PornHub Premium: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

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Pornhub is one of the biggest success stories for the European porn giants, Mind Geek, and is largely due to the fact that most of the content they host is available to access for free. It is model that is copied the world over including XVideos, XHamster and other MindGeek sites, RedTube, PornMD and YouPorn.

Launched in 20017, the site was initially monetized solely by advertising but in 2015, Pornhub released its Premium service. Designed to provide a higher class experience for subscribers, the Pornhub Premium service is available for just $9.99 per month but why would you pay for porn when you get it for free?

In this review, we find out more about the Pornhub Premium service and give you the information you need to decide whether to upgrade your porn viewing experience.

Pornhub: The Home of Free Porn

Pornhub hosts more than 28.5 billion visits to its site each year and transfers a staggering 10.2 million GB of data each day from its servers. It is one of the largest porn tube hosting sites and is currently ranked the  35th most frequently visited website in the world. It is more popular than, and even receives more visitors than Bing.

pornhub subscription
A byline for free porn, why has Pornhub started charging? Image via Flickr.

A site where anyone can upload and view content for free, Pornhub has been become a victim of its own success. The problem with such a service is that there is very little quality control, many duplications and no exclusivity. It is becoming harder to find good quality content on Pornhub so, whilst the main website is still free, the experience can sometimes be less than rewarding.

Regular visitors to the site may have noticed an increase in the amount of advertising as well as content which is ‘Premium’ and not accessible without paying subscription fees.

What Does Pornhub Premium Give Members?

Pornhub is one of many sites that offers instant access porn. It is estimated that as many as 80-90% of adults don’t pay for porn, so it seems a big leap for Pornhub to start selling access via a premium service.

Launched in 2015, the premium offering is part of a growing trend for ‘next-level’ service from major utility sites. People can stream music for free with Spotify but a growing number of people will pay extra for a better service. Pornhub, it seems, are simply following this trend.

pornhub premium
Pornhub has also monetized the site by selling clothing.

There are three big selling points to Pornhub Premium as a service, namely:

  • No more ads.
  • Access to high quality content.
  • Access to exclusive content.

Subscribers to the service no longer have to endure the tedium of watching ads in between free clips and can also access full length videos (some that are exclusive to Pornhub). There is even an end to pop-ups.

The service offers well curated content that should spell an end for clips that are too short, are of poor quality and don’t meet the high standards set by the Premium team.  Some content is full HD and filmed in 1080p or 4K.

Pornhub also reports that subscribers get access to faster streaming, more mobile friendly content and high-speed downloads.

The service is also geared towards showing fresh content to all its members so you never see the same clip twice, unless you want to.

Premium members can get access to a whole range of VR clips that are not available for free and scenes are added to regularly meaning the library is growing and stays fresh.

PornHub has a large and growing library of interactive videos that are compatible with Pornhub-friendly sex toys – perfect for taking your porn viewing experience to the next level!

You can also use their Android porn app for an excellent porn browsing experience on your phone.

pornhub premium exclusive channels
A tempting offer? Exclusive content for premium subscribers.

Last, but by no means least, is the service add-on for premium members that everyone is talking about. A library of over 13,000 full length feature porn DVDs. Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Porn’, the library includes exclusive content to Pornhub with their own studio produced films. Similar to the ‘Netflix Originals’, these videos are full length features and cover a variety of genres.

Of course, it is worth pointing out that Pornhub is owned by Mindgeek and a subscription to their premium service gives you access to longer videos from studios like Brazzers, Twistys, Digital Playground and Reality Kings. In fact, membership gives you exclusive access to the following channels:

  • Property Sex
  • Jules Jordan
  • Teen Fidelity
  • Sis Loves Me
  • Kinky Family
  • Lethal Hardcore
  • Girls Do Porn

What Does Pornhub Premium Cost?

Access to Pornhub Premium costs $9.99 per month though there are free trials on offer which give you access for seven days with no charge.

If you like what you see and are a regular visitor to the site then you may want to consider paying an annual installment which brings the cost down to just $7.99 per moth (one-off fee of $95.88).

pornhub premium cost
You can even buy membership as a gift for a friend or loved one with Pornhub Premium giftcards. 

Cancellation is free and can be done at any time quite easily using your account.

Pornhub Premium Review: Our Verdict

It would take 24,811 days of non-stop viewing to watch all of the content uploaded to Pornhub in a single year.

With so much poor quality and duplicate content being hosted it is becoming more and more essential to be discerning about your viewing choices. With Pornhub Premium, this is made much easier as members can access only the best quality videos and never have to repeat a clip again. Not only that but members can also watch an entire scene and not just a few minutes.

Of course, there are some downsides to having access to longer videos with much of the best content actually available for free in an edited ‘clip’. Unless you are someone who enjoys the build-up and plot of a feature porn film then you will probably find yourself skipping forward to the good parts anyway.

The major benefits are in the quality and exclusivity of the clips you can access. Grainy scenes with awful audio should be a thing of the past as you get access to the best HD porn scenes. Amateur footage will be much the same as it has always been; a mixed bag.

The deciding factor for many will be the access to the huge library of DVDs which may spawn a new trend of ‘Pornhub and Chill’. There is no doubting that having so many adult movies instantly available is well worth $10 a month. Of course, if you are a fan of VR then this will also include content you can use with your headset.

The bottom line with Pornhub Premium is whether you want to spend $10 a month accessing a mixed bag of content or whether you’d prefer to spend the same amount on a niche website that caters for your preferences. There are other premium sites available that offer comparable archives of DVDs and provide exclusive content from other studios. For some, Pornhub will remain a go to for quick and easy footage of amateurs or a bit of research but save their pennies for a preferred studio.

Not for everybody, Pornhub Premium is well worth a free seven day trial to judge for yourself.


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