The Nutaku Console: A Complete Guide

Fancy playing adult games on your very own XXX-box?

Launched at the end of January 2019, Nutaku has expanded its desktop adult game portal with the release of ‘The Console’. Shaped like a breast with a unique silicone shell, the erotic games console comes pre-loaded with free-to-play adult titles and a selection of around 200 premium games. Already sold out with a waiting list of avid fans, The Console looks set to be a great development by this popular adult games website.

In this feature, we take a closer look at The Nutaku Console along with information on the technical specs, pricing and games.

Adult Gaming Gets Its Own Console?

Launched to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Nutaku’s gaming site, The Console is styled to look like a boob with its power button embedded in the silicone nipple. It’s a creative and unusual design which will no doubt appeal, for its novelty factor, to fans of adult games everywhere.

nutaku console a complete guide

One breast or two? We can’t help feeling short changed with just one boob.

Offering gamers the opportunity to play titles from their extensive gaming collection, Nutaku’s latest product is the world’s first adult games console.

However, Nutaku’s ‘sexbox’ is not strictly speaking a console and does not offer the same way to play games that the Xbox or PS4 does. You won’t find a special games controller nor can you access any games that you would not be able to play online already. Instead, The Console is a standalone pre-packaged version of the desktop client available via the website; sort of a plug-and-play device in the style of a retro (but porno-themed) Atari.

Basically, it replaces the need for a laptop or desktop computer to access their website but still needs a keyboard and mouse in order to be able to play games plus you will also need to have a Nutaku account.

Who are Nutaku?

An English-language, hentai based games website, Nutaku is one of the most popular adult gaming sites in the world. Currently receiving more than 170 million hits a month, is ranked as the 22nd most visited adult site globally and is positioned at 269 (Global Rank) and 172 (United States Ranking).

The site offers a plethora of free-to-play and premium adult games ranging from those that can be played in browser, downloaded or accessible via a mobile device.

Category-wise, there is plenty on offer to satisfy all tastes and Nutaku has recently hit the headlines as a result of its large collection of LGBTQ+ friendly games.

From RPG to action/adventure, puzzle and dating sims to visual novel and card battles, their range includes animated sex, epic romances and character evolution games.

nutkau games console

The collection extends to over 200 titles and has been nicknamed the ‘steamy Steam’. It is particularly well-known for its translated Japanese titles.

Nutaku is owned by MindGeek, the same company that operates Pornhub, YouPorn, Digital Playrgound and the Brazzers Network so there is quite some capital behind this latest innovation.

You can read a recent review of Nutaku here.

Nutaku Console: Technical Specifications

The Console comes in a sleek and sturdy white box with a magnetic lid and featuring the Nutaku logo. Inside, there is a glossy manual with the company’s hentai mascot, Nutaku-tan, on the cover. Her simple instructions, “plug me in and press my nipple to turn me on’ set the tone for what you can expect from the full instructions inside.

The box contains:

  • ‘The Console’ with silicone covered shell and nipple shaped power button
  • External power supply
  • HDMI cable

The Console itself features

  • 2 x USB ports
  • Audio jack

Each Nutaku game console is handmade. You can see the process of how each one is created in this YouTube video:

The internal computer is a Windows 10 platform and also features a wireless internet connection.

Nutaku Console: Set-Up

Setting the console up is straightforward:

  • Connect the power cable
  • Connect the HDMI cable to your monitor
  • Connect your keyboard and mouse to the USB ports
  • Press the ‘nipple’ to turn the console on.

Your monitor will then launch the game client and you will need to log-in to your Nutaku account.

Nutaku Console: Games

The games that come pre-loaded to the Nutaku Console are exactly the same as those you will find on their desktop client and include their most popular titles:

  • Smutstone
  • Harem Heroes
  • Fap CEO
  • Chick Wars
  • Kamihime Project R
  • Booty Farm
  • Fap Titans
  • Flower Knight Girl

Mostly based on Hentai games and including some popular translated Japanese titles, the games are a mix of strategy, action/adventure, RPG and dating sims.

Just like the browser version of these games, you can search and filter through the titles to find games to suit your playing style.

You will need a Nutaku account to play with some titles being free and others requiring Nutaku Gold.

nutaku console complete guide

Nutaku Console: Price

The Nutaku Console is currently being marketed at a price of $169.99

At the current time, despite only being on the market for a few weeks, the console is out of stock and the company is promising limited availability for this product. Being handmade, it is hard to see how they will keep up with demand if the Console really gets popular.

 Nutaku Console Review: We Say…

There is no doubt at all that the Nutaku console is an extremely novel device and breaks new ground with its design and its dedicated market. However, at a price of $170 we were expecting a little more than a simple plug-n-play TV console.

The disappointment of not being able to kick back on the sofa with a controller in order to play popular game titles like the Kamihime Project or Harem Heroes is tempered a little by the fact that the console is pretty good.

Responsive and fast, it offers regular gamers the flexibility of where and how they play their favorite games and, with a long enough HDMI cable, does mean you can use a huge TV screen to plug into.

Yes, you will still have to navigate using a mouse and keyboard but we can envisage that the console will offer game developers new territory to explore in the future.

And that’s our keyword when it comes to how best to categorize The Console; one for the future. At the present time, and at the current price, we can’t see that this device will be a huge success. Sure, it’s a talking point and a pretty novel one at that but it’s more about what happens next that will determine where Nutaku’s innovative creation ends up in the market. If they stop developing now then there’s a very real chance that The Console will be resigned to a shelf in the history book marked ‘Showed Great Promise. If Only…..‘. In this way, The Console is sort of like a front runner to the electric car, now considered a great innovation that looks set to be the future of zero-emissions motoring but once a laughing stock of the car industry. Some of the original vehicles only had a range of 5-10 miles; The Console has a similar appeal.

We’d love to see game developers use this platform to bring adult games off browser-based clients and on to a true console. Imagine kicking back with your 50” (plus) 4K Ultra HD TV to enjoy fully compatible, controller based adult hentai games! That is where the real market potential is and we are excited to see this initial foray into that reality.

As for whether or not you should be adding yourself to that waiting list for when the Console comes back into stock….perhaps this will only be for collectors or ultimate fans of Nutaku. We can certainly see how the Console will be hugely popular in Japan. In the meantime, there is enough here to be excited about if Nutaku can keep up the momentum we’ve already seen from them.

Certainly, Nutaku has shown that it is eager to push the boundaries of the adult gaming world. With developments in VR titles, Lewd Gaming Championships with huge cash pool prizes and other games events that bring together the huge Nutaku community they are a juggernaut with the Midas touch.

All featured images via Nutaku.

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