No Strings Attached Review

Are you married or ‘attached’ and looking for a bit of fun on the side?

If you are in a relationship, whether you are married, engaged or just with a long-term partner, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to continue playing the field. No Strings Attached is a niche online matching service that allows single and attached people to hook-up. It’s a freemium platform without any judgement run by one of the largest online dating companies in the world and can offer more than 3 million potential short-term encounters.

In this review, we take a closer look at the married affairs and dating website, No Strings Attached including the costs of membership, key features and whether it’s worth joining.

What is No Strings Attached?

Powered by Various Inc. who also operate Adult Friend Finder, No Strings Attached is a niche dating site targeted at single and married people who are looking to have an affair.

have an affair with no strings attached dating review
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Various Inc. works by compiling its huge membership database and creating a series of spin-off sites that cater to more specific groups of people. Their entire portfolio is a varied one and includes a Christian dating service, Big Church as well as more fetish and kink orientated platforms like the hugely popular BDSM dating site

The result is that Various Inc can tailor their various platforms to include the profiles of millions of members who all share a common fetish, fantasy, lifestyle or traits. Bottom line? Customers only have to register on one site but their details will automatically be used on any of the networks dating platforms that relate to their needs, wants and desires.

No Strings Attached is therefore a melting pot of all those Adult Friend Finder users who have indicated that they are in a relationship and looking for something on the side or who are interested in dating married men/women. That’s in addition to those customers who have registered via the No Strings Attached portal.

Despite the fact that the site itself has only around 85,000 monthly direct hits in total, the Adult Friend Finder Network is estimated to have over 80 million users worldwide and No Strings Attached reports to have 3.4 million people on its database.

That’s a lot of potential hook-ups!

What’s Special About No Strings Attached?

In the main, No Strings Attached offers a very similar experience to most online dating platforms. You simply register some basic details and the site, via geo-data, shows you a selection of thumbnails from profiles that are close to your home town.

no strings attached review

You can use the free (but basic) search filters to sort through the results to narrow down the distance and age of potential matches but that’s about all you can do on your free account, including contacting other members; however, you can send them a little ‘flirt’.

VIP members can use a more advanced search facility and really drill down on the local results by ethnicity, body type, height, religion, physical appearance and social habits (drinking, smoking, drugs etc).  Paid members can then contact other members directly using the in-site messaging service as well as view photos and videos uploaded by other users.

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You can opt to upgrade your profile which means that your thumbnail and bio will get priority listing and any emails or messages you send will automatically stand out from the crowd.

Who’s Viewing Me

VIP members can find a list of those other users who are have been looking at their profile. An ideal way to strike while the iron is hot, you can message or flirt with these people directly to shift them off the pot.

In-House Messaging

Whilst you do need to use a personal address to register your account and this will be used to receive notifications from the service, all messaging is done via No Strings Attached. This means you wont have to worry about leaving tell-tale messages on your personal email account.

Private Calls

As well as ensuring privacy when it comes to written communication, No Strings Attached also facilitates secure VoIP so you can chat with other members without revealing your personal phone number.

Open The Door

VIP members can opt to ‘Open The Door’ which will allow non-VIP members to contact them directly. There are pros and cons to this and you will need to pay extra for this feature.

Live Member and Model Webcams

No Strings Attached members can stream themselves live via the site using the webcam service. This is in addition to the platform providing a selection of regular models and adult stars who are also broadcasting.

Cheating Tips

As ‘experts’ in the field of cheating, the No Strings Attached site offers some free tips on how to help its members avoid detection as they embark on their affairs.

Competing directly with the likes of the hugely popular married people’s dating website Ashley Madison, No Strings Attached has a lot of extra features to offer. It’s also a close rival to C-Date, a heavily European focused hookups site.

no strings attached cheating tips


At the current time, No Strings Attached is only available via your web-browser and there are no apps for smartphones/tablets.

Registering To Use No Strings Attached

Registering for an account with this platform is easy enough and simply requires you to have a valid email address.

Once you have validated your account via an email link, you will be asked to set-up your profile and add some basic details:

  • Location
  • Closest City
  • Date of Birth
  • Race
  • Body Type
  • Height
  • Endowment/Body Type

You will also be asked to provide a headline status and a brief description of who you are and what you are looking for.

Lastly, you will need to identify whether you are looking for virtual encounters only or a short-term relationship/physical affair.

After you’ve done this you are good to go and can start searching for other members. Unfortunately you won’t be able to contact any of them unless you are a paying member or they have paid to ‘Open The Door’ (see above).

What Does Joining No Strings Attached Cost?

Registering an account to be able to simply browse the available members in your area is 100% free. However, premium features as detailed above which include being able to contact other members, view photos/watch photos plus perform advanced searches must all be paid for.

VIP membership costs are currently being charged as follows:

  • $29.95 for one month
  • $59.95 for three months
  • $161.10 for twelve months

There are additional costs for features such as ‘Open The Door’ and ‘Highlights’ and these are charged as follows:

Duration Open The Door Highlights
One Month $19.95 $9.95
Three Months $35.90 $26.85

Investing in a VIP membership shows other members that you are serious about finding a match on the site and, we guess, that you’re solvent enough to subscribe!

No Strings Attached Review: We Say…

The ethics and morals of having an affair are nobody else’s to judge and, as the saying goes, before you criticize anyone….you should walk a mile in their shoes. Sometimes an extramarital relationship comes out of boredom, curiosity or necessity whilst other times it can be a complex string of events which lead someone to hooking up with someone new. The bottom line is that affairs and extramarital casual sex goes on and having dedicated platforms like this one just makes it safer and easier to arrange.

No Strings Attached comes backed up with the security, privacy and scale afforded by one of the largest dating networks in the world; Adult Friend Finder. As a result, the site has a high trust factor and a large userbase. Reviews of real-life customer experiences suggest that the results you can find through the site are pretty good and there are a high number of genuine profiles on the site. However, as with any online dating sites there are always going to be fake and scam profiles on here, particularly as there are no verification systems in place to authenticate the identity of those people using No Strings Attached. And for good reason too. People who are interested in affair dating don’t want the ‘Spanish Inquisition’.

have an affair with no strings attached dating site review

With this in mind, it is a widely held belief that VIP members get a much better experience of the site. Not only can you access the more advanced search features and communicate with other members more easily but you also know that if you are talking to someone who has paid for a premium membership then they are actually serious about the service.

As ever, any form of online dating comes with the usual security caveats and you should exercise caution when discussing your personal details with someone you have met online and always be safe when you arrange to meet.

Overall though, No Strings Attached offers a solid platform from which to launch your affair dating adventures.

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