OnlyFans vs ManyVids: Which Is Best For Performers?

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Want to increase your passive income by selling subscription content to fans? Wondering whether to choose OnlyFans or ManyVids?

OnlyFans vs ManyVids – which is best?

That’s what we’re going to be examining in this guide.

Performers in the adult industry already know just how valuable it is to engage directly with fans and how easy it is to boost an income by selling content.

From cam models and porn stars to strippers and sex workers, the benefits of bypassing a studio, agent or other middleman are obvious.

More creative control, and more money!

In fact, there are dozens of great sites offering content subscription services, including Clips4Sale, ManyVids and OnlyFans.

But which one is best for adult performers?

In this feature we’ll take a closer look at the services offered by both ManyVids and OnlyFans plus we’ll see how they compare for performers in the adult industry.

What Is OnlyFans?

Based in the UK, OnlyFans was launched in 2016 as a content subscription site for social media personalities to sell their services.

The business model is simple; for a flat monthly fee, subscribers can get access to exclusive material created by their favorite online stars.

onlyfans vs manyvids
OnlyFans offers ‘celebs’ and adult industry workers the chance to earn a passive income from their content using subscription services.

The site is used by a huge range of online personalities from social media influencers and celebrities to commercial and amateur content creators.

However, the service also lends itself well to adult industry performers.

It is one of the top sites to make money from sexual content.

In fact, the site is now used predominantly by content creators in the adult sector owing largely to the fact that the site’s parent company (Fenix International Limited) is majority owned by the same owners as MyFreeCams.

Ranked 260th most popular website in the world and ranking in the top 20 adult sites globally, OnyFans is very popular.

So popular in fact that it attracts a whopping 130+ million visits each month! Visitors to OnlyFans stay on site for almost 10 minutes and hit 4.6 pages before they jet.

So, how does it work and what keeps audiences entertained?

Well, performers funnel traffic to the site consisting of fans and customers and charge monthly subscriptions for these visitors to become ‘fans’.

As a subscriber, they receive exclusive access to a regularly updated feed of racey imagery and posts. Fans can also directly message their favorite stars and ‘tip’ them for private content.

only fans vs manyvids review
Subscribers get exclusive access to premium content.

At first glance, the images on OnlyFans’ feed aren’t nearly as pornographic as you might think.

It turns out that fans who want explicit material are happier to hit up the free tube channels.

Instead, OnlyFans is considered more like a social media platform where you can get closer to your favorite performers.

Regular content being posted keeps fans happy and engaged but it doesn’t have to be hardcore.

How Much Can You Charge on OnlyFans?

The site does have limits to what you can charge with the minimum amount for subscriptions being $4.99 per month and the maximum being $49.99.

There are also limits to what you can charge for private messages and tips with the minimum rate currently being set at $5.00.

How Much Commission Do You Pay on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans charges 20% on all sales generated across their site whether this is subscriptions, private messages or tips.

Some of this is to cover the cost of payment processing, support and hosting but this means that performers get to keep 80% of their revenue.

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What Is ManyVids?

Based in Montreal, Canada and launched in 2014, ManyVids is primarily a live cam streaming and video hosting site.

Just like OnlyFans, the platform allows its users to sell content and offer subscription services.

However, unlike OnlyFans, ManyVids was originally designed for, and is exclusively used by adult performers.

manyvids vs onlyfans which is best
ManyVids offers a feature rich platform for performers to sell their content and subscriptions.

Users on the site can sell anything from homemade videos and nude pictures to texting services, physical goods (like used panties!) and even set up crowdsourcing campaigns.

The site is pretty popular and is currently ranked in the top 400 adult websites worldwide attracting monthly audiences of over 10 million visits.

With each visitor staying onsite for over 6 minutes and visiting an average of 5.5 pages, ManyVids is performing well but still has a lot to catch up on when compared to OnlyFans.

But they are getting there.

In 2018, the company was nominated for three XBiz Awards and won the Clip Site of the Year and by 2019 they were also recognized by XBiz at the Europa Awards as being the Global Web Brand of the Year.

Where ManyVids starts to show its superiority is the diversity in its offerings for both its models and audiences alike.

Feature rich with a leaning towards building communities (sort of mimicking a social media platform) the platform has a lot of interesting ways to build engagement, boost sales and improve customer experience.

Where ManyVids compares directly to OnlyFans is the service MV Social.

A feature of the site which enables fans to ‘Follow’ their favorite stars, MV Social brings performers closer to their audiences with similar functionality to that of social networking platforms.

mvsocial manyvids vs onlyfans which is best

How Much Can You Charge on ManyVids?

Just like OnlyFans, the rates that you can charge for your content are completely set by the performer themselves.

This means you can offer free content or you can charge mega bucks for your work.

Videos range in price from a few bucks to well over a hundred for custom niche content but, on average, these are available for sale at between $10 and $20 each.

There is a lot to be said for making content available for free and can be a great way to build up a fan base but there is evidence to suggest that selling yourself short can damage your chances of success.

One of the reasons clip sites are so successful is that the content being peddled is exclusive and by offering yourself up for free you are devaluing your worth.

After all, if visitors to the site simply wanted a free nude pick, they could get this from any number of tube sites. What they are paying for is quality content, regular interaction and from a performer who values what she does.

According to ManyVids, their top earners make between $17k and $20k each month.

Of course, these figures aren’t indicative of average incomes which can vary substantially depending on how much time and effort you put in to your work.

How Much Commission Do You Pay on ManyVids?

ManyVids pays its performers a gross revenue of 80% from all incomes earned on

  • Make It Rain
  • Custom Vids
  • Store Items
  • Text Me
  • Phone Me
  • Fund Me

Whereas the rates of pay for MV Crush Club pays out at 90% for the first year followed by 80% thereafter.

However, any sales made through the following channels are paid out at 60%:

  • Vid Sales (MV Stars)
  • Memberships
  • Pay to Open in the inbox
  • MV Flyer

Performers can earn an extra passive income through referrals with ManyVids paying 5% RevShare on selected transactions.

In addition to these incomes streams, the site also runs plenty of cash prize contests to reward the most popular models on their site.

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which one to sign up to manyvids vs onlyfans
So, which service should you sign up for? ManyVids or Only Fans?

OnlyFans vs ManyVids: Which Is Best?

Working in the porn industry has traditionally meant that adult performers have been limited to the revenue streams that studios provide.

The dawn of the ‘free porn internet age’ made it even more difficult to earn money from porn in this way.

With tube sites disseminating amateur and sometimes stolen content globally, studios have seen a decline in their profits as the market has become more competitive.

As a result, adult stars themselves have had to become more adaptive and creative when it comes to producing an income from their work.

The launch of fan sites like ManyVids and OnlyFans offers performers the opportunity to interact directly with their audience. To be in control of the content they produce and, importantly, how much they sell it for.

For fans, this is a win-win situation and not only can they get closer to their favorite adult stars but they also have the opportunity to get their hands on bespoke, custom content.

When it comes to which platform is best – OnlyFans or ManyVIds – it sort of depends on what you want from a partner service.

Both sites have a huge following of porn fans and they are equally well respected in the adult industry.

OnlyFans is certainly the larger website and attracts a much bigger audience yet, arguably, ManyVids has more diversity when it comes to ways to sell.

One of the main ways to set these two sites apart is whether you are an established performer or new to the industry.

Whilst new audiences are attracted to both platforms, it does seem easier to sell your content to fresh fans via ManyVids whilst OnlyFans tends to appeal more to existing fans; those audiences who have already seen your work on a cam show and want to connect in a more social way.

However, and this is key, there is absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t use both services!

Certainly there are a lot of adult industry performers who generate content for ManyVids whilst operating a fan page on OnlyFans. Many throw in a Premium Snapchat page, too!

The only thing you need to bear in mind is that if you are offering exclusive content on one that you don’t make it available on the other.

The truth is that both platforms appeal to different audiences so by using both you stand a better chance of boosting both your live and passive incomes as well as building a bigger fan base.

Sign up to OnlyFans
Sign up to ManyVids

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