7 Best Sex Robots for Men: AI Powered Sex Dolls

Best sex robots for men

As realistic as fleshlights and interactive masturbators can be, there’s always a disconnect between the sensation of pleasure and the absence of a real person. Yet, all of that could soon change as cutting-edge developers begin merging AI personalities into … Read more

RealDoll Review


Looking for the most realistic sex doll in the world? You need a RealDoll. Sex dolls have come a long way since the blow-up toys of the 1980s and over the last decade, advances in AI technology have made these … Read more

Are You Looking for a Virtual Girlfriend?

looking for a virtual girlfriend

When Spike Jonez released  the movie Her in 2013 he could little have imagined the chord it struck with many men who envied the character played by Joaquin Phoenix. The film explored the relationship between a lonely writer as he goes … Read more