OVDoll Review: The Online Doll Shop

Buying a sex doll has been made much easier with the advent of online shopping and you can now choose from a range of well-made sex dolls delivered direct to your door.

OV Doll offers a range of hundreds of silicone and TPE dolls, each with a variety of ways to be fully customised to suit your needs. From height to cup size, hair colour to clothing OV Doll’s range of adult toys are proving very popular across Europe and the USA.

In this review, we take a look at the full product range and explore the ways you can buy a sex doll online with OV Doll.

Who Are OV Doll?

A Japanese company with sales offices based in both the UK and USA, OV Doll has a factory in GuangDong, China. The company designs and produces a range of sex dolls and accessories using the latest technological developments in TPE and silicone dolls.

The range of dolls starts at 2ft 2in and varies up to 5ft 7in with costs starting at $680 and ranging up to $2000 for off the shelf designs.

OV Doll also runs a custom build service for $3,490.

The company currently ship their products to over 180 international destinations and the website is available to view in four different currencies; CAD, EUR, USD and GBP. Delivery in the UK and USA is usually free though you can pay extra for priority shipping at a cost of $150 (3 to 5 working days).

OVDOLL Demo from OVDOLL on Vimeo.

The Structure of the Dolls

Built with a titanium skeleton that is fully articulated, the dolls supplied by OV Doll do not use fillers but are made entirely with silicone and/or TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Most of the dolls are fully posable including the ‘bones’ in the hands and fingers.

Hair is made from real wool and is manually rooted.

The dolls offer three ways to have fun including oral, anal and vaginal and are built using realistic soft touch silicone and/or TPE.

A mix of rubber and plastic, TPE has a silky smooth texture which can be heated using an electric blanket to bring it up to skin temperature (Warning: Do not heat above 48 deg C/120 deg F).

Most dolls come with a choice of a built-in vagina or one which can be removed for easier cleaning.

Cleaning the dolls is a simple process and you should treat the products like you would any sex toy using an alcohol-free solution.

OV love dolls
Manufactured in China but designed in Japan, the OV Sex Dolls are made of high quality and durable materials.

Product Range

OV Doll sells a range of off the shelf designs as well as a fully custom build service. Sexy clothes and accessories are also available.

Dolls come in different sizes with various options to tailor your design:

2ft 2in (65cm)

There are currently two dolls in this category, Akira and Mini. Both dolls have the option of either an insertable or built-in vagina as well as the standard options as detailed below.

The price of these mini dolls starts at $680.

2ft 8in (85cm)

There is just one sex doll in this category; Maiko is available at a cost of $750.

3ft 3in (100cm)

There are 23 different designs in this size range each having an individual look. The most popular of these is Mari, a cute blonde with huge breasts, an unshaven pussy and big eyes.

The price of these dolls ranges from $999 to $1799.

4ft 1in (125cm)

You can choose from twenty different models in this range starting at $1100 and ranging up to $1600.

4ft 5in (135cm)

There are 19 different models available in this height range all priced at $1,199.

4ft 9in (145cm)

One of the most popular height for any love doll sold by OV Doll is 4ft 9in and you can select one from a range of almost 60 different designs. Prices start at $1200 and go up to $2000 depending on whether they include a heating and standing feature (see ‘Doll Options’, below).

5ft 2in (158cm)

The more realistic the doll the greater the cost and the wider the range of options and at 5ft 2in, this category is one of the most varied. With over 70 doll designs to choose from, OV has developed some great models including some European and Asian style dolls.

There are some popular sellers in this category including the auburn haired Adriana, a big breasted Russian love doll. She comes in her own flight case for easy storage and has the most amazingly large boobs. Can’t imagine why she is so popular!

5ft 4in (165cm)

With 83 designs, the 5ft 4in love doll is by far the most popular choice of sex toy available from OV Doll. The price range here is $1699 to $1999.

Best sellers include the skinny black model, Anna and blonde Yilian who includes a heating function.

5ft 7in (170cm)

There are just seven dolls in this category with some being a taller version of other designs. The Noarah is a spitting image for a Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ and is very popular.

The price range here is $1699 to $1999 but additional options can vary the final price.

japanese love doll ov
The range of dolls available covers a good selection of skin types, physical attributes and looks.

Other Dolls and Accessories

OV Dolls sells a range of sexy clothes to go with their dolls as well as some other variations of sex dolls, including:

  • Elf Dolls – 165cm dolls with ‘Elf’ ears;
  • Half Body Dolls (Lower half or just torso)

Doll Options

All of the dolls available from OV Doll are fully customisable and you can upgrade and tailor your doll using any of the following options. The price of these upgrades vary by doll with choices restricted online to individual dolls.

  • Hair choice – different wigs available including blonde, brunette and ebony
  • Eye colour – Black, green and blue
  • Pubic hair – different variations from no hair through to hairy
  • Skin colour – Pink, Brown/Red, White, Yellow
  • Breast cup size – A through to E
  • Standing feature
custom love dolls ov
There are options to customize all of the dolls online but this will increase the price.

Some dolls also have the option for tattoos to be added to the skin and others also have a heating option, so you can bring the internal temperature of the vagina and anus up to a more realistic feel.

To get a fully tailor-made doll you will need to use the bespoke doll service.

OV Dolls: Review

The quality of sex dolls bought online from OV Dolls is very good with the vast majority of reviews proving that (with the right care and maintenance) their designs are durable and comfortable to use. The heating option is a big plus and helps with a more realistic feel.

The taller dolls have a good weight to them and can take a good amount of ‘real’ action though some of the shorter designs do feel less robust.

ov dolls japanese love sex doll
OV Love Dolls ship internationally and even offer collection in UK and US stores.

The structure and covering is of a good quality and design and the dolls keep their shape once posed making variation possible for plenty of positions.  They can be easily stored, cleaned and clothed to suit your needs. The majority come in their own flight case and all are shipped discreetly.

If you are buying a love doll online from the UK, Europe or the USA then the delivery to these areas is very quick and you can often arrange local collection to speed things up. Other countries may find that delivery times are a little longer with some pricey shipping costs.

Overall, the prices for these dolls is pretty good and you get a good quality product for your money. There is plenty of evidence that many customers enjoyed their first purchase so much that they now own more than one doll to get a bit more variety.

Featured image via OV Dolls.

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