NarcosXXX Review

Looking for an adult game with something more than just sex? Take a look at NarcosXXX.

The world of drug dealers and narcotics empires is in vogue at the moment with Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ proving extremely popular.

Following on from the success of ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Kingpin’, ‘El Chapo‘ and ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ it was only a matter of time before the sex game industry decided to create a version for adults to play.

Sex game parodies are extremely popular and if ‘Grand Fuck Auto’ and ‘Call of Booty’ are anything to go by, why shouldn’t a porno game of ‘Narcos’ work?

An adult game combining both sex and drugs, we find out whether NarcosXXX is as rock and roll as it seems in our full review.

What is NarcosXXX?

Based on the legendary Pablo Escobar, NarcosXXX is a role-playing 3D sim game that lets you explore the world of the Colombian drug lord.

Not only do you get to stand in the shoes of the ‘King of Cocaine’ and run the The Medellin Narcos Trafficante Cartel but you also get to lie in his bed. It is an erotic game filled with opportunities to have sex with beautifully animated women as well as get involved in gangland shoot ‘em ups.

narcos xxx adult sex game
The sex in NarcosXXX is hardcore and exciting.

Gameplay is traditional first person, POV and the environment ranges from the drug lord’s mansion house to brothels, Colombian drug labs and even prison.

It is an addictive game that lets you follow an engaging narrative with a good sideline in 3D hardcore porn.

How to Play NarcosXXX

When you first start using the game, you need to decide which side you want to play on; the Policia or that of the Cartel. Then you get the option to choose gender and the level of hardcore style game you want to play; Soft, Hard or Shocking.

You will then need to verify your age by providing your credit card details.

Once you’ve set up an account, you get to customise your character and get started in role.

Navigating the game is easy and uses standard mouse control with point and click functionality.

Most areas of the environment have items that you can fully interact with and highlighting tools and objects gives you a sub-menu to select an action from.

The premise of the game is pretty straightforward; you start as a member of the cartel and you must fight your way to the top of your game.

Kill your enemies, screw as many women as you can find and protect your drugs empire…unless, that is, you choose to fight on the side of the Policia.

But how many people would choose to play as the police?

The journey to the top isn’t easy and you have cops and the DEA to contend with as well as crooked cartel members and  horny whores.

narcosxxx sex game
Plenty gets in the way of a drug lord trying to stay at the top of his cartel. Paying for whores is the least of his troubles.

NarcosXXX: Technical Specifications

The game is still only available in a beta version at the moment so there are quite a few bugs that need ironing out including some freezing, glitching and random areas where functionality gets lost.

The game doesn’t require a download but is played in-browser using Flash.

Who Uses NarcosXXX?

NarcosXXX gets around 1.6 million visitors every month with the majority of these being from the USA. Other countries where the game is popular include Brazil, Germany, China and India.

What Does Playing NarcosXXX Cost?

Though gameplay is free, your credit card details will be used to access a free 2-day trial of a premium porn site network. This is a similar model to what Sex Emulator offers.

If you don’t cancel your trial within 48-hours then your card will be used to automatically renew this subscription. It comes at a cost of $39.95 per month and there is no way to verify your account without opting in to this 2-day trial.

There is an additional bonus offer of a 7-day trial to and a 10-day trial of which are renewed at a charge of $39.94 and $49.95 per month unless cancelled. However, you can opt out of both of these add-ons.

Signing up to the NarcosXXX game will give you access to further HD adult games, the above porn networks and a free webcam account. There are no additional charges and no hidden fees, but be sure to cancel what you don’t want/need.

Taste testing a new batch of drugs never tasted so good!

NarcosXXX Review: Our Verdict

Though Pablo Escobar was once the most hunted man on earth, this game (based on elements of his life) has the potential to be just as illustrious…once it gets the bugs worked out.

Parts of the game are richly imagined and incredibly well detailed with lots of actions available to players.

You can easily see the similarity between this project and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and that’s because the same team is working on the graphics and gameplay. However, there are areas which let the side down, audio and music being two of them.

The gameplay falters at points and the action seems to stop but this does give you the opportunity to spend more time with the women instead of battling your enemies.

We aren’t familiar with the real-life drugs world but it seems like Escobar maybe had more time on his hands than Netflix likes to imagine in ‘Narcos’.

The fact that the subscription of the service gives you access to plenty of premium porn may just tip some users to taking the plunge.

If you get bored of the game after a few weeks, at least you will have a huge network of hardcore films to fall back on plus you can always cancel your subscription at any point.

Overall, we love the idea of this game and at points it really hits the sweet spot, truly graphic scenes with great animation and a hardcore appeal that is only rivalled by the top porn studios.

However, we’d like to see more of the bugs ironed out and maybe a more complex storyline as the game progresses. Not too difficult but just something to make us feel like we’ve earned our downtime in the whorehouse.