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SkyPrivate is a Pay-Per-Minute plugin which can be used to monetize Skype (and Discord) calls.

It increases the way in which cam models can sell adult content to their fans.

The main platform serves as a clip sales and pseudo-cam show site meaning greater reach to a wider audience.

With more than 40,000 models registered and verified this means a lot more choice for customers and gives them premium and intimate access.

In this feature we’ll take a look at exactly how the SkyPrivate plugin works both for models and customers as well as find out how much it costs and what you can earn through this site.

What is SkyPrivate?

SkyPrivate is a plugin which can be used with Skype to charge customers by the minute for live and intimate adult video calls or prepaid shows.

Originally launched in 2013, the company has seen its largest growth over the period 2017-2020 since it began ramping up its public profile.

Over the same period, the cam industry has been growing exponentially and the pandemic of 2020 has further increased the size of this market as adult entertainers, sex workers and porn stars seek alternative ways to make money from sex services.

review of skyprivate

An alternative way to reach a private audience this Pay Per Minute model suits many traditional cam stars as well as escorts as an additional way to earn money.

If you are interested in becoming a cam girl, see our full camming guide.

For many this plugin is a way to connect high-paying fans and regular customers with exclusive access to their favorite performers.

Instead of accessing them through a cam site and competing for attention in a public chat room, they can instantly dial up and be connected.

And, if you aren’t online, there is even a feature where customers can schedule a call.

Not only is SkyPrivate a useful, money-spinning piece of software to monetize your Skype calls, the company also operates a model directory.

This can help you reach a wider audience from where you can sell additional items including custom pics, videos and even physical items like lingerie.

And, in a similar way to live camming, you can also collect tips whether you are online or not.

Using SkyPrivate as a Model

Getting started with SkyPrivate as a model is pretty easy and first up all you need to do is register for a free account and sign up.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address then you can log in and start updating your personal details.

You will need to enter your real identity as printed on your ID document(s) (passport, drivers license or National ID Card) including date of birth, full name and address.

From here you will be asked to take and forward 4 photos in order to get verified with the SkyPrivate team. This stage takes a maximum of 24 hours and can be failed if you:

  • Send blurry, low-res or unclear photos
  • Offer incorrect personal details
  • Send fake documents
  • Try to set up more than two accounts (you can have 1 model account and 1 studio account)

Next, you will need to link your Skype ID. If you don’t already have one then you will (of course) need to set this up separately.

Remember that this is the ID which will be used for your erotic calls so it’s best not to use the same Skype account that you take calls from family and friends with. We’d definitely recommend not mixing the two.

All of the above information is private so you will now need to complete your Public profile. This is where you get to sell yourself to potential clients so make sure to complete every field as thoroughly as possible.

setup skyprivate account

Information to update here includes:

  • Age
  • Country
  • City
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Model Name (this should be your professional name to protect your privacy)

You will then have the opportunity to select a main profile (or, avatar) image. This can be changed at any time but should be an impactful and high res photo that clearly shows your main assets.

You will also have to upload a minimum of 9 further images to your public profile and up to 12 videos (not required but recommended).

These are all free to view by browsing customers and will help you attract attention so choose wisely. In total, you can upload up to 100 images to your profile.

Next, you can add up to 20 tags to help customers find your profile and these should describe the kind of service(s) you offer (#bbw, #asian, #femdom etc.).

Once the above is completed (and after verification from the team) your profile will go live on the website.

However, there is one final step you will need to complete in order to start taking calls with SkyPrivate and that is to Install the Skype Plugin.

Log in to your SkyPrivate account and head to the Download Skype Plugin section. There are two options on here depending on whether you are running Windows of Mac OSX.

Once downloaded, install the software to your laptop or PC and then launch the plugin.

You will need to log in using your SkyPrivate details and then select the Link Your Account button. Enter your Skype details and the plugin will become activated.

skype sex calls skyprivate

You will need to leave this plugin open on your computer in order to be visible on the profile pages of SkyPrivate so don’t close this window, just minimize it.

The plugin works by monitoring who is contacting you and for how long so they are able to bill the client and you can earn money.

It also alerts models as to whether or not a caller has enough credit to pay for at least a five-minute call or whether they are members of SkyPrivate or not. It is then up to you whether or not you take the call.

Once you take a call, the plugin will start monitoring the length and source of the call and, when completed, email you to confirm that your call has been logged for payment with a summary of how much you earned.

You will also get another email asking you for feedback on the member with whom you Skyped.

Features of SkyPrivate

By using Skype as the primary way to connect with clients, SkyPrivate offers fully encrypted calls making it one of the more secure ways to offer private cam shows.

SkyPrivate has a great reputation for its customer services and they employ two separate teams; one in North America and one in Europe which means that you can contact someone 24/7.

They offer a range of ways to get in touch including the popular Live Chat system with an estimated response time of under five minutes, community and technical chat on Discord as well as comprehensive help files and FAQs.

There are also the options of email, Twitter and (obviously) Skype if you are still stuck.

making calls with skyprivate

You can also take SkyPrivate calls on your mobile phone as well and you don’t even need to install any additional plugins for your device to do this.

There are some great help files on how to set this up but by offering flexibility for mobile phone camming, this is a real plus point for SkyPrivate.

Just like any major live cam platform, SkyPrivate also enables models to use interactive sex toys and receive tips.

Models can use the calendar feature to schedule shows and to communicate when they will be online. This makes it easier to sell prepaid tickets for live performances.

SkyPrivate also allows models to sell their own clips (pics or videos) via a Store tab on their profiles.

This means you can earn extra passive income as customers can purchase these even when you aren’t taking calls.

Who Can Register on SkyPrivate?

SkyPrivate is open for registration from models of all nationalities, sexual orientation and gender. The platform also welcomes a huge range of fetish models and has a diverse mix of male, female, transsexual and couples across the service.

So, as long as you are 18, have access to a webcam and can confirm your identity then you can register on SkyPrivate as a model.

earn money with skyprivate review

What’s Allowed on SkyPrivate?

Although shows are not recorded or monitored, activities allowed on calls is restricted by the same rules as through other live cam show sites. This means you are forbidden from using the service for any illegal activities.

As long as what you are performing is legal then you can do it and this includes plenty of kinks and fetishes.

How Much Does SkyPrivate Pay?

The system allows the ultimate flexibility when it comes to setting your call rates and these can be changed as often as you like.

There is even the option of setting different rates for different members so you can charge less of more depending on the client. Some models welcome this feature as for some customers they perform more premium services.

SkyPrivate pays out a minimum of 75% of earnings to its models.

earn money skyprivate

On occasion, they also run contests for which you can compete with other models for cash prizes.

Once you have earned a minimum of $40 you can withdraw money from your SkyPrivate account with payments being offered via:

  • Paxum
  • Bitcoin
  • ePayments eWallet
  • SEPA
  • Direct Transfer
  • ePayService
  • Bank Wire

Transfers take up to 24 hours to process with final receipt of payment depending on your choice of payment processing platform or service.

Models can also earn additional money by referring both customers and models using the affiliate program. This can increase earnings up to 86%!

SkyPrivate is also an early adopter of the SpankPay crypto platform.

cam sites kyprivate

Using SkyPrivate as a Customer

Getting started on SkyPrivate as a member is just as easy and you can create a free account with some basic information (username, password and email address).

Once registered, you will need to load your account with funds in order to start making calls but browsing is entirely free.

A minimum charge of $14 is required for each transaction. As soon as you do this, you will become a lifetime Premium Member and be able to see the Skype IDs for each model as you browse.

In order to initiate a call you will need to have a Skype account but you won’t need to download any additional plug-in software.

Simply choose your favorite model, add them as a contact to your Skype account and start the call. SkyPrivate will log the length of time you are connected and deduct the charges from your SkyPrivate account.

Don’t worry, the system doesn’t record the calls and your bank statement will simply state charges from*PPM INTERN.

After each call you will receive two emails; one confirming how much you have spent and a second asking for some feedback on the model you Skyped with.

The Benefits of Using SkyPrivate

With over 40,000 models to choose from, you can enjoy a private video call with a huge range of female, male and trans adult performers.

video sex skype skyprivate

The main SkyPrivate site is well designed in order to let customers browse for models and features an advanced filtering system to sort profiles by:

  • Body Type
  • Hair Color and Length
  • Breast Size
  • Ethnicity
  • Height, Weight and Eye Color
  • Languages Spoken
  • Age
  • Price Per Minute

You can even filter those models who offer clip sales as well as use keywords to find your perfect match.

Using SkyPrivate brings the same benefits as using Skype, namely privacy and security as well as flexibility. This means you can make secure calls on any device through which you have Skype installed including your mobile, tablet or PC/laptop.

As a one-to-one service, connections made with models using SkyPrivate are more exclusive and intimate meaning you can build a better bond than by using a traditional cam site.

Regular customers and prestige fans can be rewarded with discounted rates by their favorite models.

All of the familiar features you will be used to using through cam sites are all operational here including:

  • Tipping performers
  • Operating interactive sex toys
  • Prepaying for live shows
  • Following models
  • Purchasing items from a model’s store

You can also schedule a show on a specific day and at a specific time using a model’s calendar.

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How Much Does SkyPrivate Cost?

Every model on Skype can set their own rates per minute for their private calls. Typically, this ranges from $1-$12 per minute with the average being around $2-$5.

Likewise, the content you can buy on SkyPrivate is also set by the individual but you can find plenty of clips and pics for under $10.

You can fund your account using a variety of mainstream payment methods including debit and credit cards as well as by using Bitcoin.

More Information on SkyPrivate

You can find all the information you need to register as a model or a customer by hitting the SkyPrivate website but further details on promotions and current offers may also be found on:

skyprivate twitter

All featured images via SkyPrivate.


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