SquarePeep Review

Want to discover some new XXX amateur content?

Or make some money by selling your nude pics?

If you like browsing for exclusive adult photos, or want to try a fun new way to sell your content, then SquarePeep could just be the site for you.

Launched in March 2019, this new photo and video sharing site works by pixelating your images under squares and charging members to reveal your photo, one square at a time.

It’s a novel and titillating way to discover new content and is proving highly popular.

In this SquarePeep review, we take a sneaky peak at what this new photo sharing site is offering and how it works for both models and paying members.

What is SquarePeep?

A brand new way to share and monetize your exclusive content, SquarePeep works by allowing members to upload photos and earn money.

Each piece of content is hidden behind a set of squares which other members must work together to gradually remove and reveal the photo beneath.

Each square that is removed costs a set amount to take away so you earn as the content gets revealed.

Members can also share video content that is accessible for a period of one hour each time that a square is successfully removed from one of their photos. A little incentive to boost sales of your squares.

It’s a great concept that is proving very popular and members have full control and freedom over:

  • What pictures and videos to upload.
  • How many squares cover the content.
  • How much each square costs to remove.

The site is perfect for amateurs who want to sell their nude (or explicit) photos in a fun and unique way.

Sort of like a lottery scratch card combined with a game, SquarePeep is highly addictive.

The site was only launched in Spring 2019 and is already attracting almost 70,000 visitors a month but with great reviews and new models signing up all the time, we fully expect SquarePeep to go global.

squarepeep review: sell your nude photos

What Is SquarePeep?

As a new site, don’t expect the pages to be bursting with content but there is already a good mix of people on here all hoping to tempt members to reveal their content.

This includes male and female amateur models as well as some transgendered amateurs.

Designed on a similar format to popular social media platforms, your main landing page is styled like a News Feed showing you content from those people you follow, images you’ve liked (or revealed) plus some trending photos.

You can follow any other member you like in the same way as you can on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

By doing this, you will receive notifications in your News Feed when they upload new content plus you can also connect with them for messaging.

Finding people to follow or content to reveal is pretty easy and you can either search using keywords that show up on tags or use either the ‘Trending’ or ‘Discovery’ pages.

The Trending page shows a feed of those photos that are currently popular where people are revealing squares.

The Discovery page just shows up a random mix of content from a range of members. You can filter this to sort content out by gender (Male, Female or Trans).

Wondering how to get followers on SquarePeep?

The key is to interact with fellow users and ensure that your profile is as alluring as possible.

You only get a few seconds to capture attention while SquarePeepers are browsing through the site. Highlight your sexiest content and use high quality imagery where possible.

How To Make Money Selling Photos on SquarePeep

If you want to sell your own content on SquarePeep then its very easy to get set-up.

Firstly, you will need to register an account either by linking your Twitter sign-in details or via an email address; either way, you will need to verify your account by uploading some photo ID.

This is to ensure that the photos you sell are of yourself and that you are not trying to flog pictures of your ex girlfriend!

It is also used to ensure that you are of legal age and to prevent other kinds of fraud such as for tax purposes.

Once you have authenticated your ID and registered an account, you simply upload a photo and use the tool to section it up into squares.

You choose how many – this could be a 4×4 grid with 16 squares to reveal, or just a couple of squares over each of the ‘revealing’ parts of your image.

Once you’re done, set a price per square, and you’re good to go.

It’s that simple.

Once you publish the photo, sit back and wait for other members to get revealing those squares.

You receive a set fee, with a commission paid to SquarePeep, for every square that is purchased by members on the site.

And, if you want to boost your profile, you can do this via one of two ways:

  • Pay to Boost Your Profile using SquarePeep VIP – 20 Credits will buy you a prominent position on the News Feed and Discover pages meaning your images get seen by more members.
  • Encourage More ‘Peeps’ by Uploading Bonus Videos – By offering exclusive bonus videos to SquarePeep members, this means that they can watch your content for one hour each time they reveal a square. That’s a good incentive.

What Does SquarePeep Cost For Members?

Looking to browse the latest adult content on SquarePeep?

Signing up for an account on SquarePeep is 100% free and you can browse as many photos as you like but you can’t reveal any squares unless you pay for them.

In fact, there is also a limit to what you can see unless you have at least 10 credits sitting in your account.

Credits cost $1 each and each transaction attracts a 10% fee.

The cost to reveal a square depends on the person who is selling it but can be as little as 1 credit for each reveal.

If you want to start selling your nude photos on SquarePeep then this is totally free and you can withdraw money however frequently you like (minimum withdrawal limit is $100).

See the full FAQ here.

SquarePeep Review: Is It Any Good?

SquarePeep is a novel idea that is strangely addictive.

By combining the elements of suspense, teamwork and delayed gratification, the site’s founders have hit on a truly original idea here.

There’s just something about the way pictures are slowly revealed that is reminiscent of a strip show that appeals to us!

Sure, you could simply browse other photo sharing sites and pay a one-off cost to get a whole photo but that detracts from the point of SquarePeep.

Sometimes it’s the tease and the wait that gets you hot under the collar.

If you think about the name they’ve chosen ‘SquarePEEP’ then you can see the concept more clearly.

This is a 21st century peepshow where the amateurs on display aren’t giving away the milk with the barn.


This is about a slow and titillating way to build anticipation.

It’s pretty clever and takes the idea of selling nude photos and turns it into a kind of game.

As for the value you are getting here, well again, the concept is one of teamwork and allows members to pool their resources to reveal content.

If one picture costs around $20 to purchase but is sub-divided into 20 squares then you could be enjoying the rewards for a fraction of the price.

Those wondering how to make money on SquarePeep should consider that this group dynamic can quickly add up. As the site grows, more users = more earning opportunities.

As for whether you could earn good money on SquarePeep by selling nude photos, it’s early days at the moment.

If you’re already active on sites like OnlyFans, FanCentro or ManyVids, we’d recommend giving it a shot.

Watch this space….or should we say, ‘peep this square’?

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