The Best Sex Toys For When You’re Tired of Missionary

Tired of the Missionary Position? Want to try something new?

The missionary position, for some, is the most comfortable way to have sex and even the only way they know how to make love. It’s easy, it’s familiar and many women prefer the way they look at this angle. However, it can be a pretty dull way to routinely have sex. But, sex doesn’t have to be boring nor do you have to be the most athletic of love makers to spice up the action in the bedroom.

In this feature, we take a look at the best sex toys on the market for trying out new sexual positions or just spicing up the missionary position. We give you our recommendations for furniture like sex swings and slings to wedges, gliders and chairs as well as other more adventurous equipment for the bedroom.

The Position on Missionary

Although the missionary position might be the most common (and easiest) way to have sex worldwide, it can also be the most boring. According to a survey conducted in 2018 in which 2000 men and women in the UK and US were questioned on their bedroom preferences, the most popular position was found to be doggy style following by missionary and then cowgirl.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary doggy style
Doggy Style; the new missionary? Image via Wikimedia.

The survey revealed that doggy style was most popular because it allowed for deeper penetration and an improved likelihood of female orgasm.

Of course, there are hundreds (if not more) positions in which you can have sex but not all of these lend themselves to the uninitiated without potential injury or humiliation.

Fortunately, the adult retail market has the answer with sex toys and furniture that has been designed to spice up your sex life and make moving away from the missionary a lot easier.


The simple act of bringing some play equipment to the bedroom can quickly add a new, and exciting, dimension to sex in the missionary position.

We don’t need to take you on a tour of all the sex toys that are available but here are a few suggestions that can easily be incorporated into the most basic of sexual positions:

  • Vibrators
  • Dildos
  • Cock rings
  • Butt Plugs
  • Nipple Clamps
  • Anal Beads

All of these can be easily used in the missionary position and can really inject some extra excitement into your sex sessions.

But, what about those sex toys that can help you explore alternatives to the missionary position?

Sex Furniture

Sex Pillow

Also known as a sex wedge or positioning pillow, these firm supports lend a little extra reinforcement to aid balance in complex positions. They are also an excellent way to elevate the woman’s pelvis making the angle better for G-spot stimulation by aiding deeper penetration.

Whilst an ordinary pillow (or two) might do the trick, sex pillows are usually made from firm foam and are more likely to retain their shape. They also come in a sexy range of colors, fabrics and styles.

This Rocking Sex Position Cushion from Love Honey is priced at around $85 with free delivery and is made with moisture resistant lining with a non-slip microfiber case. The high-density foam can support the weight of two people whilst the double-sided design allows for support in a static position or assisted rocking.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary sex pillow
Image via LoveHoney.

You can even buy inflatable sex wedge pillows with this flocked support costing just $19.95 from Adam and Eve.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary sex wedge pillow
Image via Adam & Eve.

Liberator Ramps

Designed with a similar purpose to sex pillows (see above), liberator ramps are much more specialized support wedges. Much larger in design and sometimes featuring additional extras such as spreader bars or dildo mounting fixtures, a liberator ramp can offer support for some more complex new sex positions or just offer a varied ‘flight-path’ for the good old missionary.

They are great for G-spot (or prostate!) action and are engineered from firm, comfortable and supportive materials with a moisture resistant lining.

Being larger than the sex pillows, you can gain some extra height for deeper and harder penetration as well as providing an excellent position for giving (and receiving) oral sex.

This traditional liberator ramp from Adam & Eve is priced at $195 and is well reviewed by customers.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary liberator ramp
Image via Adam & Eve.

Sex Swings & Slings

Nothing makes the missionary more exciting than sending it skyward and sex swings/slings can offer an amazingly versatile way to try out some new positions.

Whilst some people may find the idea of a sex-swing a little too kinky, this is definitely something that everyone should try once in their life before dismissing it out of hand.

For the person in the swing, the feeling of weightlessness can make orgasms so much more intense and, combined with the ability to be quickly moved (or spun) into new positions, is thrilling.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary sex swing
Image via Sex Swing.

There is an element of power and control at play with a sex swing and is enjoyed by a lot of couples who are into BDSM. However,  because you don’t have to be restrained in position it can be a halfway house and a good compromise for those who don’t want to indulge in full S&M.

There are a huge variety of sex swings and slings on the market from those that can be suspended over a door or in a door frame to those that come with their own robust stand. Your choice will very much depend on the kind of space you have to play in, your budget and tastes.

We would always recommend that you buy the best you can afford and ensure that comfort and quality is not compromised.

Sex Gliders

Also known as Monkey Rockers or Love Gliders, these self-powered sex machines are a little like a rocking chair in design but the giveaway dildo should prevent any confusion!

Love gliders are most often used for solo play and are a lower cost way to enjoy hands-free penetration at a fraction of the cost of electric powered sex machines. However, they can also be used during sex with your partner as part of foreplay or to benefit from the experience of double penetration…sort of a ’safe’ way to enjoy a threesome. For some couples, particularly those where the man experiences premature ejaculation, it can be a way to extend sex sessions for her.

They work on a simple mechanism where you get to control the depth, speed and thrust of the attached dildo simply by using your own body weight for leverage.

This manual rocker sex machine by Kinky Toy Store is priced at around $440 and is compatible with most vac-u-lock dildos.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary sex glider
Image via Kinky Toy Store.

Sex Chairs

Moving up from gliders, the humble chair also gets a complete makeover when considered as a place to try out some new moves. Of course, you can always use one of your own dining chairs, armchairs or even the side of your sofa; however, the benefits of buying a dedicated chair for sex means you don’t have to worry about breaking or staining your best furniture.

Quality sex chairs are specifically built to withstand the force of a good pounding and can support the weight of two people.

They can be purchased in a variety of designs, including:

  • Thrones – exactly as you would expect, a throne style chair but fashioned for comfort and support during sex. They offer a good solid base for some heavy penetration during sex.
  • Queening Chairs – sometimes called smother boxes, queening chairs are a BDSM style sex chair which allows a ‘slave’ to easily perform oral sex on their Master/Mistress. They can also be mounted and used to offer support for a number of positions.
  • Chaise Longues or Sofa Chairs – often designed to fit in with standard day room décor, sex sofas and chaises are shaped in a dual arc to offer a flexible way to support both partners in a number of positions (see Tantra Chair, below).
  • Sex Balls – more like a yoga or pregnancy ball, these reinforced inflatables offer a lot of extra bounce to your pounding but, be warned, they take a bit of mastering.
best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary tantra chair
Image via Tantra Chair.

The Tantra Chair is a high-end luxury sex chaise longue that is available to buy from $1,299 and comes in a range of sleek colors.

Whilst this might be the ultimate in elegance and wouldn’t look too out of place in your living room, you can get something on more of a budget like this Esse Sex Chaise from Liberator. Just $475, the design is similar but available at a fraction of the cost.

See our guide to the best tantra chairs.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary sex chaise
Image via  Liberator.

BDSM Equipment

If you are really tired of the missionary position and want to get your freak on then you could always consider spicing things up with a little bit of BDSM.

Often considered the preserve of fetishists, BDSM has become more and more mainstream over the last decade owing to, what retailers like to call, the ’50 Shades of Grey’ effect. You can now pick up bondage and S&M gear in high street sex stores as well as in specialist online kink stores.

You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to provide some extra thrills and simple toys like handcuffs, blindfolds and whips can be a cheap way to extend your range of sex play.

Of course, for the more adventurous, there are plenty of other options available from St. Andrew’s crosses, spanking benches and stocks to cages and specialist suspension play frames.

Products come in a range of prices to suit different budgets. This lavish dungeon bed by Depot is available through the online BDSM sex store, The Stockroom and comes at a pricey $3,195.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary dungeon bed
Image via The Stockroom.

What about these spreader bars from Adam & Eve? Priced at $145, they restrain your lovers legs to allow easy and unrestricted access for the ultimate in power and control. The product even comes with some literature on some new positions you can try.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary spreader bars
Image via Adam & Eve.

Alternative Sex Positions

So, with all this new equipment we guess you will be wanting to experiment with new sex positions? Well, the limits are really only in your imagination but if you want to master some of the more complex Kama Sutra positions, then this site has a full pictorial guide to more than 200 sex positions.

Ranging from the simple variations on popular positions like missionary, cowgirl and doggy style to the more difficult ‘Piledriver’, ‘Cello’ and ‘Overpass’ there is plenty to try out.

Seriously, if you can master the ‘Superman’ then you truly earn that title.

best sex toys for when you are tired of missionary new positions
The ‘T -Square’. A moderately easy position to try out. Image via Wikipedia.

Already an expert in sex toys? You may want to consider a side career as a sex toy tester!

Featured image via Wikipedia.