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Looking for the best VR sex games with plenty of sin?

Then enter the forbidden world of SinVR – a sex simulator with impressive VR support and a growing following.

SinVR is an 3D immersive roleplay game with plenty of scenes, girls and sexual positions to explore and enjoy.

The world is a richly imagined dark-place. It offers a virtual reality experience that is intuitive, simple to use and doesn’t need a 50-page manual to get you started.

In this Sin VR review, we take a closer look at the new virtual reality gaming experience brought to you by SinVR including full details of how to play, what it costs, and whether it is worth exploring.

What is SinVR?

SinVR is an advanced 3D animated adult game offering users a virtual reality gaming experience. It is heavily focused on sadomasochistic themes and fantasy characters but is not as dark as you might first expect.

Sin Vr review
Choose a girl, select a scene, have sex. Simple.

Developed by a Los Angeles based company, Sin VR is basically a virtual world in which you can interact with characters – and by interact, we mean have sex with them. It isn’t a complex game and there doesn’t appear to be any overarching mission other than to explore the world and have sex with as many of the characters as you can in your private dungeon.

The game has been funded using the Patreon crowdfunding website and currently has almost 300 regular patrons who are donating $10 a month to keep the site active and receive exclusive offers.

How To Play SinVR

To get a copy of the game, you will need to visit their website.

Downloading the game is quick and easy and, once set up, you can start exploring the game within a few minutes. If you don’t sign up for a membership then you will only be able to access a limited area of the game and not all the features, scenes and ladies will be available to you.

If you are playing on a PC without VR then you will be using your mouse to direct the focus of the screen and navigate the menus and options. With VR, this is made much easier as you simply do this by moving your head.

adult games Sin Vr review
VR mode is easy to use and is in full 360 deg.

The premise of the game is simple and you basically select your girl, choose a scene and then have sex with her….in whichever position you want.

On a basic account, you can only do this with one girl in one scene and with limited choices on positions but it does give you an idea of the quality of the graphics, action and sound.

With full access, you can choose from any of 18 girls, including:

  • Jessica – a parody on Jessica Rabbit
  • Dominique – an imposing but sexy FemDom
  • Wonder Slut – yes, a 3D porno Wonder Woman
  • Nurse Lavana
  • Mrs Wilson – the ultimate cougar teacher
  • Britney – a generic blonde with startling similarities to Ms. Spears.

There are then 18 different scenes to choose from with each one matching your choice of girl and range from classroom or seedy back alley to a Nordic tavern, hotel bedroom or even Jolly Olde London.

The demo gives you access to a Wild West Saloon bar where you can ‘break-in’ the barmaid over the piano or let her drop to her knees to perform oral sex on you.

SINVr review clips
A guest account gives you access to your own Rodeo Show.

Once the scene is under way, you can vary the sexual position and toggle between showing the penis or hiding it. All scenes are played in POV mode.

SinVR: Technical Specifications

SinVR is available to download for Windows (PC) or on Android and is compatible with popular VR devices including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR.

However, you don’t need expensive accessories to play (as with Virtual Mate, for example) and you can simply watch the action unfold on your computer screen if you wish. It’s not as immersive but just as rewarding.

Features of the game include some richly developed graphics and sound which include:

  • Multiple sex positions
  • Realistic skin shaders
  • Professional voice acting
  • Boob Jiggling
  • Hip controls
  • Facial expressions
  • Spanking

Who Uses SinVR?

The majority of visitors to the SinVR site are from the USA (22%) but the game is also popular in Europe with Germans, Russians and the French being the next largest proportion of players.

The game is also popular in Canada.

This sex game is mostly played by PC users, but it has a growing audience as a popular Android sex game, too.

What Does Playing SinVR Cost?

You can download the SinVR game for free directly from their website but this only gives you access to a couple of trial scenes and settings.

However, it does give you an idea of how the game works and whether it is compatible with your VR device.

Full entry membership costs:

  • $19.99 per month
  • $79.90 for six months
  • $119.88 for twelve months

Alternatively, you can join become a one-off ‘Patron’ via the Patreon website and earn rewards another way. A $10 donation to this crowdfunding site, for instance, will give you 1,000 coins per month in the game (enough to purchase a girl and a scene to keep forever).

You can also buy individual girls or packages of ladies via their website.

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sinvr sexy 3d girls
Choose from a selection of up to 18 girls or buy a package.

SinVR Review: Is It Any Good?

Overall, SinVR is an impressive debut adult sex game from this L.A. team and has some exceptional graphics, great immersive technology and a creatively imagined virtual world.

The look of SinVR is of a high quality with skin tones and facial expressions well rendered.

This is accompanied by pretty good audio, both music and sound effects as well as voice. The audio on some 3D games can loop annoyingly or be very ‘false’ and we enjoyed the backdrop of the sounds during our trial.

This game will appeal to loves of BDSM and there is a lot of paraphernalia here which will be familiar to fet-fans including whips, floggers, strappers and canes as well as the slightly dark and edgy settings.

However, there is a lot of humor built into the game and the personality of the developers is evident throughout the gameplay.

Whether it’s the comments whilst a scene is loading (‘Unpacking your sin’, ‘Checking in’, ‘Twisting things around’, ‘I like boobs’, ‘Seriously, I like boobs’) or the facial expressions on the girls, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Scenes are richly imagined with excellent graphics.

There are some issues with the game that we hope will be addressed including some glitching (our demo barmaid kept jumping out of the screen during sex and we kept disappearing entirely!)

We would say that the game thoroughly deserves its reputation for being one of the best new 3D adult VR games out there.

It certainly has some mileage on game play and we hope that the team continue to develop the content, iron out any bugs and maybe increase the functionality.

Though it might be nice to have some more complex missions or purpose, sometimes it is enough to just enjoy being in control.

An innovative and engaging game that is well worth a download to judge for yourself.

All images via SinVR.

SinVR Review
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BDSM meets virtual reality in a thoroughly dark and twisted world. The gameplay is basic but the premise of controlling sex scenes in virtual reality makes for a unique adult gaming experience.


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