NoGrey App: Award Winning ‘Empowered Exploration’

Want to improve safety in your kinky scene planning?

Winner of the 2018 Australian Adult Industry Awards Best New Product 2018, the NoGrey App is fast becoming the tool of choice for members of the BDSM community. The platform has been designed to allow anyone participating in a scene to design and agree up-front how their play should pan out. Offering greater security and ensuring that respect remains a key consideration for all scene planning, NoGrey aims to save time, restore clarity and improve the safety of your kinky dates.

In this feature, we’ll take a closer look at the NoGrey app, a tool that is empowering the BDSM community with pre-scene negotiations.

NoGrey: The Pre-Scene Negotiation Tool

As anyone involved in the kink scene will know, planning even the most simple role play or scenario can often come with risks. That’s why most fetish scene regulars will already have some kind of method in place for pre-event preparation.

Not the most enjoyable part of playtime but an essential one to ensure that all participants of a scene are thoroughly aware of exactly what the limits are, who will be involved as well as those vital components that must be included and/or avoided.

nogrey app review

Without proper planning, the safety of those taking part could be compromised which is why this remains a necessary part of scene preparation….irrespective of who you are playing with.

The NoGrey app aims to make the negotiation and planning stage as simply and easy as possible whilst ensuring that all aspects of these crucial discussions are covered. In short, this tool ensures clarity, improves safety and saves time.

Developed with the help of crowdfunding through the IndieGoGo platform, the app also offers community members a way to connect with their network of play partners and even meet new potential participants for future events.

Importantly, the app employs feedback mechanisms so that users can rate their experience to ensure that there is transparent accountability. If a scene goes well and is considered a success compared to expectations then all participants will get great ratings. Ultimately, this means that planning future scenes is made a lot easier and guarantees a certain level of trust even if you are meeting and role-playing with someone for the first time.

With a motto of #Prepare4Play, NoGrey is a secure, private platform that is offering the kink community high standards of safety and convenience.

bdsm community nogrey app review

Using NoGrey

First of all, the NoGrey is only available to download direct from the official website. As of the time of our review (March 2020), neither the Apple Store or Google Play have the app available for their device platforms. However, NoGrey is available for both Android and iOS devices; you just have to get it at source.

All participants must be using the app and log in to the secure event planning group for their scene. From here, each party can detail the ingredients for their ultimate experience and give explicit permission about what happens.

Questions are designed to be swiped through easily with users indicating the type of play they desire, the kinds of feelings they want to provoke through the role-play and the kind of physical stimulus they want to incorporate. This can include toys, restraints, accessories and costume as well as other kinds of objects.

Each participant completes their part of the planning and submits these desires to the other invited users. As profiles of the play (and its players) are compared, a revised scene is created that offers a compromise to, but agreement of) everyone’s level of comfort and expectations.

bdsm community nogrey review

Beyond scene planning, the app also works in a similar way to social networking platforms and you can follow other users, post information to your own profile and browse the public information of others in your extended community to find like-minded individuals.

At its heart, the app is built on privacy so you have total control over what can be seen by the public NoGrey community as well as customizing what your approved contacts can see.

The chat feature is also pretty handy and is processed via a secure end-to-end encrypted channel.

It’s an incredibly useful tool for anyone who regularly arranges scenes with new and unknown participants as well as those who are involved with more complex planning.

The app has many streamlining features to make the process easier (both before and after your scenes) including:

  • Separate Community profile to your Main profile
  • Scene management (multiple scenes)
  • Feed updates from network members (last 50 posts)
  • Personalized aftercare guides
  • Review scene partners
  • Scene templates
  • Tailored profiles

Some of these features use AI technology and all use rapid gesture based communication which means its quick and easy to use as well as smart.

bdsm community nogrey award winning app review

NoGrey: Prices

The NoGrey app is entirely free to download and use but this is a lite version which has a limited number of scenes you can build as well as only offering basic features.

Paid supporters of the app who help fund its development through IndieGoGo can benefit from a premium upgrade which offers additional features including:

  • Multiple profiles
  • Private photo galleries
  • Endless news feed
  • Save multiple scene drafts
  • Send up to six scene invites at a time

You can find details of how to support the project via their website.

NoGrey App: We Say…

We were really impressed with the functionality of this handy tool which really simplifies the process of pre-scene planning without bypassing any of the all-important negotiations. Instead, the platform allows clear decisions to be made with utter clarity so there is no ambiguity about what is allowed and what is not.

We love the fact that accountability and security are built in to the design and that users can build a community trust rating in much the same way as you would use TrustPilot to make sure you employ competent tradespeople. The difference is that we know how much more important it is that the trust you place in a play partner is far more crucial than whether your carpenter has the right qualifications.

nogrey app

The app only works with the buy-in from those it is intended to service and NoGrey has support by the bucket-load from the kink community. Many people we spoke to were surprised that an app like this hasn’t already been thought and of those people who are already using it they can’t believe how they managed without it.

The tailored profile feature is also an impressive feature of the app and basically allows you to fully customize your play preferences using different interest levels depending on an activity and with whom. Let’s face it, we all have different tolerances to play at differing times and in differing situations so being able to create a custom profile which can be applied to different people or groups is a genius idea; particularly for those people who like to switch.

In our opinion, using NoGrey to plan your scenes is an absolute no-brainer; if you get invited to a play session in future, it’s in everyone’s best interests to do the planning and evaluation over this app. After all, the service is entirely free and the benefits too big to ignore.

What’s more, the app is still being developed and new updates are being released all the time to incorporate yet more good ideas generated by the very community it serves to make this one of the best social networking and useful planning tools you will ever find.

There’s no grey area about whether this app is a good idea or not; empowering exploration, NoGrey is a sophisticated tool that no kinkster should be without.

Features images via NoGrey.

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