Seeking Arrangement Review

Want to become someone’s sugar baby or looking to be a sugar daddy?

Offering wealthy men and women the opportunity to find a sugar baby to enter an ‘Relationship Agreement’ with, Seeking Arrangement is a niche dating platform that has been operating for 14 years. The service is being used by more than 10 million people worldwide; over two million of whom are the wealthy ones looking to keep their partner in style.

In this feature, we’ll give you an overview of the services offered by the online dating site, Seeking Arrangement as well as some facts and figures about the platform and its userbase. We’ll also give you all the details you need to sign-up and start browsing today.

What is Seeking Arrangement?

An online dating and social network service targeted at finding matches for sugar babies and sugar daddies, Seeking Arrangement was launched in 2006.

It was the brainchild of the current CEO, Brandon Wade, an MIT graduate who spotted a gap in the market for a niche platform where women and men could seek an older partner who could keep them in style.

Put simply, Seeking Arrangement is a matchmaking service for sugar daddies to find their sugar babies.

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What is a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationship?

A sugar daddy (or sugar momma) is an older and wealthier partner, typically male, who dates a sugar baby. The ‘baby’ in question receives gifts, financial rewards and other material possessions. This could include having their rent paid for by their sugar daddy, expensive jewelry, holidays and clothes or simply cash. These kinds of arrangements have long been stigmatized as a form of prostitution but the relationship between a sugar daddy and their baby is far more nuanced and is often extremely rewarding for both parties beyond the finance remuneration and even sex.

We would point out that although these arrangements are generally between an older man and a younger woman, there are sugar mommas who are looking to ‘keep’ a younger guy as their sugar baby.

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average super daddy/momma who uses their site is 38 years old and makes around a quarter of a million dollars a year. By contrast, the average sugar baby is 25 years old and makes about $2,800 from their older partners.

This if far from the stereotype that many people have about these kinds of relationships and goes some way to demonstrating the reality of why people make a special arrangement like this. Often wealthy businessmen who have forgone pursuing love in their personal lives in order to forge successful careers, these men do not want to simply pay for sex but actually develop a relationship. And this is key; a relationship that they have control over. This is called an ‘Arrangement’ and this dating site facilitates one being set up that defines exactly what each party wants. In this way, there is no time-wasting on dates and meetings but a firm agreement of expectations; sort of like a business deal, really.

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How Popular is Seeking Arrangement?

The Seeking Arrangement App is currently the 21st most popular dating app in the Google Play store and is ranked in the top 100 platforms of its kind in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Canada. It is also popular in Southern and Central America, particularly in Brazil.

The main website itself receives monthly traffic figures in the region of 13 million visitors and the site is in the top 1,000 websites in the USA. Each person visits around 18 pages per visit and stays on the site for over 15 minutes. This data indicates that the site has a high and engaging level of activity from its visitors.

Seeking Arrangement claim to have over ten million registered users on its site and a ratio of 4:1, babies to daddies. For a dating site, this is exceptionally high and most other platforms have a far higher number of males to females.

Since 2006, there have been new entrants to this niche world of dating and there are some other alternatives to Seeking Arrangement including EstablishedMen, Secret Benefits and even Sugar Daddie which actually launched in 2002. However, Seeking Arrangement is widely acknowledged as one of the best services with the widest global coverage.

With users from 139 countries right across Europe, North America and Asia, finding a potential partner for a special relationship of this kind is infinitely easier with Seeking Arrangement.

How Does Seeking Arrangement Work?

It takes about five minutes to register an account with the site and you’ll have to provide a valid email address and update your profile; the more detailed the better and certainly including photographs. You can use Facebook to sign up with if you choose and this way you can use photos already uploaded from the popular social networking site.

Once you are set up, you will need to define what you are looking for and the kind of arrangement you are seeking. When all that is set-up then you are good to start browsing the site for suitable people to connect with. In a similar way to any online dating platform, you can filter through other uses based on their proximity to you or using a variety of search tools to narrow down your shortlist. This includes age, physical attributes, income and details of what kind of arrangement they are seeking.

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One of the features of the site is that members can become verified which helps increase your chances of getting an arrangement agreed. This background check isn’t performed on income but it will provide clearance on criminal records (sex/violent crimes, sex offenders, domestic violence and felonious assaults). The service used by Seeking Arrangement also performs an address trace and checks for any international warrants.

And, when you decide you want to contact someone you can do so using the secure messaging service which works real-time if they are online or using the app at the same time.

You can also use the site to share private photos with members you are connecting with.

Finally, once you decide you want to go ahead and make proper contact with the sugar baby/daddy of your choice then, as long as you follow the usual safety precautions about meeting an online contact, you are good to go.

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average member finds their ideal match in five days. However, most users stay registered with the site in order to benefit from bonus invitations to Seeking Arrangement parties and generally to keep their options open until they have firmed up a regular relationship.

The platform is available to use in ten different languages with customer service teams being located in the United States, Ukraine and Singapore.

What Does Joining Seeking Arrangement Cost?

Registering an account with Seeking Arrangement is totally free but many of the site’s features will not function unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. So, whilst you can browse other members, you won’t be able to contact them unless you pay.

At the time of our review, membership fees were being charged as follows:

  • $89.95 per month – auto renewed
  • $239.85 for 90 days – onetime payment

As well as being able to unlock your conversations, premium features also include the ability to:

  • Hide your online status, last login country and join date
  • Boost your profile
  • Keep notes on members
  • Filter your inbox

University students can get a free premium membership by signing up using their student email address. It’s a popular way for many college students to eradicate their university debts and this promotion has been running successfully for the last five years. It’s most popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

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Seeking Arrangement: We Say…

There is little not to like about this sugar daddy dating website and the bare facts speak for themselves. Operating for over a decade and attracting more than ten million members, Seeking Arrangement is certainly one of, if not, the largest dating platforms of its kind.

It is known as being a secure site that takes privacy and safety very seriously. Certainly, the inclusion of background checks for verified members goes a long way to assuring other users of their authenticity. If a member fails a background check then they do not get the badge and if there is good reason why they should not be on the platform then their account is immediately suspended.

Slick in design and easy to use, the majority of profiles on the site contain plenty of information and bio details so that other users can easily research who they want to connect with.  And all of this is free until you decide you want to make contact. If and when you do, the costs are pretty steep for a dating site and are roughly 2-3 times more than you’d spend per month on a regular matchmaking service. However, for the daddies and the mommas, this shouldn’t pose a problem as it’s the very fact they are wealthy that they sign up at all. As for those sugar babies looking for a patron, they should find remuneration for this when they find the right arrangement and university students get a premium membership for free.

Lastly, their blog is well worth checking out, particularly if you are new to this whole idea as it gives you plenty of advice on how to go about sugaring safely and the best way to increase your chances of success on the site.

If you know that you want to enter into this kind of relationship then this is a great site to help you find the right person. So, whether you want to keep or be kept, there is no desperately seeking about this site.

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