7 Best Homemade Dildo Substitutes

homemade dildo ideas

Need a dildo in a hurry? Maybe you’ve broken your favorite ‘friend’ and too horny to wait for your replacement or perhaps you just need a new sensation. Whatever the reason, having a backup plan for a homemade dildo just makes good sense. From making use of suitable objects lying around the home to creative … Read more

24 Best Dirty Secret Santa Gifts For 2022

Dirty Secret Santa Gifts 2021

Need some naughty ideas for a budget Christmas gift? Secret Santa gifts can be an ideal opportunity to inject a little fun into the Christmas spirit.  And we think there’s no reason why this Christmas tradition shouldn’t include some dirty ideas. Whether you’re buying for a colleague, partner or friend, they can be a great … Read more

Best Funny Condoms: And Where To Buy Them

best funny condoms

Looking for a naughty novelty gift? Funny condoms are a great low cost item which can crack a few smiles, serve a practical purpose and won’t break the bank. From edible and novelty sized ones to condoms packets with some naughty puns, there’s a ton to choose from. Got something to say to the lover … Read more

How Are Fleshlight Girls Made?

how do they make fleshlight girls

Ever wondered how pocket pussies are molded? The ever popular and market leading brand of male masturbation sleeves, Fleshlight, creates ‘lifelike’ replicas of porn star’s pussies. Known as the Fleshlight Girls range, they offer a selection of lady parts molded from some of the biggest names in the adult industry. But we wanted to know … Read more

The Best Dominatrix Gear: A Complete Guide

best dominatrix gear

Being a Dominatrix can mean different things to different people and whilst a lot of women veer towards the traditional, fetishist stereotypes, there are just as many who like to be creative with their ‘look’. The key is that whatever clothing you wear and props you use, you should FEEL powerful. So, whether that means … Read more

Where To Buy Dominatrix Outfits

Where To Buy Dominatrix Outfits

Looking to unleash your inner domina? Wondering where to buy dominatrix outfits to live out your fantasies? The saying goes that ‘the clothes maketh the man’ and we think that having the right outfit is essential for powerful women too. Whether you are donning an outfit for casual roleplay or looking to create or enhance … Read more

Sybian Review


Looking for the ride of your life? Once the exclusive preserve for porn stars, ride-on (or ‘saddle’) sex machines are becoming more popular as premium home sex toys. And out of all the machines you could choose, the Sybian is a design classic popularised by its use in adult movies. Its simple saddle design coupled … Read more

MyHixel Review

myhixel review

Want to take control of when you ejaculate? MyHixel is a new solution for men who want to improve their climax control and results suggest that ejaculation can be controlled up to 7x longer! Using a combination of a gamified app with a high-tech training sleeve, it’s even possible to combat premature ejaculation caused my … Read more

14 Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

Fancy a new way to liven up masturbation? All women enjoy masturbation and sex in a different way. Many enjoy penetration but most tend only to be able to orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And whilst standard vibrators offer an excellent service in this department, few have ever offered the same sensations as oral sex. Just … Read more

Best Kiiroo Couple Sets For Two-Way Pleasure

best Kiiroo Couple Sets

Looking for a way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship? Sexual intimacy is always important but when you are physically separated from your partner it can be tough. Tough to stay faithful and tough to stay connected. So, what can you do to stay satisfied and keep connected? Kiiroo is one of … Read more

Kiiroo Titan Review

kiiroo titan review

Looking for a mammoth way to improve male masturbation? The Titans were a family of giants from Ancient Greek mythology and the word has come to be used to describe anything that is mighty in size and/or power. So, it’s little wonder that one of the flagship sex toys from the #1 interactive adult accessory … Read more

The Best Sex Furniture in 2022

Best Sex Furniture 2021

Looking for some sexy home décor ideas? One of the upsides of the global pandemic is the fact that most people got to spend a lot more time at home which, in turn, has led to a huge increase in makeovers and DIY projects. Whilst a lot of folk are turning their attention to new … Read more

Motorbunny Review

review motorbunny

Fancy riding a high-tech sex toy to mind-blowing orgasm? When it comes to saddle sex machines, you might already be familiar with the Sybian or The Tremor. A ride-on sex toy with a mountable dildo that delivers a hammering thrust or a quaking vibration, these machines are popular with adult movie studios and cam models. … Read more

Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Looking for a wand that can summon up some real magic? One of the most recognizable sex toys on the planet, the Hitachi Magic Wand is often referred to as the Cadillac (or Rolls Royce) of vibrators. Delivering powerful waves of tremulous pleasure, this handheld personal massager is a must-have bedroom accessory if you want … Read more

Fleshlight Review

review of fleshlight

Looking for a high-quality pocket pussy? Any guy who has ever browsed the web for a masturbation aid will be well aware of the Fleshlight brand. This ubiquitous toy is sold in every adult store from Tokyo to Timbuktu and for good reason. Patented over twenty years ago, the simple but thoughtful design of the … Read more

Kiiroo Onyx+ Review

kiiroo onyx review

Looking for a next-level sex toy that can blow your mind? Hi-tech teledildonics aren’t only reserved for female cam models with men also being able to benefit from sex toys designed for long distance interactivity. The award-winning Dutch adult toy company Kiiroo specializes in products which give you the ability to feel the sensations of … Read more

The Best PornHub Sex Toys

Best Interactive PornHub Sex Toys

Did you know that Pornhub has tons of free interactive adult content? The genre of interactive porn is an immersive way to enjoy adult videos. It allows audiences to synchronise their high-tech sex toys to translate the on-screen action into mind-blowing sensations that you can experience at home. The result is a more realistic fap … Read more

10 Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

Fancy receiving a regular delivery of a fun-filled package of naughty accessories? Getting a parcel is always fun, but when that box is full to the brim with adventurous new bedroom toys then you have every right to get super excited. Yes, a sex toy subscription box is the gift to yourself (or a loved … Read more

The Best Tantra Chairs in 2022

best tantra chairs 2020

Looking to get a little more adventurous with your sex life? Want to find the best tantra chair to explore some new positions? These specially designed pieces of sex furniture are a stylish and modern addition to any home and are discreet enough to look like regular loungers. Yet, behind closed doors, they are the … Read more

Cellmate Chastity Review

Review Cellmate Chastity Cage

Want to take control of your partner’s chastity… remotely? Say hello to Cellmate Chastity. Sex toys are always pushing the boundaries of innovation and remote technology is being used in plenty of pleasure devices. From panty vibrators and cock rings to love eggs and dildos, you can use wireless devices to give your partner a … Read more

The 9 Best Long Distance Sex Toys

Best Long Distance Sex Toys

Can’t be with your loved one but still want to satisfy each other? Though not ideal, there is no reason why being physically apart from your partner should stop you both having an active and satisfying sex life. Sure, sexting and dirty phone calls combined with a spot of mutual masturbation can go some way … Read more

The Best Sex Game Apps for Couples to Enjoy

best sex game apps for couples

Fancy playing some new sex games with your partner….on your phone? Tech might not be the first thing you think about when you hit the bedroom but in this digital age, your mobile device can offer plenty of ways to spice up your sex life. From apps with thousands of risqué dares and new positions … Read more

Autoblow Review: The Blowjob Sex Toy

autoblow sex toy review

Looking for the ultimate sex toy that gives you the perfect blowjob? Then maybe the Autoblow is for you. A male masturbator that features a revolutionary design that gives you a realistic experience of oral sex, the Autoblow has been available since 2014. However, its creators have gone one step beyond their initial innovations and … Read more

The OhMiBod Love Egg Vibrators: How They Compare

compare ohmibod love egg vibrators

Shopping for your next vibrator and considering a high-tech alternative? The luxury adult toy manufacturer OhMiBod are well known for their vibrating, wearable sex devices. From love eggs and panties to butt plugs and butterflies, the company has been at the forefront of remote-controlled pleasure since they first launched in 2006. Though originally developed as … Read more

Pheromone Sprays: Do They Really Work?

do pheromone sprays work

Want to attract women by the power of smell alone? Packed with ‘natural human pheromones’ and ‘guaranteed’ to ‘drive women crazy’, there is no end of products available online purporting to harness the power of chemical attraction. The science of pheromone sprays is a controversial and largely speculative one with very few studies providing sufficient … Read more

How to Build a Sex Dungeon In Your Home

build your own sex dungeon

Always fancied having your own sex dungeon to play in? Hiring a BDSM studio or sex dungeon for playtimes can get pretty expensive after a while and is not always convenient unless you live in a city where there are a couple to choose from. How many times have you wished that you could just … Read more

How to Design Your Own Condom

How to Design Your Own Condom

Ever fancied designing your own condom? Look no further as Say It With A Condom brings its custom design service to the general public. From individual foil wrapped condoms to wallets, canisters, trifolds and matchbooks to lube and female condoms, you can choose the colors, the slogan and even include a logo. In this feature, … Read more

The Best Condoms For Lasting Longer in Bed

best condoms for lasting longer in bed

Looking for a quick fix to help improve your endurance in the bedroom? There are many reasons why men cum more quickly than their partner some of which can be temporary and others might be a more permanent biological feature. Whatever the reason, premature ejaculation is no laughing matter and can lead to damaging psychological … Read more

We-Vibes Review: Which Toy Should I Buy?

wevibe products comparison review

When the first We-Vibes came to market in 2008, they rapidly became the world’s fastest selling sex toy. Initial success was followed by a range of exciting and innovative bedroom aids. The company has built its reputation for ergonomically designed, sleek and stylish products, most of which are compatible with the high-tech functionality offered by … Read more