from the fact that the FMV shows real life actors getting a little sexy.

But apart from some suggested and simulated sex, glimpses of naughty flesh and lingerie, this is not (in our opinion) a XXX game.

super seducer 3 pick up game

Where Can You Buy Super Seducer 3?

Since Steam, PlayStation, Epic Games and GOG have all refused to take up the distribution on Super Seducer 3, where can you buy it?

Fortunately for the game’s developer, the popular adult gaming platform Nutaku was far more liberal when it came to the content.

So, you can pick up an uncensored copy of Super Seducer 3 to download via the Nutaku Games Marketplace.

Alternatively, you can hit the developer’s page where you can purchase a downloadable copy for either Windows or Mac PLUS get access to the Super Seducer 3 – Flix and Tricks Package.

This asset pack for the game features some great content including:

  • Bonus Video 1: Sexy Men Teach Sex + The Fashion of Super Seducer
  • Bonus Video 2: How to Pick Up in Actual Fact
  • Interviews with the Ladies of Super Seducer (Parts 1,2 and 3)
  • Deleted scenes from Super Seducer 3
  • The “Little Black Book” of Super Seducer (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

How Much is Super Seducer 3?

The game is priced around $12 depending on which platform you buy it from.

Additional bonus material is also available at an extra cost.

You can still download Super Seducer 1 and Super Seducer 2 from the Steam platform.

Super Seducer 3: Technical Requirements

Created in Unity, the game is available to download for either macOS or Windows and comes in a zip file of around 27GB.

All of the FMV sequences are with English dialog but there are subtitles available in your choice of:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese (Simplified)

Super Seducer 3: The Ultimate Pick-Up Artist Game?

So, after all the fuss about sexy live action sequences, we just wanted to know whether Super Seducer 3 is actually worth it?

Well, there are two ways to look at that question; is Super Seducer 3 a good educational game and is it fun to play?

Learn Seduction Skills

Right out of the box, there is no doubt that Super Seducer 3 is a great instructional guide about how to hone your pick-up skills.

Just like the two previous versions, there are ten levels to play here with each one offering you a new scenario to test your seduction techniques.

Each scene is relatable and includes set-ups like:

  • Picking up at the Gym
  • Seducing a Supermarket Hottie
  • Fantasy Threesome Bar Takeout
  • Dinner Date to Bedroom Action
  • How to Upgrade Sexting to Actual Sex
super seducer 3 pick up game review

All filmed with live-action sequences staring La Ruina himself alongside some fine European adult stars, you are faced with decisions along the way to change the course of the scene.

With multiple endings for each scene including various paths, this is one of the longest FMV games ever created.

Which is why it took La Ruina almost three years to finally produce this third instalment.

More detailed and with more endings and routes into each scenario, Super Seducer 3 lets you decide how each pick-up goes.

What this means is that the action will pause whilst you decide what to say next.

There are generally three choices; a great response, an okay response and a terrible one.

And, it’s not that hard to work out which one you need to choose but La Ruina will explain why.

Once you make your choice (even the terrible ones) the scenario will continue to play out so you can see what would happen next in a real-life version of events.

Okay, so it’s NOT a riveting ride of a game which involves complex strategy but it definitely makes you focus on what you SHOULD be doing in real-life.

What you experience as a gamer is more like a choose your own adventure softcore porn movie.

But if you combine your gameplay with some of the bonus instructional material then there is no doubt that you can improve your own real life ‘gaming’ action.

An addition to Super Seducer 3 is the detailed flowcharts you get for each scene once you’ve completed them.

Looking more like a Navy SEALs mission map than a guide to pick-up women, it shows you a step-by-step guide of where you went right (or wrong) so you can learn from the process.

Have Some Fun

If all this sounds a little too stale for your liking then one of the best features of Super Seducer 3 is the custom mode you can play it in.

As you know, each scene has been filmed with a lot of variables and if you simply want to play them without any instructional overlays then you can.

This means you can select any response you want and watch as Richard fails over and over to seduce the targets of his techniques.

super seducer game review


And if the option of ridiculous free-play isn’t enough to entertain you then you also get some fun little mini-games to play in Super Seducer 3 as well.

One is called ‘Whac-a-Male’, a version of that popular arcade game where you bash the heads in of those cute looking moles. In La Ruina’s version, it’s your task to hit the heads of any other alpha men who are sniffing around your target.

And there’s a handful of other quick-time events (QTE) designed to amuse and entertain along the way.

Super Seducer 3 Review: Our Verdict

For us, Super Seducer 3 is a unique game which sits in its own category.

Yes, it’s a dating sim but at the same time it’s more like a softcore interactive porn video.

On top of this, it’s also an educational tool with some incredible lessons to learn.

Does the title deserve to be banned on Steam?

In our humble opinion, it seems a little over-the-top to have banned Super Seducer 3 particularly as the reasons for doing so can also be applied to its forerunners; both of which are still available on the platform!?

When it comes to the hype over its censorship, the game doesn’t deliver on NSFW content but it does demand a second look.

super seducer 3 game review

For $12, we think the skills you can learn on Super Seducer 3 are well worth the money and we enjoyed the experience.

Can you spend hours playing it?

Well, no but there is an addictive quality to it that will definitely keep you coming back for more.

Even if that’s just to watch La Ruina to fall on his ass occasionally by sabotaging his efforts!

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