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Bored with the fakery of cam sites?

We all know there is a huge choice of live sex cams, and a diverse selection of channels to choose from these days.

Models interact with their audiences in order to generate tips or to tempt visitors to pay for private one-to-one shows. The result is that cam sites sort of feel like a virtual strip club. Are you looking for something a bit more… real?

RealLifeCam is one of a handful of live voyeur sites which aims to bring viewers a more authentic experience of the simple pleasure of watching.

In this RealLifeCam review, we take a closer look at their live voyeur cam site and find out what you can expect from the platform. We’ll give you a brief history of the site along with its features, membership options and what we think of the service compared to other voyeur cam sites.

Is RealLifeCam Real?

Launched in 2011, RealLifeCam is a platform offering audiences the opportunity to observe the private lives of their participants, 24 hours a day.

real life cam review

Using specialist apartments with multiple live-feed cameras installed, the people you can watch are aware they are being filmed but they are not actors and there are no scenarios, scripts or censorship.

Obviously, this isn’t Big Brother and these cam ‘stars’ aren’t simply ironing, watching TV and going to sleep for your entertainment.

Quite the opposite, the apartments are occupied by people who know that their audiences are paying for adult entertainment so you can expect plenty of nudity, masturbation and (where the apartments are shared) some hardcore sex.

In short, the project is like an adult AirBnB where you can enjoy an unedited continuous stream of normal life punctuated with some XXX scenes.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, this is not a platform where you will be guaranteed hot action but is definitely an interesting take on the live camming format.

It is similar to other popular voyeur cam services that we have previously featured, including Camarads and Voyeur House TV.

How to Watch RealLifeCam

The project includes up to 12 apartments which are occupied by a mix of couples (male/female), singles and roommates (multiple females) and these do change all the time.

Mostly Eastern-Europeans, there are some regular contributors and those that only stay a while.

reallifecam review

Each of the modern and well-appointed apartments is fitted with multiple cameras so, as long as the occupants are home, you can watch all of their interactions and private goings on. This includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • Bedrooms
  • Guest Bedrooms
  • Hall
  • Laundry Room
  • Balcony

And each apartment has a plan with cameras marked clearly so you can choose the best position to watch the action from and browsing through these can let you find the occupants wherever they are in the house.

There really aren’t many blind spots in these apartments with multiple camera angles in most you can get a good view of what’s going on.

And, exactly, what is going on?

In all honesty you would be pretty lucky to log-on and find the occupants or all apartments going at it like rabbits and in most cases you will simply be watching people preparing lunch, cleaning, watching TV, chatting and doing chores.

Admittedly, some of the roommates will be doing this wearing very little but we’d estimate that at least 90% of the cameras capture nothing more exciting than that.

But….the beauty of the format is that you can get lucky with some more explicit streaming and witness intimate moments when people are getting dressed, showering and masturbating or, on occasion, having sex.

And, if you miss it real-time then members can watch the best action from the last 24-hours back.

voyeur cams reallifecam review

Unique Features on RealLifeCam

RealLifeCam has a couple of great features which give members a better chance to enjoy those XXX moments.

Standard membership gives you access to all the cameras and you can watch two of these in-screen at any time (Premium members get 4-view mode).

  • Motion Detection switches cameras automatically to wherever the action is unfolding.
  • Auto-Follow Top Cam switches your view to the most popular cam being watched at any time.
  • RLC Remote (available for Premium members) means you can use your mobile to control the website so you can switch cameras, apartments and hit up the auto-follow top cam feature.
  • RLC Replay (available for Premium members) lets you watch videos recorded by the cameras for the previous 24-hours.

How Much Does RealLifeCam Cost?

Membership to this live voyeur cam site is available as either a standard or premium subscription:

PeriodStandardPremium + Replay
30 Days$19.95$44.95
90 Days$54.95$99.95
180 Days$99.95$179.95

Standard Membership

The basic subscription gives you access to all apartments and cameras as well as motion detection, full screen mode and a preview of popular cams.

Premium + Replay Membership

The premium package gives you everything from the standard subscription but also offers:

  • Multiviewer
  • Auto-follow top cam
  • RLC Remote

However, it’s the addition of +24 Replay which makes this a great option and this feature allows members to watch any videos captured within the previous 24 hours so you can catch up on any action you miss.

All memberships are automatically renewed but can be cancelled at any time.

RealLifeCam Review: Raw Action… If You Are Patient!

Sort of a mix between live cam sites and amateur porn, RealLifeCam is not going to be the first choice for many people if they want to watch sex online.

Why? Because sex isn’t guaranteed here and that is the point.

With live voyeur cams you are getting the potential for sex and the real-life build-up of it happening.

You are buying into the dramas, the arguments and the awkward silences. It is precisely in the mundanity and authenticity of daily lives that real voyeurs will find their thrills.

And this is the key to RealLifeCam and whether or not you will decide to become a member or not….are you a true voyeur or just inquisitive?

Sure, the simply curious will definitely find this format of interest and if they are lucky enough to catch some explicit goings on in their first few days of membership then they may find themselves becoming sucked in.

During our review, we witnessed a range of camera action from a distinctly saucy bathroom routine and intimate dressing to some chilly cold shoulder moments between a couple as they prepared dinner together.

reallifecams review

There is definitely an element of ‘performance’ going on here that means there is usually some hardcore action going on for the cameras at least once daily and the fact that the roommates are often naked whilst doing their chores only reminds you that this isn’t true voyeurism.

And the proper peeping toms in this world know the difference which is why sites like RealLifeCam occupy a very narrow appeal in the market for adult live camming.

Too staged to be of genuine interest to true voyeurs and too much of a slow burner to attract audiences hell-bent on porno action.

That being said, we do think RealLifeCams has got to be seen to be believed and there was a real fascination in some of the relationships in this project which had us watching far longer than we should have, simply to find out how an argument unfolded or whether the dog managed to get its walk!

Fans of the reality TV format will be intrigued by this platform but may be more entertained by the recorded videos. Voyeurs, on the other hand, will no-doubt appreciate the watching and waiting element of this site should eventually be rewarded for their efforts.

Sign up on RealLifeCam to check out the latest action.

All featured images via RealLifeCam.


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