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Love gaming? Love live cams?

Finally, a site which merges the two…

A unique platform where online gaming meets live cam streaming, Plexstorm is often called the naked Twitch.

Launched in 2018 and reaching monthly audiences in excess 1.5 million people, Plexstorm combines the best of adult gaming, with the allure of live cam girls.

In this Plexstorm review, we’ll take a closer look at the platform and find out why so many cam models are choosing this site to stream their content.

What is Plexstorm?

A hybrid between a live cam site and YouTube gaming, Plexstorm is a site which allows users to stream themselves playing video games or have IRL chats whilst showing sexual content and nudity. 

They also offer access to plenty of free games via a series of links to third party sites.

review of adult gaming live cam site plexstorm

However, it’s the adult streaming content which is really a game-changer.

Basically, a niche live cam site where, instead of sitting atop a king size bed with some fluffy pillows and a vibrating wand at the ready, these models are sat at their PCs with game controllers in hand.

It’s a model that has recently been replicated by Chaturbate – proof that the concept has a healthy demand!

Some models are fully naked whilst others are topless and some are even showing off their multi-tasking skills by masturbating whilst smashing it at Fortnite.

We like to think about it as a kind of live gamer-geek porn channel where you can find dozens of models online at any given time.

However, not all of the content here is NSFW and you can toggle between SFW and NSFW so you can filter out adult material.

Despite being originally launched in 2018, the site is still in Beta mode and there are one or two glitches that this can cause.

For instance, we found having the site open in some browsers (Chrome) caused lagging with streams and some other programs.

Popular in the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada, Plexstorm is Swiss-owned and operated and aims to become the ‘best adult social video game platform’ around.

What Kind of Content Is On Plexstorm?

Broadcasts are similar in style to those you might have seen on sites like Twitch or UStream and often feature a full-screen view of the game being played with one or two video overlays of the cam model themselves.

This can vary by broadcaster and could be a view of their whole body and a cam placed under the desk for a genital shot.

Whilst the content being streamed is adult in nature the main content and themes must be game related either as a creator/developer or as a player.

Games being played vary from those that are SFW and those that are most certainly NSFW; this includes some popular adult titles as well as Hentai and even some more mainstream games.

So, games with nudity, sex and which feature mods are all allowed to be featured in your broadcasts which makes it a great alternative to platforms like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube Gaming.

All of those platforms have restrictions, not only on what the broadcasters can and can’t wear, but on the kind of content too.

However, not all of the live streaming on Plexstorm is models playing games and sometimes you can hit on a broadcast where the model is clearly a gamer but might not actually be playing anything at the time.

review of gamer live cam site plexstorm

What Can You Buy? How Can You Earn Money?

Fans can follow a broadcaster or pay to subscribe to their channel and every profile has a tips menu so the audience can send their appreciation.

Gamers can also sell adult content using the site and these are most often past streams. Some are locked for followers only whilst others are premium content and must be paid for before you can watch them.

  • Fans can follow a broadcaster for free.
  • Tips range from a minimum of 5PD and go up to 10,000 PD+.
  • Subscription costs vary by model but are around 50 PD per month.

Just like other live cam sites you can also offer up control of your interactive sex toy to audiences with tips activating the device.

Becoming a Model on Plexstorm

Registering as a contributor on Plexstorm is pretty straightforward and all you will be required to do is to create your free account, click ‘Start Streaming’ and then upload an image of your identity documents to prove you are over the age of 18.

Once these have been received and verified then you can start broadcasting and earning money.

Nudity and adult/sexual content is allowed (including the use of sex toys) but not a necessity, making this a fun and unique way to make money from sexual content.

However, it is strictly forbidden to stream and show any of the following:

  • Pornography or sexual content containing minors or animals
  • Sexual violence
  • Rape
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Harassment

The rules also stated that ‘other forbidden content’ is strictly forbidden but doesn’t expand on what else this might cover.

All broadcasters are responsible for the content and the copyright of the games they broadcast and may not advertise or promote games, brands, services or products with the express permission of Plexstorm.

The platform allows both men and women as well as trans gamers to register as well as couples and teams.

It’s a good alternative to becoming a traditional cam model.

review of live cam site plexstorm

What Does Plexstorm Cost?

So, how much does everything cost and how much do you get paid?

Costs for End Users

Registering an account on Plexstorm to start browsing through the available channels is completely free but you will have to suffer endless ads.

Going premium offers an ad-free interface plus you can customize your chat and get a Premium badge for your profile.

To sign up for Premium, you can pay what you want. Yep, you read that right. From 10 PD at the bottom end of the scale all the way up to 200 PD, it is up to you to decide on your own membership fees.

The value of 1 PD varies depending on how many of these tokens you buy with bundles being available:

  • 50 PD + 5 Free for $5 plus $1.99 in fees – Equivalent to $0.127 per PD
  • 100 PD + 10 Free for $10 plus $2.99 in fees – Equivalent to $0.118 per PD
  • 200 PD + 20 Free for $5 plus $1.99 in fees – Equivalent to $0.118 per PD
  • 350 PD + 35 Free for $35 plus $9.99 in fees – Equivalent to $0.116 per PD

The discounts keep rising all the way up to the largest bundle they do which is 2,000 PD plus 200 Free for a cost of $200 plus $49.99 in fees. This makes one token equivalent to $0.113

Commission Payouts for Models

The Plexstorm site uses its own currencies in much the same way as tokens. Known as Plexdollars or PD, models can earn $0.05 for each PD they receive on the site.

So, with each token being around $0.12, that means you get paid at a commission of 40-45%

There is a minimum of $100 before you can be paid out .

plexstorm review of adult gaming live cam site plexstorm

The Plexstorm Community

Gamers are a tight-knit bunch and here on Plexstorm, there is a strong and active community of users who like to chat.

Hosted on Discord, the group is 14,841 members strong and often has over 2,000 people online at any given time.

You can also follow Plexstorm on Twitter for regular updates on new content, broadcasters and promotions.

Plexstorm Review: The Future of Adult Game Streaming?

Welcoming in the new era of adult game streaming, Plexstorm is an exciting concept.

It has an instant appeal for anyone who loves both gaming and live camming.

For a certain kind of model, there is an obvious benefit to this kind of site and instead of sitting around half naked and bored whilst you wait for your audience you can just play games and that is part of your broadcast.

As a visitor to many cam sites, we would be rich if we earned a dime for every model we’ve stumbled across who is toying on her phone whilst she waits for trade to pick up.

Well, at Plexstorm, it’s you who’d be coining it in instead.

And for the audience, this is a neat little niche for a cam site where all of the girls you find (and some guys) are all as nuts about video games as you are.

Where else can you go to get an eyeful of tits, pussy and ass whilst chatting about Fortnite and watching a walk-through on Minecraft?

adult gamer live cam site plexstorm

As for the money, the commissions being paid to models isn’t great and there are certainly plenty of cam sites that pay far better but none where you could genuinely get away with gaming at the same time.

Plus, how hard can you really be working on engaging an adult audience if you are playing a video game at the same time?

It does seem like hardwork and not something that every cam model could do.

There are quite a few issues with the site still which need some work if Plexstorm is ever to advance beyond being a well-kept secret to a more established brand.

This includes ironing out some of the kinks when it comes to performance and speed on the site.

Secondly, they desperately need to get some more models on board.

We hit the site up a few times and at its peak we managed to find a few dozen streams being broadcast but in a few lulls there were just four channels we could watch.

For models, this could be seen as both a negative and a positive; with fewer people to compete with there is a greater chance that you can capture a larger share of the audience.

With your profile offering up details of other ways to connect with you there is a great potential for using Plexstorm as a way to market other premium channels and accounts you may be offering.

Another issue is the lack of search functionality which, whilst there are only a few channels to choose from isn’t a major problem.

But as the site’s community grows then Plexstorm will need to create a more sophisticated way to find content and broadcasters.

Overall, we are pretty excited by the idea of Plexstorm and can easily see, with the huge gains being made in daily visitor numbers, that it won’t be long before this platform takes off in a big way.

Being in at the ground level can help a certain kind of model leverage some extra exposure but with commissions like 40% they aren’t going to get rich quick.

If gaming is part of your appeal and you are already signed up with another cam site or adult subscription service, then using Plexstorm is well worth a try.

Featured images in our Plexstorm review are via their website.


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