Flight Attendants on OnlyFans: What Are They Selling?

flight attendants sell on onlyfans

Have you heard the ‘scandalous’ news of flight attendants on OnlyFans? Economically, the global pandemic has been harsh for all of us and 2020 saw a record number of people struggling to cope financially. But the nature of the lockdowns and closures for some industries has been tougher for others, particularly those in hospitality and … Read more

Is Amazon Alexa Snooping on Your Sex Life?

is amazon alexa snooping on your sex life

Did you know that Amazon Alexa could be activated by the sounds you make when you have sex? The adoption rate of smart speakers in our homes has been on an exponential rise over the last few years and, it is estimated that, more than a quarter of households in the U.S. and one in … Read more

Is New York About to Legalize Sex Work?

could new york sex work be legalized

Could New York be about to follow Nevada in legalizing prostitution? A draft bill has been introduced in New York that might not see the state become the second region of the United States where prostitution is legalized but they could become the first to decriminalize sex work. In a package of measures aimed at … Read more