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When Spike Jonez released  the movie Her in 2013 he could little have imagined the chord it struck with many men who envied the character played by Joaquin Phoenix. The film explored the relationship between a lonely writer as he goes through a difficult divorce only to find solace in the unlikeliest of places, the voice of a computer operating system bestowed with artificial intelligence. The virtual character, ‘Samantha’, was the star of the movie and offered a glimpse of the future when it comes to virtual girlfriends.

The film was released at a time when the rise in availability and popularity of devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri were really beginning to come into their own. We know just how intelligent these devices can be so how far off is the dream of artificial intelligence being able to produce a virtual girlfriend we can all access?

What is a Virtual Girlfriend?

There are many definitions used to describe a ‘virtual girlfriend’, all involving some degree of technology, artificial intelligence or virtual reality. For some, a relationship conducted online using the services of a paid professional could constitute a virtual girlfriend. For others, the definition is strictly used to refer to artificial intelligence. This could be delivered in many forms including via an app, through a web-based service or even embodied inside a product like a sex doll.

Best Virtual Girlfriends

In our feature, we’ve covered several ways that you can get yourself a virtual girlfriend, so you have a good range of options. The level and depth of satisfaction you receive from each individual service varies along with the cost but each will offer some degree of ‘girlfriend’ services, be it sexual, intellectual, emotional or otherwise.

Of course, there’s no reading between the lines to know that none of these solutions could ever replace a real girlfriend but, for some, that might just be their main selling point!

Invisible Girlfriend

This unique service offers men and women the chance to try out their best texting moves with an invisible girlfriend. Put simply, you can set yourself up with a payment plan where you can send and receive texts (and voice messages) with an actual person who is posing as your ‘invisible’ partner.

invisible girlfriend review
No AI involved with this service just creative people using your backstory to pretend to be your girlfriend. Image via website.

You start by creating an account and submitting your email address and full name. You then need to create your ‘invisible girlfriend’.

You can choose a name, age and an image that bears some resemblance to the person you want to be your virtual girlfriend. You can randomise this process or be more specific, even uploading your own images.

You then get several options to customise your girlfriend’s personality including traits, interests, where she lives and details of how you met. Once you’re happy with the character you have set up then you can register your mobile phone and select a payment plan.

For a cost of $19.99, your invisible girlfriend will then send and receive 100 text messages per month.

It’s an interesting service that offers the companionship and conversational aspect of a relationship without any of the hassle of dating…. or rejection.

invisible girlfriend
Choose from a selection of online faces or upload your own picture. Image via website.

Some people use the service as a way to practice for the real world of dating, to boost their confidence with the opposite sex or simply to fulfil something that’s missing in their life in terms of companionship.

The service is not designed for sexting and this can get your account suspended. It’s a thin line between flirtation and obscenities and this service might be useful for some guys to learn the difference before they try out their texts in a real-life situation.

The service is proving popular and there are plans to offer more services in the future including hand-written notes and cards being sent out for special occasions such as valentines, birthdays and holidays.

The benefit of this service over an AI girlfriend is that your virtual girlfriend is manned by a real person so you can (mostly) get a sensible answer.

Invisible Girlfriend is available in mainland USA, Australia, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland and most of the Caribbean

Kari Girl

From a different stable of virtual girlfriends comes KARI (Knowledge Acquiring and Response Intelligence). An intelligent and responsive software programme that incorporates voice recognition as well as mimicking awareness.

The software allows you to customise the looks of a 3D avatar as well as creating scenes in which to interact. You can also add expansion packs which allow you to animate the avatars.

To be honest, the technology on this isn’t stunning but it does fulfil a basic demand in terms of offering a girlfriend-like response. The voice software is very simple and sounds a lot like an old Sat Nav so you’d be better off reading the responses rather than listening to them.

KARI works on Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10 as well as on Mac.

You can download the software for $34 or get a full pro-package with all the expansion packs and licenses for $90.

kari virtual girlfriend
Kari can be customized to your design using different avatars, clothes and add-ons. Image via website.

Azuma Hikari

Taking the role of smart assistants a step further, Japanese company Gatebox has created a device which contains a hologram of an animated girl, called Azuma Hikari, to help keep bachelors company. The miniature hentai character ‘lives’ inside a small glass box that offers much the same as Amazon Echo or similar. However, it is the physical representation of a human form that is the point of difference with this personal assistant.

azuma hikari gatebox virtual girlfriend
Gatebox’s Azuma Hikari is simply a hentai Alexa with a bit more personality. Image via YouTube.

Just like Alexa, Azuma will respond to spoken commands and provide answers to queries but she also does so in a more naturalistic and conversational way. You can also text her using your smartphone and she will respond with more than just an affirmative, telling you just how much she is looking forward to seeing you.

Azuma will also send you texts during the day to ask you how you are or what time you will be home or just to say that she misses you.

It is this additional and more ‘human’ element which is making her very popular in Japan. Sadly, she is only available in the Japanese language at the moment and will set you back over $2000.

One to watch for the future as the technology evolves. Gatebox are certainly considering releasing new characters and may well offer an English-language version soon.

My Virtual Girlfriend

A virtual dating game, My Girlfriend uses photo mapping to create an animated avatar of anyone you choose. The game progresses through 35+ levels as you earn rewards by dating your girlfriend and treating her well.

You can treat her to gifts, nights out and new clothes or just love her up and spend time with her. It’s a little like having a Tamagotchi girlfriend and its really only a bit of fun. However, it is very addictive and may actually take up more of your time than if you were to get into a real-life relationship.

The game gets pretty good reviews and is only $0.99 with in-app purchases so it won’t break the bank to give it a go.

Don’t expect this game to be life-changing but do expect to have a little fun playing it.

my virtual girlfriend review
Simple and basic…not what everyone looks for in a girlfriend but fun nevertheless. Image via My Virtual Girlfriend.

Virtual Girlfriend Apps

There are plenty of apps available for smartphones and tablets that also offer some degree of virtual girlfriend service. Some are more like games where you get to control the look and design of a girlfriend who will randomly send you ‘text-messages’ in app or via SMS.  Others are far more basic and just a bit of fun.

Most use AI technology and they vary in design and price:

Virtual Girlfriends: Alternatives

Of course, there are other ways to get a girlfriend experience without committing to a steady relationship and one that, for some people, may be more fulfilling. Many men develop satisfying connections with cam girls and, for the right price, you can have exclusive access. Some cam girls also provide their Snapchat or WhatsApp details to paying visitors and can provide a virtual girlfriend experience.

Additional ways to achieve a virtual girlfriend can also be achieved via some VR sites. Studios like Life Selector produce specialist porn that is interactive meaning you get to choose how the story unfolds and how the actors perform. You can also find ‘Choose your own adventure VR porn’ via other studios including Halo Girls. We’ve got a separate guide to the best VR porn sites.

Other men find that sex dolls can fill the role of a girlfriend and with the way VR technology is enhancing these once cheap and tacky novelty toys, you may just find they are an ideal replacement for a girlfriend. However with prices for luxury models starting at around $2000, they aren’t exactly good for your bank balance. There’s a whole range of dolls on the market and you can find out more using our full sex doll guide.

ai sex doll virtual girlfriend
With voice recognition and skin sensors, AI in sex dolls is advancing apace. Image via Synthea Amatus.

Lastly, you could also consider the 3D world of cyber sex offered by realistic games such as Red Light Center, 3D Sex Villa 2 and Adult World 3D. These complex games offer interactive ways to network with other players and not only have virtual sex but also to send and receive messages with. Games like 3D Sex Villa 2 is also compatible with sex toys like the vStroker which can really bring your experience to life.

Featured image via Pixabay.


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