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Want to make money selling your used panties?

With thousands of registered sellers, the US adult marketplace Sofia Gray specializes in selling used underwear and other personal items. From second-hand lingerie and used sex toys there is a huge fetish market and we wanted to know more about how it works.

So, in this feature Sofia Grey review, we check out the pros and cons of this popular used underwear marketplace. We look at the type of money you can earn, plus some best practice tips for getting started.

From finding out more about what and how you can sell on this platform to the kind of money you can make doing it, this is your guide to making money on Sofia Gray.

Introducing The Sofia Gray Adult Marketplace

Launched in 2015 and originally targeting the fetish community Sofia Gray has grown to become one of the world’s largest (and safest) underwear marketplaces.

With monthly traffic exceeding 200,000 hits, there has always been a huge market for used underwear in Asia but Sofia Gray was the first site to target a Western audience.

Over in Japan, we’ve all heard the stories of how you can buy panties from vending machines but it’s not just a gimmick. This particular fetish is more popular than you’d credit and there are even specialist stores which only offer these kinds of intimate items for sale.

Known as burusera shops, customers can purchase everything from panties and stockings to clothes and even more personal cast-offs including saliva and used sanitary napkins!

Yes, those Japanese are kinky sorts but whilst they can access products to sate their appetites for this kind of paraphilia, Western panty fetishists have struggled to find suitable products.

Sofia Gray was established with all this in mind and their online store allows sellers and buyers to connect offering just as diverse a range of items as those Japanese burusera stores.

make money selling panties sofia gray review

What Can You Sell on Sofia Gray?

Well, the main market on Sofia Gray is driven by used panties and this covers a huge range of styles.

From skimpy panties, crotchless lingerie and G-strings to bloomers (or granny pants) and everything in between.

Hell, there’s a great demand market for simple, plain, white knickers.

Sofia Gray is also set up to cater for both male and female sellers so ‘panties’ can also cover jockstraps, boxers and briefs.

But that’s not all you can sell if you set up a store on this site.

The main category which sells really well is ‘Underwear’ which includes bras, corsets and bustiers as well as bodysuits, chemises and teddies.

Then there’s a section for foot fetishists who can buy:

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Stockings & Suspenders
  • Pantyhose

See more: our guide to selling feet pics for big profit!

And then there’s just a general ‘Clothing’ section which could covers all kinds of miscellaneous stuff.

Or what about selling used sex toys? Yes, sellers on Sofia Gray are paid to send their dildos, vibrators and butt plugs to horny customers.

sell underwear online sofia gray review

But that’s not all.

Sellers on Sofia Gray are pretty creative about their extras and have come up with dozens of ways to satisfy their fans with additional products and services.

From pussy pops (lollies that have been ‘lovingly’ inserted before being posted) to vials of ‘His & Hers Cum’ there seems to be no limit to what you can sell here.

There are even sellers on the platform who will rate a customers Dick Pic for a fee!

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Used Underwear?

Ah, the perennial question of ‘how much money can you earn’?!

The short answer is anything from a few extra bucks to $00’s each month.

The long answer?

Well, there really are no set limits to what kind of money you can make on Sofia Gray. But, as always, it is the effort you put in which will be proportional to your income.

You may have heard stories of sellers on the site making four figure sums for their panties and whilst these are often true, they are rare.

Most ‘active’ sellers on the site are making around 8 sales a month and the money they make depends on WHAT they are selling and whether they, themselves, are in demand.

review sofia gray

Firstly, what does ‘active’ mean?

According to Sofia Gray, an active seller is someone who has more than five profile pics up and who responds quickly to inquiries and messages. They are also people who share their store profiles in other places including through social media and across other platforms.

And what do we mean by being ‘in demand’?

Well, premium sellers are those people who have created a brand around themselves.

They might already work on other adult platforms as cam models or NSFW clip stars. Or they might be offering a very specialist niche in terms of the products they sell. Maybe they are a yoga instructor who sells panties worn during workouts.

Or maybe they are airline attendants who list their stockings after a shift on board.

Whatever the top sellers are doing, they are all creating a story to go along with their products.

Pricing Your Products on Sofia Gray

Each seller can choose their own prices for what they are selling and these can range from $5 to $100+. And yes, there are uber sellers who can demand much, much more but these are the exception and definitely not the rule.

On average:

  • a pair of used panties on Sofia Gray sell for between $20 and $50 each.
  • Custom orders on Sofia Gray sell for between $50 and $70 each.
  • Stockings, lingerie sets and other items on Sofia Gray sell for between $60 and $80 each.

So, if you are making 8 sales a month then the chances are that you could earn anywhere between $200 and $500+

However, you have to factor in the cost of buying these items in the first place.

And whilst a pair of cheap panties can be as low as a few dollars, sexy lingerie doesn’t come cheap.

Plus, there’s the shipping charges.

A lot of sellers incorporate this into their prices to make the sales more attractive but these can certainly add on.

Which means that selling used underwear on Sofia Gray probably isn’t going to make you rich but is certainly a decent enough way to earn some extra cash.

Oh, but there is some great news.

Sofia Gray doesn’t charge any commission on your sales.

Instead, you simply pay a single subscription fee to open a store.

At the time of our review their fees were set as follows:

  • One month $15.99
  • Six months $21.99
  • Twelve months $35.99

Extra Ways To Make Money on Sofia Gray

But selling STUFF on Sofia Gray is only one part of how you can make money here.

With avid fans desperate to get closer to their favorite used panty models, there was always going to be a market for clip sales and that’s exactly what you can do.

Sellers can upload media content and price this up for sale.

sell videos on sofia gray

Often, these videos show the products in use which can really boost their value and customers will pay extra to see just how the panties they buy came to smell that good.

Of course, some clips are more ‘traditional’ and simply show scenes of masturbation of hardcore acts.

And remember that the panties you sell on Sofia Gray DON’T have to be attached to an XXX rated video. There are customers here who just want to buy panties which have been well worn through regular use.

Another way to make money on Sofia Gray is through tipping, known on the platform as ‘Making It Rain’.

Just like on cam sites or other adult marketplaces, regular customers quickly become fans and they are keen to show their appreciation by showering their favorite sellers with SG Coins.

Or customers can even pay to message you directly.  

What Are SG Coins?

SG Coins are the currency which powers the Sofia Gray platform.

Buyers use this currency on the site to purchase their products and is a great way for them to stay anonymous as well as keep prices uniform across the site.

Sellers don’t need to worry about exchange fees as their prices are automatically converted to SG Coins for all transactions.

So, whether you are selling underwear, custom products, clips and pics or receiving tips, you get paid in USD using one of several payout options.

sg coins buying panties on sofia gray review

Get Started Selling Used Panties with Sofia Gray

Although Sofia Gray is an American site, sellers from across the world can use the platform to make money.

But wherever you are based, you need to set up a great store to attract more customers and make sure you are marketing the crap out of yourself to boost sales.

Getting started is simple and quick and most sellers can be up and ready for business within 15-20 minutes.

All you need to do is register on the site using the “Sell Now” function and start setting up a store by selecting a membership package.

Choose what you want to sell and start uploading images of your products.

get started selling on sofia gray

The key to success on Sofia Gray though is not just about the products themselves but about what kind of scent you are selling them with.

So, whilst two sellers could list a similar piece of underwear; one might describe it with a ‘Workout’ smell whilst another could list it as a ‘Masturbation’ scent.

And believe us when we say that all this matters.

There are tons of ways to describe the scent you are selling, just check out the competion and see how other sellers are describing their products.

Remember that you can choose from used underwear and other personal items as well as pictures, videos and even messaging.

As soon as your first items uploaded and ready for sale then you can start promoting your URLs to any fans or followers you have.

Self-promotion is important, whilst buyers on Sofia Gray will see your store go live, it’s up to you to drive traffic to your products.

Creating attention on social media is a big part of making this venture a success but you can also pay Sofia Gray to boost your listings as a ‘Featured Seller’.

The next stage is all about patience and here it’s really important that you respond to orders and messages promptly.

Our one piece of advice is not to get disheartened as your first sale can sometimes take a while and if this is the case for you then we’d suggest taking a closer look at the storefront you have created and how you have listed your items.

sell panties sofia gray

Sofia Gray has an excellent blog which is designed to help their sellers create their best store so it’s worth checking this out for some expert advice.

To list your items like a pro you should be using great photos, writing great descriptions and maximizing your use of attention-grabbing titles.

Using suitable hashtags is also important and don’t forget those all-important keywords to describe your unique scent!

Sign up on Sofia Gray to start your side business today.

If you want to know more about how to sell panties for profit, then check out our full guide to selling used panties and lingerie online.

All featured images via Sofia Gray.


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