Sex Robots For Women: Will They Catch On?

For the last century, sex dolls have almost exclusively been enjoyed by men….until now.

There is no area (nor should there be) where gender equality (or, at least, the battle for it ) cannot be seen these days and the sex toy industry is certainly one such market where women can access as wide a range of devices as men.

However, sex dolls have traditionally been enjoyed by an exclusively male audience. With the exception of a few cheap and cheerful blow up, mustachioed PVC dolls or the odd torso fitted with a dildo, sex dolls for women have been relatively limited in their design.

With the market making huge advances in the materials, structure and technology used to deliver an ever-more lifelike love doll, how is this translated into female-friendly sex dolls?

In this feature guide, we take a look at the current market offerings for male sex dolls and the development of sex robots for women.

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Sex Dolls

Sex dolls aren’t a new phenomenon and have existed in some shape or form since as early as the 15th Century when sailors would fashion crude female forms out of sailcloth to ease the boredom of their long (and lonely) voyages. Since then, sex dolls have evolved with the times and, from cheap blow-up dolls synonymous with hen parties to the sophisticated silicone love dolls of the 21st century, there is an option to suit most budgets.

These high-end sex toys have been developed to the extent where they now offer artificial intelligence and a range of features to make them appear as lifelike as possible.

However, the adult market has primarily targeted straight men and  the availability of sex dolls for women is woefully inadequate.

future of sex robots for women
Sex dolls for women have been around for a couple of decades but are becoming more sophisticated. Image via Sinthetics.

So, what options are available for women looking for sex dolls and do they compare with the advanced technology offered to men? Has the technology for sex robots been developed yet for male sex dolls?

Sex Dolls for Women: Current Market

The current market for male sex dolls is as varied as for female sex dolls and you can get an entry level blow-up man for under $50. Of course, you get what you pay for and at the other end of the range, you can find full sized and anatomically correct silicone male sex dolls for anything from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the features, design and where you order it from.

We thought we’d give you a quick run down of our choice of the top male sex dolls currently available on the market:


A US company based in Los Angeles, Sinthetics sells male sex dolls with a starting price of $6,750 (€5,985) plus shipping. The price does not include the minimum required upgrades which include your choice of detailing for:

  • Body hair
  • Real hair eyebrows
  • Skin finishes such as freckles
  • Tan lines
  • Tattoos

You can also custom design body piercings, eyes and hair as well as ordering extra heads and/or wigs to really mix up the bedtime action.

sex dolls for women gabriel sinthetics
Gabriel can be fully customised. Image via Sinthetics.

Of course, it is in the trouser department that most women like to enjoy diversity and the dolls created by Sinthetics feature the ability to ‘snap-on’ different ‘tools’ so that they can be changed. You can opt for anything from flaccid to erect, circumcised or uncut, 5” to 11” and in a variety of skin tones.

A small and new (ish) company, they are pretty flexible about their designs (known as ‘Gabriel’) and will custom make a bespoke head for their dolls based on any design you give them. Though this service costs and extra $8,000 on top of the base price for the doll, it is proving very popular in the USA; particularly in areas like Texas, Michigan and Minnesota where sales for these dolls are high.

All of the dolls are individually handcrafted and are totally unique using their own patented mix of silicone. Offering a more realistic feel than many competitors, Sinthetics has a strong reputation for creating exceptional sex dolls for women.

Real Doll

Already a popular supplier of female love dolls, Real Doll has a nice collection of pre-configured male sex dolls, named Nate, Michael and Nick. You can also build your own.

Starting at a price of $5,999, the torsos, head and features can all be customizes including detailing such as eye color, hair color, facial hair and skin tone. Of course, the ultimate style is of the penis and genital area and you can opt for clean-shaven or full bush as well as customize the size of the penis insert.

Real Doll has been manufacturing male sex dolls for 20 years and already knows that the market for these toys with women is steady and rising. In fact, they are one of the companies pioneering the development of the ‘bionic penis’ (see below).

Read our full RealDoll review.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

A step down from Sinthetics but still offering a high-end product is the offering from Sexy Real Sex Dolls.

Priced at around $2,000-$2,500, these silicone dolls are also made from TPE silicone and feature detachable penises. They are more of an entry level silicone doll and can be customized to suit customer demands.

cyber sex dolls for women
More basic in design but still offering a lifelike and realistic ride. Image via SRSD.

Sex Robots for Women

So, there are plenty of options out there for sex dolls but what about a sex robot?

Following the success of female love dolls like Samantha, the cyber sex toy with AI, there have been several new start up companies developing  the same technology in male sex dolls. Whilst most of these have yet to hit the market with their offerings, it is the same company that currently powers the AI units (Harmony) for female sex dolls, Robotix, that is likely to be first with their launch.

Unveiling Henry the ‘six-pack sexbot’ earlier in 2018, the company is promising a male version of their popular Harmony dolls by 2019. The company is still working on the software side of the design to enable the product to offer a fully rounded companion service.

It is estimated that the doll will retail at around $12,000 with a choice of penis inserts and custom body designs.

The Future of Sex Robots for Women

At present, sex dolls sold to women represent around 10% of the market share for most toy manufacturers and the development of male sex robots reflects the lower sales potential.

However, it is acknowledged that, with AI technology becoming more sophisticated and cheaper to incorporate, sex robots aimed at women could have mass-market appeal.

male sex robots for women
Robotix are at the forefront of pioneering AI technology for sex dolls. Image via Robotix.

With the addition of artificial intelligence, these dolls go from being expensive sex toys aimed at satisfying needs in the bedroom to something much more complex. As companions, sex robots with the capability of offering verbal feedback and responding to touch could actually appeal far more to women than men.

Robotix is well aware of the potential market and is working on its creation, not by simply replacing existing tech with a different gendered body but, by customizing its AI for women.  Realbotix, owned by Matt McMullen, also operates RealDoll (see above) which already offers a nice range of silicone male love dolls for women.

We should also address the elephant in the room and discuss the mechanics of sex between the sexes. Historically speaking, women have not had a ‘proactive approach’ sex and are still seen in many cultures as being passive in the bedroom and, critically, being a ‘receiver’ rather than having an active role. In short, it is still perpetuated that it is men who do the fucking and women who take it.

Translating this into a robotic sex toy can therefore be difficult. Whereas men simply need an orifice, the ladies are perceived, not only, to need a phallus but to have one that does more than simply remain erect; it needs to penetrate, to thrust or to do more than simply stand proud.

Enter the bionic penis ….excuse the pun!

sex dolls for women gabriel penis sinthetics
Though you currently have a choice on penis size, the bionic penis should deliver more ‘power’. Image via Sinthetics.

As well as developing a male AI for its sex dolls, Robotix has also been working on the design of the male member and has teased press conferences with the statement that their creations would sport a ‘bionic penis’ that is claimed to ‘feel better than a vibrator’.

How this will work in practice is anyone’s guess at the moment but the simple technology already exists in fucking machines to deliver a thrust capability so perhaps there is room in development to integrate this kind of motion in future dolls.

For the time being, sex with a male love doll still requires women to be in the riding seat but maybe the next generation will give them something more commanding.

Featured image via Silicone Sex Wives.

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