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Sex World 3D Review

Looking for the next generation in sex simulation games?

With ultra-realistic 4K, high definition graphics and the ultimate in customizable features, Sex World 3D is an incredible virtual sex game. Developed using new technology that delivers amazingly detailed characters, sex positions and environments, the game is pushing the boundaries of realism in gaming to a whole new level. Compared to other games on the market, Sex World 3D takes sex-sim gaming to another level.

In this feature, we take a look in depth at the latest game from PornAffs, Sex World 3D and find out just why this new title is taking the adult gaming world by storm.

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What is Sex World 3D?

Sex World 3D was launched in October 2018 and is already reaching a monthly audience of around 650,000 visitors. Developed by the same team that brought us Pirate Jessica, Adult World 3D and Princess of Arda, the game features next-generation technology with ultra-realistic graphics, all in full 4K, high definition.

sex world 3d review

Games like Sex World 3D are incredibly popular with players who like to be in full control of the action and ‘direct’ scenes from start to finish. From creating (or casting) your perfect performers to choosing the set, selecting the toys (or everyday items like vegetables) and then calling ‘Action’, the game allows you to develop your skills as a porn director and create the most realistic and memorable sex scenes your imagination allows. You can save the best scenes and share these with other players or simply enjoy them over and over again.

Using Sex World 3D

Sex World 3D is playable in-browser using a Windows environment or via your Android or iOS device. The games works best when coupled with mouse and keyboard control with a big screen.

Ultra-Realistic Graphics

The graphics on Sex World 3D are incredibly realistic and you can fully customize every aspect of the on-screen characters including:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Breast size
  • Breast shape

Every girl is utterly unique and designed on your fantasies. Not only can you adapt their physical appearance but their facial expressions and responses are also rendered with great attention to detail. Each character has a unique voice, face, speech and body language. They will even breathe and pant in different ways. And, unlike most sex sims, the characters respond with some surprising reactions including slapping, kissing or generally losing their mind whilst they are engaged in sex.

sex world 3d adult game review

Extensive Virtual Environments

Sex World 3D features an amazing range of highly detailed virtual environments from some simple sets like a bedroom, bathroom, pool or loft apartment to scenes set on a beach, in a gym, in a barn or even on-board a luxury yacht or private jet.

In addition to these realistic spaces, there is also a good selection of fantasy scenes to choose from including a pirate ship, space station, medieval castle and baroque palace. Don’t forget that the fetish rooms also include some great accessories such as bondage devices and fucking machines.

Write Your Own Kama Sutra

All sex sim games have the most popular of sex positions in their repertoire. You get your doggy, missionary, oral, standing, cowgirl and all variations of these but with Sex World 3D you also get to create your very own styles. Featuring a ‘Pose Editor’ you can let your imagination run wild and animate some advanced positions or invent your own.

Instant Play

If you aren’t that fussed about customizing your characters then the game features a stock of sexy performers that have already been fine-tuned for instant play. You can always adjust elements during the game or go back and start from scratch any time you want.

3d sex sim sex world 3d review

Screen Recording to Watch Again

The game offers a fully immersive experience that takes advantage of cutting edge design to deliver a huge range of camera angles and styles. You can capture the action using first and third person viewing perspectives as well as watch instant replays and previews plus export the recorded movies using installed codecs.

Sex World 3D: Technical Specifications

Mobile ready, you can play Sex World 3D on your Android or iOS device as well as on your Windows based PC or laptop. Unfortunately, the game is not compatible with Mac but you can use a platform like Shadow or Bootcamp to launch a browser to play this from.

Graphics are rendered in full 4K high definition and feature lossless clarity.

What Does Playing Sex World 3D Cost?

Membership to 3D Sex World is via subscription charges which vary depending on how long you sign up for:

  • An annual membership of $119.95
  • A quarterly membership of $49.95 (recurs every three months)
  • A monthly membership of $19.95 (recurs every month)

Payment can be made via credit card , DirectPay EU and SEPA transfer or via PayPal.

Sex World 3D: We say…

What makes Sex World 3D different from other adult sim games?

We’d have to say the graphics and controls. The former is rendered in such beautiful detail that is hard to believe sometimes that you aren’t watching a real action movie. Of course, there are obvious differences between the two but the simulation of skin, flesh and facial expressions is the closest we have seen to real life. From every angle and in all aspects, these characters are responsive, natural and incredibly realistic.

adult game review sex world 3d

As for the controls, few games offer the diversity and functionality of Sex World 3D and you will run out of imagination before you run out of options in this game. Like your sex rough? You got it. Want to dress your girls up in sexy lingerie or bondage gear? It’s all doable. In fact, the extent of what you can customize in this virtual world is the most impressive we have seen for a long time. Even the texture of skin on a cock, muscles and pussy lips can all be totally made-to-order.

Fet-fans will also enjoy Sex World 3D and it caters for some nice kinks and fetishes like feet sex, BDSM and pegging. Plus, don’t forget that you have access to some great accessories, environments and costumes to really bring a scene to life.

Overall, we have been really impressed by this latest offering from PornAffs and can see that this latest game will be a big success for them. They also released another title in November, DreamSexWorld, which uses the same technology and is similarly priced.

The bottom line with Sex World 3D is that adult gaming is getting closer and closer to a virtual sex experience and it won’t be long before VR tech and the gaming community combine to create a seamless product that delivers something close to the real thing. Whilst that day may still be a few years off in development, we can enjoy the next best thing with Sex World 3D.

All featured images via Sex World 3D.

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