The 26 Best Adult-Themed Card and Board Games

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Looking for a fun way to spice up your sex life or just have some naughty fun with friends?

There was a time before computers and handheld devices when adult games meant more than loading up the latest 3D sex games.

Bored couples and horny housemates could always rely on strip poker, XXX truth or dare or an impromptu wet t-shirt contest to get the party started. However, the world of adult sex games has evolved and there are plenty of sexy alternatives to rival Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity…..and we’re talking more than just innuendo. After all, couples who play together, stay together.

In this feature we bring you our top selection of the best adult-theme board, card and dice games for the ultimate (but saucy) evening in. From BDSM board games to kinky card games, all you need is someone else to play with…

Best 5 Original Adult-Themed Board Games

These five games are wholly original ideas that aren’t based on traditional games. Slightly more complex than some novelty games these are premium-quality boxed adult board games whose sole purpose is to arouse and excite. Designed for couples, most can be played with 2 or more people.

Monogamy Board Game

best adult themed board games monogamy

‘A Hot Affair…With Your Partner

A board game for couples, Monogamy has won the ‘Adult Game of the Year’ Award at the International Adult Game Awards. Selling over a million copies worldwide and available in eight languages, it is one of the most popular adult game titles you can buy.

There are three levels of play with more than 400 steamy ways to get down and dirty with your other half. From acting out fantasies, creating sexual tension and foreplay, all the ingredients are here for a sexy evening in.

Make your way around the board landing on one of three card selections:

  • Intimate – reveal secrets and fantasies to your partner to learn more about what you want and like.
  • Passionate – cards that prompt sensuous actions like touching and holding.
  • Steamy – ramping up the action here is where you get to carry out your fantasies.

Monogamy can be picked up on LoveHoney.

Nookii Board Game

best adult themed board games nookii

The Grown Up Game for Playful Couples

Created by the British ‘sexual happiness’ company, Nookii is a best-seller on Love Honey and guarantees to spice up your mid-weeks evenings

The game features 90 cards split by gender and separated into three categories; ‘Mmm’, ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’.

The premise is simple; you start with an ‘Mmm’ card and then roll the dice to determine how long to set the timer (each spot indicates a minute so can vary from 2 minutes to 12 minutes). The cards will give you a physical instruction such as ‘sit on your partners lap’ or ‘face your partner’. Then there will be further instructions which must be read aloud to your partner.

Each of the actions on the cards becomes increasingly intimate and naughty with ‘Mmm’ being foreplay and ‘Aah’ being quite explicit.

There is no board with this game, instead you get a pair of dice, a timer and a sheer scarf. The latter comes into play quite a bit when it comes to the actions you need to perform so make sure you check the washing instructions!

There is also a novelty ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign included in the box so you can indicate to other householders that you mean business.

It’s an easy game to play but difficult to stick religiously to the timer.

best adult themed traditional board games couplicious
Image via Couplicious.

The Game Made Me Do It

Invented by some lifestyle gurus including a party planner, adult club managers and couples advice counselors, Couplicious is a game for up to eight players and is perfect for an open-minded group of friends or seasoned swingers.

The game comes with a board, dice, timer and three varieties of cards:

  • 100 Mild Cards
  • 100 Wild Cards
  • 20 Cock Block Cards

Mild cards are a form of intimate question to be asked of another player or of the group.

Each Wild card gives the player actions that they, or one of their opponents, must perform and include activities like:

  • Guess Who – Put on a blindfold and receive oral sex from all players for 10 seconds each. Get points for correctly identifying who was who.
  • Oral 101 – Roll for a partner of the opposite sex and use their privates to teach the group the best way to give oral pleasures.
  • Puppet Master – The Cardholder will select and direct up to four players to engage in an activity of their choosing for one minute.

It’s a pretty explicit game and won’t suit the faint-hearted but for those who have experience of group play then this is the game you should be playing.

You can buy Couplicious directly from the manufacturer for a cost of $39.99.


best adult themed board games loopy sex game

Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together

For an erotic ‘holiday in your home’, Loopy offers a mixture of gameplay which includes physical intimacy but is also about strengthening an emotional connection. It’s a game for two (or more) players and features a game board, arrow spinner, 200 cards and a blindfold.

There are four levels of gameplay; Talks, Fondles, Prelude and Sex. Each level is about forming a different connection with your partner and allows you to customize gameplay to suit your own limits. There is also a bonus deck to take things into a more extreme level.

An example of one of the more hardcore cards:

‘The girl should be blindfolded and standing for this task. For Him: Tease your partner with the head of your cock. Rub and touch her lower back, inner thighs and ass using your cock. Then, tease your partner’s pussy lips and clit with the head of your cock. Touch and tease her until she shakes and moans.’

Yeah, with gameplay instructions like that, we wonder how long players will actually last. Though it is really designed for two people, it can be played with other couples as long as you can be that intimate around them.

You can buy Loopy from many online retailers but Amazon is currently selling it for around $30.

Best 5 BDSM/Fetish Adult-Themed Board Games

All of these games will appeal more to those on the less than ‘vanilla’ scale when it comes to their tastes but are still pretty mainstream. From novelty sex meets séance to vampire-themed and BDSM-inspired, we think these fetish board games will bring a little edge to your evening.


best adult themed board games domin8 bdsm

The Winner Takes…Or Gives…It All’

A domination game based on the classic dominos, Domin8

The game is played exactly like dominos except that each tile displays an erotic icon. These symbols correlate to a sexy activity which, if you play a double tile you get to draw a card and receive a treat.

The game includes 24 scenario cards (three per icon) and 36 Domin8 tiles plus a ‘Domin8 Me’ and ‘Domin8 You’ card.

The winner is the first person who lays their last tile and they are awarded the ‘Domin8 Me’ and ‘Domin8 You’ card to choose as their reward.

As an additional way to heat things up, there is also a Let’s Talk About Sex!’ game card with ten titivating questions which can be used to help set the mood.

The Spirits Want You To Have Sex

best adult themed board games the spirits want you to have sex

The Planchette Reveals Your Love-Making Positions

An unusual game which combines the style of a Ouija board with the Kama Sutra, Kheper Games has really come up with a niche adult game here.

The game contains a planchette on which both you and your partner place your hands.

Centered on the board of sexual positions, you simply ask the spirits to guide you to what position you should try out next. With a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ category on the board, you can also ask intimate questions about your lover.

Incredibly simply but with a really niche appeal that we thought was both novel and fun, you can buy this game from Amazon for under $17.

A Deeper Shade of Red

best adult themed traditional board games a deeper shade of red
Image via Kheper Games.

Curiously Explore Bondage & Discipline

Another fetish-themed offering from Kheper Games, A Deeper Shade of Red is all about BDSM and incorporating bondage into your gameplay.

The set comes with a board, giant dice and a 14” latex whip which can be used to tease, spank or punish your partner according to how you roll.

It’s more of a novel game that inspires some fantasy roleplay into your sex life and isn’t ‘hardcore’; however, it does put BDSM on the table for those couples who want to try this fetish out in an unpressured way.

You can buy A Deeper Shade of Red from Amazon for under $5.

Luv at First Bite

best adult themed board games luv at first bite
Image via Ball and Chain.

Satisfy Your Sexual Cravings!

Luv at First Bite is a vampire-themed board game which incorporates some fetish roleplay. The aim of the game is to become the head vampire by successfully completing ten activity cards. Along the way, players must suck, lick and bite their way to the top, proving that they are the most seductive and thirsty blood-sucker.

Cards vary from simple tasks to tease and arouse your partner to sexual positions and even ‘Weakness’ cards which can thwart your progress.

The game is highly playable and has a few extra elements to raise it one-step beyond a regular foreplay starter. It can be played by one or more couples.

Available from Amazon for $11.99, Luv at First Bite is a sensual game that delivers some very hot and intimate moments.

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness

best adult themed board games fifty nights of naughtiness
Image via Creative Conceptions.

Take 50 Sizzling Steps Towards Red Hot Passion

A slight deviation on the traditional board game here but one we wanted to include because it is pretty popular. There are no prizes for guessing where the inspiration for Fifty Nights of Naughtiness came from and this next offering gamifies Christian Grey’s domination techniques.

Containing fifty envelopes and a single dice, players must commit to completing the random tasks over a period of fifty nights.

There are five sets of colored envelopes, each containing suggestions and actions that vary in naughtiness:

  • Ten Virginal White Envelopes – romantic and tender and romantic
  • Ten Pink Envelopes – teasing and cheeky
  • Ten 10 x Red Envelopes – experimental and sensual
  • Ten Scarlet Envelopes – naughty and erotic
  • Ten Black Envelopes – kinky

So, if you want to plan a few months of extended roleplay with your partner then this could be a good game for you. The game is available from lots of online stockists and is priced at around $10.

Best 5 Novelty Adult-Themed Board Games

This selection of adult card and board games are less complex than some of the others on our list and are based around a novelty theme to give an extra element of fun to the foreplay.

Sex Around The House

best adult themed board games sex around the house
Image via Ball and Chain.

Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Sexual Playground

This game transforms your foreplay experience into a live-action adventure as the game board dictates where you carry out the actions on the cards. There are 13 different rooms listed and dozens of actions to carry out when you get there so you can guarantee to get a change of scenery with your sex life.

Mile High Club

best adult themed board games mile high club
Image via Ball and Chain.

A First-Class Sex Game

Another foreplay-based adult board game, Mile High Club is a simple enough concept where players must race around the airplane themed board performing sexual activities along the way.

Be the first to reach the mile high club and presumably you can abandon the dice and get to the main event.

As well as a board, 2 game tokens and a die, the game comes with 100 cards to direct the tone of play:

  • 25 Economy Class Cards
  • 25 Business Class Cards
  • 25 First Class Cards
  • 25 Mile High Club Cards

It’s a fun enough little game that can be easily played with just two players. You can buy Mile High Club from Amazon for $17.50.

Pleasure Island

best adult themed board games pleasure island
Image via Ball and Chain.

Where Fantasy and Pleasure Await

Ball and Chain do a nice little selection of novelty adult board games and this one is a take on Treasure Island; however, in this scenario, the castaways must draw cards and perform erotic activities to win the game.

The game consists of an island board, two game pieces and two sets of cards; 22 Pleasure Chest Cards and 22 Prisoner of Love Cards.

The actions are all based around the same theme, such as:

  • Tie & blindfold your naked shipmate and then bend them over your lap and give them a spanking;
  • Act out a role-play fantasy with your shipmate (choice of Pirate & Captive, Patient and Ship’s Doctor or Captain and First Mate).

The winner is whoever reaches the ‘X’ first. Choosing to take the title or continue playing by drawing and performing two extra cards, maybe it should be ‘XXX’ marks the spot?

You can buy a copy of Pleasure Island from retailers like Amazon or Walmart from around $20.

Glow in the Dark Sex

best adult themed board games glow in the dark sex
Image via Kheper Games.

Play With Romantic Lighting or Completely In The Dark

Two games in one, the board in this game has a different set of actions when you turn the lights out to reveal glow in the dark icons.

Fundamentally a foreplay game which directs you to some erotic actions based on where you land on the board, this is a novel way to get people fooling around in the dark.

You can pick up a copy of Glow in the Dark Sex from retailers like Walmart or Amazon for around $12.

Bedroom Battle

best adult themed board games bedroom battle
Image via Tingle Touch Games.

‘A Two-Player Card Game Where You Play To Win Sexy Favours From Your Partner’

Bedroom Battle by Tingle Touch Games is a Kickstarter success story that delivers a lot of erotic fun.

The game is played by drawing a Reward Card from the deck at the start of each round, this is what you will be playing for and can be anything from ‘Invent a new sex position and try it out for three minutes; no climaxing allowed’ to your opponent having to give you a naked lap dance.

You then play to win your reward using Battle Cards. These are similar to Trading Card games with each character having a fixed amount of ‘Sex Appeal’; highest number (or Top Trump) wins. However, additional cards can be played (items and attributes) which can affect the sex appeal of your, or your opponent’s’ character card.

There are also special cards which can further throw a curve ball into the game such as switching hands with your opponent.

The game has been pretty popular and the manufacturer now has two expansion packs; Hot Summer Days and Naughty Winter Nights. Each additional pack comes with an extra 21 Battle Cards, 18 Reward Cards and 54 Sexy Challenges.

Generally speaking, the game is pretty addictive and is a lot of fun to play though sticking to the rules can be tricky. You can buy Bedroom Battle directly from the manufacturer from around $25.

Best 5 Classic Adult-Themed Card, Dice and Board Games

The beauty of this category is that if you put the word ‘strip’ in front of any game you already have then you have an instant adult after-dinner game. Fancy a round of strip-jenga? What about strip-Scrabble? Yeah, and don’t forget strip-Twister!!

If you haven’t got the imagination to make up the rules for an existing game or just want to pick something up that has taken creative license to some traditional formats then these are definitely the card, board and dice games for you.

Luck & Love

best adult themed board games luck and love
Image via Tingle Touch Games.

A Sinfully Sexy Game for Couples’

Another game from Tingle Touch, Luck and Love is a great game which is sort of like Yahtzee….sort of.

A game for two players, each person selects a score pad with a unique set of challenges on every page. There are two sides to every page; a Warm Up round and a Hot Stuff round.

In order to complete your score pad, you must roll the six dice and get the combination shown on your challenge page. For example, three ‘2’s might mean that you have to perform naked wrestling for 2 minutes, whereas three ‘6’s and a pair of ‘5’s might reward you with your partner performing oral sex on you.

The winner is the person who completes their score card first.

With 50 pages on both score cards, each having their own set of challenges, there are more than 666 ways that this game can get you hot under the collar.

It’s been pretty well received and, as a result, Tingle Touch has introduced some additional score pads which can be downloaded from their website which further vary the gameplay. These include additional Original score sheets plus BDSM themed, Fun & Playful plus blank ones so you can let your own imagination run wild.

You can buy Luck & Love from the manufacturer directly and they ship direct to anywhere in the world. The current price is around $25 plus P&P.


best adult themed board games xxxopoly
Image via 3DP Fusion.

Based on Monopoly, this game can be played by two or more couples and takes a familiar, if naughty, turn on the family classic.

Purchase the Sexual Spaces and if a player lands on them, instead of paying rent, they must pay in kind. Tasks range from kissing all the way through to intercourse. Community Chest is replaced by Erotic Chest and Chance becomes Hot & Heavy. The Jail is, instead, an S&M Chamber and stations are Red Light Districts.

If you’ve ever played Monopoly then you won’t need the rules and this game is a sure-fire way to liven up any party or inject some XXX fun into your sex life. Just don’t be a sore loser if you don’t get your own way.

XXXopoly is available for sale via Zodbuy for around $15.

Foreplay in a Row

best adult themed board games foreplay in a row
Image via Ball and Chain.

Up, Down and All Around Foreplay

Based on 4-in-a-Row, this foreplay game is a simple take on the classic Connect 4. It features a black playing board with pink and white chips each representing a sexual activity.

Play is simple, match four of your foreplay tokens in a row and have your action performed on you by the loser….or winner, depending on how you look at it.

The game is available from various stockists on Amazon at around $15.

Sex Dominos

best adult themed traditional board games sex dominos
Image via Kheper Games.

A little like Domin8 (see above), this game takes dominos to erotic heights and incorporates some scintillating sexual activities as rewards for laying tiles.

The set has 28 dominos which equals 14 different rewards. It’s a pretty simple game which you can pick up from Amazon for around $15.

Kama Sutra Playing Cards

best adult themed traditional board games love honey oh kama sutra playing cards
Image via Love Honey.

What card game can’t be made more engaging by the addition of 52 variations of sexual position? From poker to cribbage, rummy to bridge, change up your standard deck to one depicting the Kama Sutra. You can find these via plenty of adult stores or online via retailers like Amazon. We quite like these ones from Love Honey that have real people rather than cartoon drawings.

Best Adult Themed Card /Dice Games

This selection of games is based on either cards or dice which makes them an ideal game choice for taking in your hand luggage when you are travelling….

Let’s Fool Around

best adult themed card games talk lets fool around
Image via Kheper Games.

A simple game with a deck of cards that have sexual dares and activities on, Let’s Fool Around is a pretty risqué alternative to your standard Truth or Dare.

The game can either be played with just two players or with a group of flirty friends but bear in mind that the actions can get pretty graphic; from simply kissing another player to orally satisfying them, this is not a game for wallflowers.

You can buy Let’s Fool Around from Amazon for around $10.

Talk Flirt Dare
best adult themed card games talk flirt dare
Image via Talk Flirt Dare.

Three games in on, Talk Flirt Dare is a pretty good game for those parties that want something a little less hardcore.

With three decks of cards, you can vary the gameplay up depending on the kind of friends you have over, or just save the saucy selection for you and your partner.

Talk cards are about getting to know each other more intimately and can start the conversation off in interesting ways.

Examples of the questions for the Talk category include:

  • If you and your partner were to quit your jobs and move to anywhere in the world, where would your partner want to go?
  • If you had to choose a movie role for your partner, what kind of role would it be and what genre of a movie?

Pretty tame?

Okay, well try the Flirt category:

  • What is your favorite memory from when you and your partner were dating?
  • If you could give your partner anything in the world, what kind of gift would you give them?

Yeah, so the physical stuff gets going with the Dare selection of cards:

  • For the next ten minutes be your partner’s servant, bring them drinks, give them massage or do anything else they may desire….
  • Upload to social media a photo kissing your partner with a mysterious caption!

By the standards set with the rest of the games on this list, this one pales in comparison but, hey, we’re all different.

Talk, Flirt, Dare is available to but at plenty of retailers from Walmart to Amazon but you can pick a copy up from around $20.


best adult themed board games lust
Image via Kheper Games.

The Passionate Card Game For Two’

Lust! is a simple foreplay card game where you get dealt a hand that lets you explore physical intimacies and boundaries with your partner.

The game includes:

  • 20 Body Language Cards
  • 20 Romance Cards
  • 20 Sensuality Cards
  • 40 Love Making Cards

You can play the cards in a variety of ways with up to 30,000 love-making combos to achieve with.

It’s a simple enough game and as easy to take on holiday with you as Uno!…but far more fun.

You can pick up a set of Lust! via Amazon for under $10.

Best 3 Sports Related Adult-Themed Board Games

And finally, for all you sports fans, these games offer a double whammy… a bit of slap and tickle combined with some competitive sportsmanship. All of these are novelty sports-themed adult games that are just a bit of fun.

Sex Speedway

best adult themed board games sex speedway
Image via Ball and Chain.

Lovers… Start your engine!

Another novelty foreplay game from Ball and Chain, Sex and Speedway is based on a motor racing circuit. Make your way around the heart-shaped racing board and collect trophies (actions on the set of fantasy/foreplay cards) to reach the coveted ‘Finish Line’.

The game includes a spinner for moving your cars and a ‘Pit Stop’ for those activities that take a while longer to complete.

We should point out that some of the activities require additional items that you may not have on hand (edibles, ice cubes, toys and blindfold etc) so you may need to be imaginative but it’s a lot of fun and can take as long as you like to complete.

Sex Speedway is available for sale from most major online game stockists and can be purchased for around $15.

Foreplay Football

best adult themed board games foreplay football
Image via Ball and Chain.

The Ultimate Sexual Contact Game

If you want to make getting to the ‘End Zone’ a lot more interesting then Foreplay Football is a great adult foreplay game. Charge up and down the game field and perform the activities on the Touchdown cards you receive.

Foreplay Football contains a game board based on a football field, two game tokens, a die and fifty activity cards. Collect the cards, reach the ‘End Zone’ and then sit back and enjoy the activities on the cards you have collected on the way to victory.

You can pick up a copy of the game from Amazon for around $15.

Bedroom Baseball

best adult themed board games bedroom baseball
Image via Ball and Chain.

Hit a Home Run

The object of this game is to move around all four bases whilst performing various foreplay activities and collecting Home Run cards for your efforts. First player to reach the Home Plate is the winner….we guess it’s up to you to decide what the rewards for that will be.

There are fifty activity cards each detailing a different way to torment and tease your opponent plus the board itself has some saucy forfeits too.

It’s a playful game that doesn’t take too long to complete nor does it require you to understand rules and will certainly appeal to baseball fans…..Batter up!

You can pick up a copy of Bedroom Baseball at most of the main online retailers with Amazon currently pricing it at $12.88.

So, there you have it, our top suggestions for adult board games that will leave you hot under collar.

It’s not clear just how many couples actually finish a game but at least there should be no arguments about who the winner was…

Looking for something a little more unpredictable? You could always consider one of the many sex toy subscription boxes for couples. These will often include sexy games to keep that spark alive.

Let us know your favourite adult-themed games below.


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