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Ever fancied designing your own condom?

Look no further as Say It With A Condom brings its custom design service to the general public. From individual foil wrapped condoms to wallets, canisters, trifolds and matchbooks to lube and female condoms, you can choose the colors, the slogan and even include a logo.

In this feature, we take a look at the website Say It With A Condom which offers custom design services for a range of condoms.

About Say It With A Condom

The idea for the company came about during  the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign when creative front man, Benjamin Sherman, created condoms with slogans on the packaging.

funny custom condoms
‘Remember the election with your next erection’. Sherman proved the power of creative marketing with her amusing condom designs. Image via website.

Lampooning the campaign trails of both Barack Obama and John McCain, the condoms were a huge success and he sold over a million of them. By 2012, Sherman was in a position to launch the business proper and the company now creates custom designs for individuals and organisations. Whether they are being used as gag gifts, to promote campaigns or boost brand awareness, custom condoms are proving to be a popular product.

The Miami based company sells its services and products in over 60 countries helping tens of thousands of companies to advertise their brands and promote their message.

Their most well-known and successful products have been with outreach campaigns. Each foil-wrapped condom champions a different but powerful message aimed at educating individuals on the importance of sexual health related matters such as consent. Memorable slogans include:

  • ‘Consent is Hot, Assault is Not’
  • ‘Silence is Not Consent’
  • ‘Consensual Sex is Safer Sex’
  • ‘Ask Me What I’m Asking For’
consent condoms
The outreach campaign on consent has been popular in universities and has helped get the message out. Image via website.

The company aims to create impactful campaigns that help engage, educate and inform….as well as offering a great novelty item for individuals who just want to inject a little fun into sex.


However you want to customize your condom packaging, SayItWithACondom has options to suit but each has a different cost and minimum order quantity associated with it.

You can customize your own design onto any of the following products within their range:

Design Shipping Min. Order Qty Price Range
Foil Condoms 3-5 business days 10 Pieces $0.45 to $2.99 each
Condom Trifolds 5-7 business days 250 Pieces $0.37 to $1.46 each
Condom Wallets 5-7 business days 250 Pieces $0.32 to $1.41 each
Condom Matchbooks 5-7 business days 250 Pieces $0.37 to $1.46 each
3 Pack Condom Box 10-14 business days 250 Pieces Enquire for details
Condom Canisters 7-10 business days 250 Pieces Enquire for details
Designed Lube 7-10 business days 250 Pieces Enquire for details
Female Condom Wallets 7-10 business days 250 Pieces $2.93 to $4.14 each

All designs come with a free online proof prior to your order being confirmed and shipped.

Who Designs Their Own Condoms?

Big name brands like Google, Cosmopolitan, Hustler, PeTA and G-Star Raw have all used these products to promote brand awareness.

The custom design service is also popular for positive sexual health campaigns, promoting responsible contraception and HIV awareness. As a result, government and state departments, as well as higher education institutions, are also regular customers.

Custom design condoms are also used as party favors and gag gifts as well as by individuals who are looking for something special to have in their wallet. They are certainly a memorable way of handing over your digits when you are out on the pull.

Wholesalers are also getting in on the act and you can order custom condoms at lower prices when you apply for a commercial account.

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What Kind of Designs Can You Have?

The choice is limited only by the size of your design and the colors available. Otherwise you can choose from custom text, logo and images.

funny condoms
Choose from over 100 different designs of funny condoms. Image via website.

You can also choose from a pre-designed range of condoms to add to your own outer packaging which include a choice of political satire, emojis and more.

The condoms themselves are available in a choice of colors and flavors (see below).

If you are struggling with the design of your artwork and need some assistance then the company also offer design services at a cost of $95/hour.

Technical Specifications

All condoms supplied by SayItWithACondom are manufactured in Thailand but come with full FDA approval. They are made of latex with a silicone oil-based lubricant. All their condoms have a shelf life of four to five years with an expiration date printed clearly on each condom wrapper.

Based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model, the condoms are sized with a nominal width of 52mm. You can order larger condom sizes but only the outer packaging can be customized in these instances and not the condom foils or color of condom themselves.

The standard prices as quoted above are based on natural colored condoms and standard silver foil packaging. You can order condoms in a variety of colors including black, blue, green, pink, red and yellow as well as red, gold, white or black foils.

The company can also supply flavored condoms and you can order these in either strawberry, mint, chocolate or banana.

Ground shipping within the US is included within the price of the condoms. International, or expedited, orders will attract additional shipping costs.

Say It With A Condom Review: Our Verdict

There is no doubting that the innovation of this service is second to none. The idea of customizing your own condoms is one that many men would jump at the chance of and there are bound to be ideas forming in your head about your own choice.

For individuals, the design can be a bit pricey and 10 condoms with your own uniquely designed foil wrapper will set you back $29.90 which is far more than a box of Durex. However, this service is not about buying a simple box of condoms to keep by the bed. Say It With A Condom is about commissioning something bespoke, offering a point of difference and getting yourself noticed (company or individual). When it comes to marketing, there is nothing out there that comes close.

customise your own condoms
Choose from a range of custom packaging for your own-design condoms. Image via website.

The company has a 10/10 recommendation and 9.9/10 trust rating on Trust Spot with over 130 reviews from satisfied clients. They have repeated comments about their excellent customer service, speed of delivery and quality of products.

Check out the website for coupon codes that could save you some money as well as signing up to their Facebook site for news of new products, promotions and discounts.

If you are undecided about whether to try the service then we can recommend ordering their samples. For just a $1, you receive around a dozen samples of different designs and packaging so you can see exactly why the service is, and products are, so good.

Overall, SayItWithACondom is a highly professional and reputable company that offers a great product which can, not only be a lot of fun but also, be a great marketing tool.

Featured image via website.


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