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Itching for a new sexy hentai game to play?

Enter Otogi Frontier!

The latest free-to-play game from Nutaku sees a whole new side of some classic fairy tales.

In their latest chibi-style, adventure-based sex game, you get to find out what happens to characters like Snow White and Cinderella after the kid’s version of the story ends.

The result is a classic Nutaku combination of fantasy world meets sexy anime girls coupled with their trademark adventure/strategy battle style gameplay.

In this feature guide, we lift the lid on the latest Nutaku game and find out whether Otogi Frontier is set to be as popular as the some of the other hentai games on our radar.

What is Otogi Frontier?

Released on 17th September 2019, Otogi Frontier is the latest adult sex game by the popular gaming platform, Nutaku.

Owned by MindGeek (of Pornhub, Reality Kings and Digital Playground fame), Nutaku has earned a name for itself with hentai games featuring mature content and Otogi Frontier looks set to be another absolute cracker of a title.

otogi frontier review

Set in the fantasy world of Otogiland (which incidentally is located in the back of an old freezer!) the premise of the game is pretty simple (for Nutaku, anyway).

The characters in the game are all born and shaped from the human imagination, drawing strength from the fairy tales from which they were created.

However, you play the game’s main character (a human who happens to follow one of the girls through the portal) and are the savior who has enough of the holy power (Elmight) which resides in Otogiland from being swallowed up by the power of evil (Demight).

You are tasked with bringing balance back to this mysterious world by gathering together a squad of sexy fairy tale girls and battling the forces of darkness.

Defeat the evil powers to advance in the game and unlock some adult CG scenes.

The result is a content and feature rich game with a detailed story line and some pretty sexy characters. Your rewards come thick and fast but are earned rather than just awarded at random.

In short, Otogi Frontier is an addictive adventure full of quests, missions and XXX chibi CG scenes.

Playing Otogi Frontier

The game of Otogi Frontier is played in-browser and is a turn-based battle and real-time battle strategy game.

Typically for a hentai or chibi game, you kick off with a long prologue that gives you some of the back story followed by a recap of your mission.

This is worth watching if only for the scene you get to unlock in which Cinderella ‘joins forces’ with you in order to create a stronger force of Elmight (’slowly, Cinderella grinds her hips down on you in a circular motion’).

Yes, in order to ‘share’ some of your power, you must ejaculate it inside her…and every other sexy story time girl who wants a power boost.

otogi frontier hentai game review

The game is then played by choosing your skills, items and team carefully before each battle to give yourself the best chance of defeating  the monsters.

A full tutorial is available to show you how to play but basically you will need to opt for the best use of skills (or chain of skills) to kill each of your opponents. By connecting skills, you can summon spirits and defeat the monsters in massive attacks by combining your powers.

As each battle is won, your evolution in the game continues with more scenes to unlock and advanced skills to use in your battles. Again, there are tutorials at the beginning of the game before you start on your real mission to save Otogiland.

As well as game quests that help you in your mission, there are also daily quests, raid missions, special quests and limited time quests. Completing any of these will unlock special items, materials and keys not found anywhere else in the game.

You can also create some of the items you need by combining other things that you collect in battle at your workshop. You will need to obtain a recipe for each item you wish to create before you can get started in the kitchen or workshop.

As well as familiar faces like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella, there are also plenty of Nutaku created girls in the game, each with their own unique powers, backstory and personality. There are even some more obscure names from classic novels like Don Quixote.

You can join the online Otogi Frontier community and find out more information about the game’s characters by following their English language social media accounts:

otogi frontier nutaku game review

Otogi Frontier: Technical Specifications

Otogi Frontier is available to play in browser for both Windows and Mac users however the game does not load if you are using a third-party ad-blocking service.

Recommended System Requirements (Windows):

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher & 64bit or higher
  • Google Chrome 64bit or higher (latest version)
  • Memory: 4GB or higher

Recommended System Requirements (Mac):

  • OS: OSX v10.10 or higher
  • Google Chrome 64bit or higher (latest version)
  • Memory: 4GB or higher

The characters in the game are voiced so you will need to have your sound turned on (headphones or speakers).

What Does Playing Otogi Frontier Cost?

Like many of Nutaku’s top-rated games, Otogi Frontier is wholly free to play and all you need is to register an account online to get started.

Of course, there are upgrades which can help speed up the progress of your adventure but this is optional.

In-game purchases are made using Nutaku Gold which can be used in any of the games you play via their platform.

The price of gold is $0.01 per piece and is sold in bundles of between 1,000 and 30,000; there are no discounts for buying in bulk.

The gold can be spent on any of Nutaku’s popular games, including Pussy Saga, Kamihime Project, Fap CEO, Hentai Clicker, Hentai Heroes, Fap Titans… to name just a few!

Otogi Frontier Review: Is It Any Good?

Once again, Nutaku has pulled out the stops when it comes to bringing a high-quality and extremely playable adult adventure game to the hentai market.

Otogi Frontier is a simple enough strategy game in that it’s easy to learn the ropes yet delivers a complex storyline with plenty of rewards so you won’t get bored easily when playing it.

otogi frontier game review

Of course, the best rewards are the adult scenes and these are well rendered with great animation that should appeal to any hentai fans.

Unfortunately, all of the sex scenes are pixelated in the places that matter so you do get a slightly less XXX experience than some other hentai sex games.

However, the accompanying text is not censored and there is plenty about these little vignettes to get excited about; particularly the voice-overs and sound effects as well as the action shots with animation.

It’s a really original game with a great story line that evolves with plenty of detail and has some very good adult content.

Yet, Otogi Frontier is easy to play without being dumbed down too much to feel like the game is playing itself.

That’s a common complaint with some of the earlier Nutaku games in that there was too little ‘interaction’ with the player and the rewards were just too easy to come by.

All in all, we think that Otogi Frontier has all the ingredients for a classic hentai adventure and should quickly become one of the platform’s more popular titles.

There is already a buzz about the game on sites like Reddit and Fandom but only time will tell if there is enough meat on the bones here to compete with classics like Harem Heroes, Fap Titans and Kamihime Project R.

Featured images via Nutaku/Otogi Frontier Facebook.


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