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Fancy some VR adult content on demand?

Often dubbed the Netflix of porn, POVR is a new premium adult site offering a collection of more than 2,700 VR scenes from some of the biggest studios in the business – and that’s just the full-length titles!

As well as creating their own original VR porn content, POVR has also aggregated more than 16,000 free clips and trailers making it one of the largest libraries of immersive VR sex scenes you can find online.

In this POVR review, we take a closer look at what you can expect from this new adult network, how much it costs and the kind of content on offer.

What is POVR?

Launched in November 2020, POVR is the latest adult streaming platform to hit the market and is focused exclusively on Virtual Reality scenes.

povr review vr porn

The company aims to be the ultimate VR porn network and as well as producing some of its own content, the team is offering all creators the chance to help shape the platform. This means that as well as high-end and popular studio scenes, audiences can also enjoy independently produced VR videos.

Head of POVR, Darrell Rosebush, is excited about the launch of the service:

“We’ve gathered talented content creators, video editors and accomplished designers together to give VR audiences a new way to get all virtual sex they love and engaging original content, too.”

The company behind this new platform, Foshan, also own some of the other brands showcased on the site including WankzVR, TranzVR and MilfVR but it is through leveraging their relationships with other studios that they can gather together such a diverse and huge collection of VR content.

What Content is on POVR?

As a brand-new launch, you can bank on all of the content available through POVR being filmed in the latest VR technology.

This includes the most recent releases of 8K and 7K VR videos plus a huge catalog of 6K, 5K and 4K as well as HD content.

Compatible with the latest headsets as well as being available to view in standard VR views, there are more than 2,700 full-length videos on POVR plus a further 16,000 clips and trailers to enjoy.

These cover everything from amateurs to the top porn stars in genres as far reaching as gangbangs, interracial and face-sitting to feet-licking, party sex and upskirting.


Your subscription to POVR effectively give you access to the content of 13 premium porn studios, including:

Note: We have reviewed the linked items.

And, just like with Netflix, POVR has its own series of Originals plus a specialist channel dedicated to the female gaze.

Her POVR features scenes filmed from the point-of-view of the female stars of a scene and are an immersive way for women to get involved in the action.

Running to around 45-50 minutes each, POVR’s own full length scenes are released every week but each studio releases their own new scenes to the platform at a rate of 2-3 titles per month giving you an additional 35+ videos to watch.

povr review vr content

Since launching in November 2020, POVR has released a handful of their own branded scenes including Happy Little Clouds starring Anna Claire Clouds as she poses as a life model for an artist and gets more than brushstrokes to keep her excited!

Plus there are an additional 60+ studios contributing to the huge library of VR content available here with taster reels and clips available from some smaller independent producers as well as larger networks.

These include the likes of:

As for more kinky content, there is definitely some material here which will float your boat, including some from fet-friendly premium sites like:

These clips are often just a few minutes long but are a great way to browse different categories and try out other studios all in one place.


Because POVR aggregates all of the best VR content together in one place (in a similar way to Sex Like Real), there is a lot more diversity to the scenes on offer than if you simply subscribed to a single studio.

Popular genres include Teen, Voyeur, Amateur and Big Cocks but there is also quite a lot of kinks covered here too, such as:

  • Bondage
  • Anal (Creampie, Gape, Toys)
  • Squirting
  • Cosplay

In addition, you can also find plenty of TG fun and even some cartoon VR porn.

Content is also organised by ethnicity and clips are tagged with Russian, Brazilain, Asian, Japanese, Ebony and Latina stars.

As well as regular VR, the site also offers some interactive content which works with the FeelConnect app from FeelMe and allows you to experience the action firsthand with the aid of teledildonics.

interactive VR porn povr review


As VR porn becomes more popular we have seen a growing number of adult performers who are starring in this kind of content and POVR handily lets audiences browse by porn star.

Using A-Z, Newest and Best filters or a standard search tool, you can find your favorite performer or discover some hot new (to you) talent.

With 57 videos and heading the Best stars list, Veronica Leal is the hottest property in VR porn right now but you can also find scenes featuring:

  • Jenny Wild
  • Kayla Kayden
  • Savannah Bond
  • Kyler Quinn
  • Penny Pax
  • Gabbie Carter
  • Alessa Savage

Across the site there are more than 1,600 models performing in VR content.

VR Theater

One of the great features of POVR is their virtual lobby which allows you to access all of their content from within your headset.

The POVR Room is a virtual environment which you can explore to find your next dose of immersive porn. It’s a sophisticated yet simple way to browse through their collection and with headsets like Oculus Go and Gear VR you can even use motion control to navigate your way around.

How Much is POVR?

Though much of the content you can find on POVR may be free in other places, a lot of the scenes are only available to watch through premium memberships on the studio’s own sites.

With more than a dozen individual studios here that could end up being quite some standing order!

Instead, you can pick up a single subscription with POVR covering all of the studios listed above and either download or stream on demand.

Membership to the site currently costs $24.95 per month or $179.88 for a full year.

Or you can always check out what’s on offer for free by signing up for a 48-hour trial.

You won’t be charged a thing as long as you cancel before the trial period is up. This does restrict you to streaming only but you can certainly plan a decent weekend of binge watching to really check out what the site has to offer.

Remember that POVR’s own content is exclusive to this site.

VR porn povr review

POVR Review: One of the Best VR Porn Aggregators?

Whilst porn aggregation sites aren’t new and there are a ton of platforms already out there which bring together a lot of great VR content under one roof, POVR is definitely one of the more exciting ones.

Firstly, their partnerships with some of the best and most well-known studios producing VR porn means that their base library is massive.

And it’s not just the size which is impressive but also the quality.

We know of at least a dozen on-demand streaming services which offer a ton of VR content but most of their scenes are (at best) only available in 4K/5K.

With POVR, you have access to a lot of videos filmed using the latest technology and this includes some great content which is compatible with teledildonics.

The fact that POVR is investing in its own content production tells you all you need to know about how future-proof this site should be. Bringing in the likes of Anna Claire Clouds, Jada Kai and Emma to star in their own scenes means that POVR Originals should be some of the hottest VR videos around.

As far as price goes, the subscription fees of just $25 a month seem like an absolute steal when you consider that a single membership to a premium VR studio is often more than this!

However, there are some caveats to this bargain and though you can access some content from sites like VRCosplayX or VRConk, you don’t get full membership to these sites.

So, if you are looking specifically for premium content from one studio then you may still be better off subscribing to them directly.

But, for those of us who just want as much choice as possible and like to experience diversity with our porn then POVR is certainly a most excellent choice.

Think of it like the difference between whether you want to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video or Shudder?

If you only want to watch horror movies then the answer is obvious.

povr review vr

With new services like this we’d usually leave you by recommending that you wait a while before signing up to give the platform a chance to bulk up its library but POVR is already the real deal.

With more than 35 new releases expected each month, the future looks very promising indeed.

Sign up on POVR to get started!

All featured images in our POVR review come via their website.


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