Punish Tube Review: The Best Extreme Porn?

Looking for no-holds barred porn?

Voted the best extreme porn site 2020, Punish Tube brings together a collection of free porn from the niche hardcore genres of BDSM, abuse porn and rough sex. For fetish fans that enjoy watching brutal and punishing scenes featuring degradation, humiliation and holes being ripped up by monster dicks then Punish Tube should definitely be in your bookmarks.

In this review, we take a closer look at this freemium tube site and give you a rundown of what you can expect and why you should register.

What is Punish Tube?

Hardcore video like you’ve never seen

punish tube extreme sex review

Since YouTube revolutionized the way we access video content for free online, tube sites have become an incredibly popular way for audiences to view and upload content. Technically speaking, Punish Tube isn’t actually a ‘tube’ site as the content here isn’t user-submitted but a collection of hardcore clips regularly updated and added by the site themselves.

Instead, the format of the site looks similar to other popular ‘tube’ style sites and regular porn fans will be familiar with the way videos can be ‘Liked’ or ‘Disliked’ producing a Thumbs-Up rating. You can also see how popular content is via how many views it is getting.

And the content on Punish Tube is its unique selling point. Here you can find a carefully curated collection of video clips that are branded extreme, brutal, rough and loud. It includes gangbangs, bukkake, degradation and humiliation; this is punishing porn.

The site has been operating for at least five years and regularly attracts an audience in excess of 800,000 people each month. As for who voted them the Best Extreme Sex Site of the Year (in 2015, 2106, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020)…..they don’t actually say.

The site supports multi-language and is available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Japanese. Regionally, around one in four visitors to the site is from the United States with Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom accounting for another 30% of its traffic.

In short, this is a niche adult video site that pushes the boundaries on extreme content that is often not being shown in full on other tube sites.

punish tube content

What Kind of Content Is There On Punish Tube?

Content on the Punish Tube site covers give main categories:

  • Anal – ‘The biggest library of babes, anally pounded’
  • BDSM – ‘We’ve got all the BDSM porn you can handle
  • Interracial – ‘Big black cocks breaking white pussy
  • Extreme Teens – ‘Shy teens in full hardcore action
  • Gag/Cumshot – ‘Deep throat style is all that matters

Within these categories, clips are tagged with additional keywords so you can further filter content to narrow down a search.

From what we can see, most (if not all) of the content here isn’t exclusive but is instead a collection of scenes from other networks such as Devil’s Film, Pure Filth Productions and Digital Playground. However, members do get some exclusive scenes but this is reserved for those people who subscribe to the Platinum Membership (see below).

punish tube extreme sex site review

Not for the fainthearted, there is a great selection of videos on Punish Tube that are certainly brutal but the collection also includes some less extreme porn scenes as well.

Typical, and enticing, titles on the site include:

  • Don’t Make A Sound, You Bitch
  • You Didn’t Tell Me It Would Hurt So Much
  • Extreme Anal Threesome
  • Step-Sister Initiated Into Black Sex
  • Brutal Anal Orgasm Make Her Pussy Flow

As far as we can see, all of the content here on Punish Tube is produced from major studios and features the talents of professional porn stars. For this reason, we can see that the requisite laws (18 USC Section 2257 Compliance Statement) have been abided by in terms of consent, age and conduct.

And there are some big name stars featured here including the likes of Cody Lane, Black Angelika, Stevie Shae, Destiny Dixon, Dillion Harper and Riley Reid.

punish tube extreme content

How Much Content Is There On Punish Tube?

At the moment, there is only around 4,500 scenes available to download and the highest quality of most of these seems to be 1280x720px; so whilst there is some, not all of the content is, HD.

The length of clips is, on average, between 15 minutes and 40 minutes in length so that does give you access to at least 750 hours of extreme porn footage.

Along with the video clips, there are almost 1,000 photo sets available but these are not in a .zip format; instead, you can only view and save these individually.

The site is updated daily so there is a constant supply of new material being added

How Much Does Punish Tube Cost?

There is no fee to register an account to view content on Punish Tube but the site does require age verification using a valid credit card.

However, signing up does automatically enroll you into a two-day free trial of the Punishtube-members site which will renew at a cost of $39.95 per month.

Members get access to a ton of free and exclusive content which includes XXX games, cartoon videos and HD clips.

There is also a cross-sell promotion included at the sign-up stage for membership to two additional sites:

  • PremiumPornHD – 7 Day Free Trial – Renews at $39.94 per month
  • XXXHDVault – 10 Day Free Trial – Renews at $49.95 per month

Both sites give you access to thousands of free HD porn content across a wide range of categories as well as full length DVDs, high-res pics and other exclusive download bonuses.

So, whilst you can browse content on Punish Tube without spending a dime, you will need to be careful about cross-checked bonus sales which could end up costing you $129.84 per month. The key, if you don’t want these bonuses, is to uncheck the option to include ‘Platinum Membership’ and ensure that you cancel your free trials before the end of their term.

punish tube cancel membership
Cancelling your membership with Punish Tube is pretty easy and there is live support available via their customer services. Image vis CSMembers.

Punish Tube: We Say…

Whilst the volume of content here may not compete with the giants of the adult industry like Pornhub, YouPorn and XVideos, Punish Tube is one of the few sites of this kind that specialize in the area of extreme adult videos. However, it is worth reiterating that what you get here is not always exclusive and not always HD. Instead, these clips are syndicated out across this, and other, site(s) to generate the maximum revenue.

But how do they make money from these clips if membership is free?

Well, that’s the other aspect; your trial to Punish Tube is entirely free but only lasts for two days after which you will be paying almost $40 to enjoy their content. Not that this is a huge amount when it comes to paying for premium porn but it is at the top end of the scale. So, is it worth it?

Only you can be the judge of that but, in some ways, we’d say definitely. Yes, the content can often be found on other sites but much of the time this will be a trailer or edited clip lifted from the studio site itself and uploaded by a third party. Instead, here at Punish Tube, you get all of the best extreme and hardcore scenes from some big-name studios all in full length and all in one place.

As for the bonus content? This extra cross-sell is optional and definitely something you’ll want to be careful about signing up for.  It will end up costing you another $90 a month and whilst the content they provide is extensive, this is quite a lot of money for porn that may or may not suit you. All free trials can be cancelled and you may decide that you want to have a peek before making your mind up.

As for Punish Tube itself? The site definitely has good reason to be ‘voted’ the best extreme sex site….even if they say so themselves!

All featured images via Punish Tube.

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