5 Best Alien Dildos And Xenomorph Sex Toys

Best alien dildos

Dive deep enough into the world of sex toys and you’ll find a selection of massive, multi-colored, non-human dildos. Many of these dildos are designed to replicate alien or mythical beasts’ well-endowed penises, allowing the recipient to live out fantasies … Read more

10 Best Bad Dragon Dildos – #1 For Fantasy Pleasure

The best Bad Dragon Dildos

Looking to move on from vanilla dildos and downright boring-looking sex toys? Aren’t we all! And boy has Bad Dragon allowed us to do just that.  BD is the biggest name in the game. They’re lauded for their oh-so-customizable, unique designs, and orgasmic … Read more

DIY Sex Dungeon: Best BDSM Room Ideas

How to build a sex dungeon

Want to build your own DIY sex dungeon to play in? Looking for some home BDSM room ideas? Hiring a BDSM studio or sex dungeon for playtimes can get pretty expensive and is not always convenient unless you live in … Read more

15 Best Blowjob Machines & Oral Simulators

Best Blowjob Machines and Oral Simulators

Forgotten the last time you got a good blowjob? Looking for the best blowjob machines for mind-blowing head whenever you want it?! As Barbara Bush once said, “Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, … Read more

7 Best Homemade Dildo Substitutes

homemade dildo ideas

Need a dildo in a hurry? Maybe you’ve broken your favorite ‘friend’ and too horny to wait for your replacement or perhaps you just need a new sensation. Whatever the reason, having a backup plan for a homemade dildo just … Read more

How Are Fleshlight Girls Made?

how do they make fleshlight girls

Ever wondered how pocket pussies are molded? The ever popular and market leading brand of male masturbation sleeves, Fleshlight, creates ‘lifelike’ replicas of porn star’s pussies. Known as the Fleshlight Girls range, they offer a selection of lady parts molded … Read more

The Best Dominatrix Gear: A Complete Guide

best dominatrix gear

Being a Dominatrix can mean different things to different people and whilst a lot of women veer towards the traditional, fetishist stereotypes, there are just as many who like to be creative with their ‘look’. The key is that whatever … Read more

Where To Buy Dominatrix Outfits

Where To Buy Dominatrix Outfits

Looking to unleash your inner domina? Wondering where to buy dominatrix outfits to live out your fantasies? The saying goes that ‘the clothes maketh the man’ and we think that having the right outfit is essential for powerful women too. … Read more

Sybian Review


Looking for the ride of your life? Once the exclusive preserve for porn stars, ride-on (or ‘saddle’) sex machines are becoming more popular as premium home sex toys. And out of all the machines you could choose, the Sybian is … Read more

MyHixel Review

myhixel review

Want to take control of when you ejaculate? MyHixel is a new solution for men who want to improve their climax control and results suggest that ejaculation can be controlled up to 7x longer! Using a combination of a gamified … Read more

14 Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

Fancy a new way to liven up masturbation? All women enjoy masturbation and sex in a different way. Many enjoy penetration but most tend only to be able to orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And whilst standard vibrators offer an excellent … Read more

Best Kiiroo Couple Sets For Two-Way Pleasure

best Kiiroo Couple Sets

Looking for a way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship? Sexual intimacy is always important but when you are physically separated from your partner it can be tough. Tough to stay faithful and tough to stay connected. … Read more

Kiiroo Titan Review

kiiroo titan review

Looking for a mammoth way to improve male masturbation? The Titans were a family of giants from Ancient Greek mythology and the word has come to be used to describe anything that is mighty in size and/or power. So, it’s … Read more

Motorbunny Review

review motorbunny

Fancy riding a high-tech sex toy to mind-blowing orgasm? When it comes to saddle sex machines, you might already be familiar with the Sybian or The Tremor. A ride-on sex toy with a mountable dildo that delivers a hammering thrust … Read more

Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Looking for a wand that can summon up some real magic? One of the most recognizable sex toys on the planet, the Hitachi Magic Wand is often referred to as the Cadillac (or Rolls Royce) of vibrators. Delivering powerful waves … Read more

Fleshlight Review

review of fleshlight

Looking for a high-quality pocket pussy? Any guy who has ever browsed the web for a masturbation aid will be well aware of the Fleshlight brand. This ubiquitous toy is sold in every adult store from Tokyo to Timbuktu and … Read more

Kiiroo Onyx+ Review

kiiroo onyx review

Looking for a next-level sex toy that can blow your mind? Hi-tech teledildonics aren’t only reserved for female cam models with men also being able to benefit from sex toys designed for long distance interactivity. The award-winning Dutch adult toy … Read more

10 Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

Fancy receiving a regular delivery of a fun-filled package of naughty accessories? Getting a parcel is always fun, but when that box is full to the brim with adventurous new bedroom toys then you have every right to get super … Read more

How To Cum More: Load Up Like a Porn Star

how to cum like a porn star

Ever wondered how porn stars always manage to make their ‘money shots’ so explosive? It seems like no porn scene is ever truly complete until the leading lady begs to take an enormous load somewhere on her body. Creampies, bukkake, … Read more

Cellmate Chastity Review

Review Cellmate Chastity Cage

Want to take control of your partner’s chastity… remotely? Say hello to Cellmate Chastity. Sex toys are always pushing the boundaries of innovation and remote technology is being used in plenty of pleasure devices. From panty vibrators and cock rings … Read more

The Best Sex Game Apps for Couples to Enjoy

best sex game apps for couples

Fancy playing some new sex games with your partner….on your phone? Tech might not be the first thing you think about when you hit the bedroom but in this digital age, your mobile device can offer plenty of ways to … Read more