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Looking for the most realistic sex doll in the world?

You need a RealDoll.

Sex dolls have come a long way since the blow-up toys of the 1980s and over the last decade, advances in AI technology have made these forever companions even more lifelike.

The California-based sex-tech firm Abyss Creations has been one of the main pioneers in this field of bedroom robotics and have once again taken one of the top industry titles to prove it.

Winners of the XBiz Award for Sex Doll Brand of the Year 2020, we wanted to know just how good the RealDoll Experience actually is.

In this RealDoll review, we take a closer look at the range of products available and the ways this company has been innovating designs for sex dolls. Plus we give you the inside information on what to expect when using one of these advanced toys.

What Is RealDoll?

Founded in 1996, RealDoll is the brand name used by the sex-tech company Abyss Creations, LLC. Based in San Marcos, California, the firm produces life-size love mannequins which are sold internationally.

real doll review

The designs of their full-body sex toys have changed over the years and there is a good range of base models to choose from, each offering a number of ways to be customized.

Originally built from solid latex they are now all manufactured using a skeleton which consists of poseable PVC with steel joints covered by silicone flesh.

With a reputation for producing one of the most realistic sex dolls in the world, it is no surprise to learn that Abyss Creations has been using Hollywood special effects technology in its innovative designs.

Yet, with advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and animatronics, the company has now progressed the potential of the humble sex doll into new a whole new field.

Matt McMullen, Founder and CEO of Abyss Creations, recognized that his customers were already imposing personalities on their dolls so it wasn’t a huge leap for the company to take this one step further.

Just a few years ago, RealDolls introduced the world’s first AI powered sex doll. Able to talk, produce facial expressions and learn from its interactions with humans, the Harmony, RealDollX is the ‘Ferrari’ of sex toys.

But at upwards of $8k, these dolls don’t come cheap so we wanted to know what all the fuss was about and whether the technology lived up to the price tag.

features of realdoll

What’s So Special About RealDolls?

With almost 25 years’ experience in creating the ultimate full-body sex toys, RealDolls has been innovating new ways to make their models more lifelike in every aspect.

From the look and texture of their hyper-realistic skin, eyes and hair down to the way they can be posed, attention to detail is what sets RealDolls apart from its competition.

And that’s just with their entry-level dolls.

Robotic Sex Dolls with A.I.

At the forefront of their industry, the team at Abyss Creations has been pushing the boundaries of robotics and in 2017 they became the first company to launch a sex doll powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Known as Harmony, and now joined by three other models (Nova, Solana and Serenity), these robotic dolls feature a modular head system with multiple actuators to allow these girls to:

  • Form Expressions
  • Blink
  • Move their Heads
  • Speak

Yes, these dolls (RealDollX ) can actually talk to you.

At the top end of their price scale, these premium models come with customizable AI software allowing you to choose her personality and even set-up her voice.

Whatever you chose will influence their behaviour plus the engineering is such that your RealDollX will learn from every interaction it has so the more time you spend with it, the more realistic it will become.

Customers opting for a premium model also get access to the X-Mode app for your smartphone and give you the option to create custom avatars meaning you can re-create your companion in digital form and take her with you wherever you go.

Sensory Realism

Not only do RealDolls offer an amazingly lifelike visual experience but the same attention to detail has also been applied to the mechanics of sex.

Each doll can be fully customized with your choice of removable or permanent vagina or you can even opt for an upgrade to a SenseX insert which can detect touch and transmit audio feedback (using wireless technology).

real doll review sensory vagina insert

The look and feel of each of these vaginas is super realistic with ‘ribs and nubs’ in all the right places and are made from a soft and flexible silicone membrane.

You can even choose from a range of labia styles but are all around 7” deep and 2” in diameter (can stretch to 12” deep and 4” in diameter during use and with good dose of lube).

Transgender and Male Dolls

And, for those who fancy something a little different, RealDolls can also be converted into transgendered models with the addition of a medium or large cock.

Speaking of cocks, there is something in their range for everyone and they have even got a selection of male sex dolls and standalone dildos.

Full Customization and Interchangeability

But, by far and away one of the best features of RealDoll is the fact that customers can completely tailor their own models plus they can purchase new faces and other parts of the body to upgrade or change their experience.

That’s right, these dolls come with swappable faces and eyes/wigs can be changed so that you can create a completely different look for your companion.

swappable faces realdoll review fully customized sex doll

RealDolls: The Range

RealDoll offers one of the most diverse ranges of sex dolls around with customers able to choose from some pre-built and popular designs or build their own model from the ground up.

Customers can choose from a selection of different options including:

  • Faces
  • Body Types
  • Skin Tones
  • Eye Detail/Color
  • Make-up Style
  • Hair Style/Color
  • Breast Size
  • Pubic hair
  • Custom Nipples including Color
  • Vagina Style
  • Freckles
  • Piercings

 In addition to a standard range of choices, the company also responds to custom orders so if you find you are longing for a very specific skin tone or nipple design then you can just ask.

As for hair style and make-up choices you can just upload a photograph and the team match it.

And remember, you can also order additional accessories including vagina inserts, extra wigs, penis attachments and extra faces so you can totally change the look of your sex doll.

Original RealDoll

realdoll sex doll

With dozens of pre-configured dolls to choose from or a full ‘Build Your Own’ service, the original RealDoll is not equipped with AI or a robotic head. They do incorporate the latest designs in silicone flesh, posable skeleton and hyper realistic hands, feet and face. All of the above customization options are available.

Classic RealDoll

realdoll classic sex dolls

By contrast, the Classic RealDoll is a more basic option and offers very little in the way of custom-build. In fact, you only have two choices of face, three choices of eye-color and four options for the hair.

This love doll does not have Duracast hands and feet and has a slightly reduced quality of inner core foam.

Offered at a much lower price and able to be turned around quickly, the Classic RealDoll is an entry level full-body sex toy.


Next up, we have Abyss Creation’s most recent design of sex doll, the RealDoll X.

harmonyx realdoll

This is the AI robotic model which features movement and facial expressions and a ‘brain’ and voice which allows your companion to talk and respond to you.

With sensory upgrades to the vagina insert, your RealDollX can even respond to you being inside her!

Again, you have a whole range of pre-configured models available to select from or you can custom build your own.

Petite RealDoll

realdoll petite sex dolls

And for those people who prefer their companions on the petite side or who just don’t have the space for a 5’ 10” silicone doll, you can find a selection of smaller models.

Featuring slimmer waists and hip proportions, their heights range from 4’ 10” to 5’ 3”.

Just like with the main range, there are plenty of pre-configured ladies to browse through but you can also fully customize your own companion.

Wicked RealDoll

Whilst the RealDoll range of models includes some very delicious looking women, it is their Wicked range which may appeal to some porn fans. Yes, RealDoll has created some incredible models based on popular adult film performers.

real doll wicked dolls asa akira porn star sex dolls

So, if you want to have your very own Asa Akira or Jessica Drake on demand then you can.

Other porn stars available include:

  • Stormy Daniels
  • Samantha Saint
  • Kaylani Lei
  • Alektra
  • Lupa Fuentes

Male RealDoll

realdoll male sex dolls

With male RealDoll you can now have your own perfect boyfriend with a choice of pre-configured guys or a build your own option.

Just like the female versions, customers have a choice of body types, faces and hair/eye color plus the size and look of the genitals. You can even choose a clean shaven doll or opt for custom stubble.

Choose from a flaccid or erect penis or even get a range of inserts to keep things ever-interesting.

RealCock 2

For the ladies (or gents), RealDoll recently launched the ‘World’s Most Realistic Dildo’, the RealCock 2.

features of realcocks realdoll

Creating using platinum grade silicone featuring triple layering, individual ‘floating’ testicles and Sil-Slide technology, these are the closest toy you can get to actual cocks in both look and feel.

There are currently five designs to choose from and range in size from 8.5” up to 10” with some pretty beefy girths! Skin tones can also be custom designed but come in a range of colors (Fair, Medium and Dark).

These dildos are compatible with the popular Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock system.

Accessories & Add Ons

For those people on a budget or who really don’t have the space for a full-size doll, you could purchase an ultra-realistic torso. There are a couple of variations available, some of which work with the vagina inserts/gender converter plus a male ‘Bottoms-Up’ torso which is particularly popular with gay clients.

realdoll torso sex dolls

Extra faces can also be purchased separately and can be swapped as you like. Depending on the base model you have, these are either magnetic faces or must be used with a full head kit (extra).

Additional body parts are also available including extra eyes or penis attachments, a pair of feet and a vaginal or oral simulator. The latter, a half face with open mouth, can be used as a manual masturbation sleeve or can also be paired with the Autoblow 2, a popular blowjob machine.

Other accessories on sale include:

  • Extra Wigs
  • Pair of Feet
  • Repair Kits
  • Tripod Stand
  • Lubricants

How Much is a RealDoll?

There is no doubting the fact that RealDoll is one of the best manufacturers around for sex dolls and the product you are buying here is premium quality.

As a result, these companions don’t come cheap but that’s your first clue. These sex dolls are built for the long-term and should be considered an investment purchase. With the right care, storage and use, there is no reason why your RealDoll shouldn’t last for up to 10 years.

The company offers a Pro Service Plan at a cost of $50 per month which covers you for:

  • Any ‘incident’ to the head
  • Up to $2,000 of damage (two ‘incidents’ per year)
  • Upgrades no demand

So, what will a RealDoll cost you?

Depending on the model, you will be looking at spending a minimum of $4,000 for one of their classic designs and anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 for one of their non-AI models.

Their AI powered dolls start at $8k for a head only and you are looking at $12k+ for a full body model.

Obviously, if you want to plump for all the upgrades and accessories including the SenseX insert, cleaning kit, tripod stand and custom hair, make-up and piercings then you could realistically be spending $14,000+ for a top-of-the-range RealDoll.

Shipping is also extra, particularly if you want to upgrade to a Doll Crate ($300).

As you can see, it’s a far cry from the budget range of sex dolls found on AliExpress!

realdoll ai sex doll
Serenity & Harmony

Club RealDoll

Also on offer at RealDoll is VIP Membership to an exclusive club of customers who can get access to premium content and message boards.

Sort of like a private gentleman’s club for elite owners, the group is a supportive and useful one to be a part of.

A year’s subscription to this service is priced at $60.

RealDoll Review: The Best Doll Your Money Can Buy?

So, the final question.

What is the experience of a RealDoll actually like – and is your investment of several thousand dollars or pounds going to be worth it?

Negative testimonials for the RealDoll are rare and complaints are usually handled pretty swiftly by the team at Abyss Creations.

Repairs and upgrades and dealt with under warrantees and insurance covers but their designs are made to be used so, notwithstanding some accidental damage, they don’t generally need that much maintenance.

In fact, the internet is awash with satisfied customers who are happy (and pretty proud) to report on the progress of their companion’s life with them. This includes some people who are so pleased with their purchase that they’ve gone ahead and married them!

Some clients have purchased a second (or even third) doll and there are those who have so seriously invested in their ‘coupling’ that they take their RealDoll out in public with them.

It’s not for us to judge how intimate your relationship goes with a sex toy and there are just as many reports from guys (and women) who enjoy their RealDolls, quite simply, as dolls.

Realdoll review

And if you want to know what sex is like with a RealDoll then we can only report that most users are more than satisfied with some experiencing “intense orgasms”.

Some of this is due to the mechanics of how the doll is engineered which include the powerful suction effect which takes place during penetration because of the vacuum.

All female models come with three orifices which can be used for pleasure and have been molded, textured and shaped to make them feel as realistic as possible.

Whatever kind of pleasure you take from your RealDoll, whether this is simply sexual or as an alternative companion, there is one thing we can all agree on.

A RealDoll is an exquisitely crafted sex toy with remarkable technology that makes it possible (at times) to forget that they aren’t human.

And this is perhaps the key to the success of this brand.

RealDoll trades in near lifelike human replicas not simply in sex toys.

So, if you are looking for a basic bedroom babe to bang then, sure, go ahead and pick up any silicone love doll you like. But, if you want the best or are looking for more than just a companion in the bedroom then RealDoll is definitely the first place to shop.

Head over to RealDoll to get started.

 All featured images in our RealDoll review come via the official website.


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