MyFreeCams vs. Chaturbate: Which Has The Best Free Cams?

Want to know how My Free Cams compares to Chaturbate?

They are two of the biggest freemium live cam sites in the adult industry, but we wanted to know which of the two has the better reputation, the best prices and the most  users.

In short, how does My Free Cams compare to Chaturbate? And which is the better camming site?

In this feature, we take a look at the most recent data to pit two of the biggest live adult cam sites head to head. From usage statistics to prices and geographical popularity, we aim to find out who wins the battle of the cam sites between My Free Cams and Chaturbate in 2020.

MyFreeCams vs Chaturbate: Who Is The King of FreeCams?

Two household names in the live cam industry, My Free Cams and Chaturbate both enjoy enormous popularity with the former being one of the original adult cam sites and the latter bursting onto the scene around a decade later.

Here is how they compare.


Launched in March 2002, My Free Cams redefined the live camming landscape by offering the services of its performers for free. They were the first website to do this and do it successfully.

who is best my free cams vs chaturbate

Behind the scenes: Filming MFC TV at Exxxotica Ft Lauderdale.
Models left to right: xRubyx, AspenRae, Starblossom. Image via MFC Facebook.

However, whilst the counter intuitive approach of getting something for nothing was an instant success for viewers it was initially less popular with the cam girls themselves. Instead of paying for a private 1-to-1 chat, audiences instead were encouraged to tip the performers to help get the action started. In this way, large groups could benefit from the generosity of others and the ‘pooled’ resources of many, mean that everyone could enjoy a free sex show.

By 2010, My Free Cams was one of the largest adult cam sites in the world and reportedly had over five million members and over 100,000 models, all categorised for the user’s convenience (Big Tits, Asian, Teen, etc).


Launched in February 2011, Chaturbate took the mantel from sites like MyFreeCams and ran with it to create an exciting new freemium service.

This bold move proved to be a wise business decision and Chaturbate now enjoys a top five position in the most popular adult websites in the world.

Registered to a holding company called Multi Media LLC , there is very little public information available about the finances of the business so we can’t report on how much money the site earns for itself. However, judging by what thousands of cam girls are reportedly being paid, the owners must be absolutely minted!

Head to Head: Usage Stats

Using data obtained from the popular analytics website, SimilarWeb, we can easily see that Chaturbate takes the crown for the most popular of the two camming sites. Ranked as the 54th most visited website in the world, Chaturbate is also the 5th most popular global adult website; only being outperformed by the top porn tube sites, Pornhub, XVideos, XNXX and XHamster. This makes it the world’s most visited camming site.

Metric My Free Cams Chaturbate
Global Site Ranking 314 54
Adult Category Site Ranking 31 5
Approx. Monthly Visitors 142 million 435 million
Average Visit Duration 4 mins 29 secs 10 mins 59 secs
Pages Per Visit 3.54 10.01
Most Popular Traffic Source Countries United States

United Kingdom




United States

United Kingdom




Not only does Chaturbate have three times as many visitors but those who do hit the site are likely to stick around 2.5 times longer and visit 2.5 times as many pages during each visit.

Both sites are more popular in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada and have a reach into Europe as well as Latin America.

chaturbate who is best my free cams vs chaturbate

Chaturbate is consistently ranked as the top live cam site in the world. Image via Wikimedia.


With volume, duration and diversity on their side, the winner of this round is by far and away, Chaturbate.

Head to Head: Awards

Who better to settle a dispute of which site is best than the industry professionals themselves and we’ve looked at the most popular awards to see who takes the crown.

Of course, there are dozens of gongs up for grabs each year and plenty of websites awarding them, so we’ve just focused on the largest players (Adult Webcam Awards (AWA), XBiz, Adult Webcam(AW) and the Live Cam Awards):

My Free Cams

  • 2019 XBiz Awards – Cam Site of the Year
  • 2018 XBiz Awards – Cam Site of the Year – North America
  • 2017 XBiz Awards –  Adult Site of the Year — Live Cam (North America)
  • 2013 XBiz Awards – Live Cam Site of the Year
  • 2012 XBiz Awards – Live Cam Site of the Year
  • 2011 XBiz Awards – Live Cam Site of the Year
FreeCams pic

Some of the previous awards won by My Free Cams. Image via Wiki MyFreeCams.


  • 2019 XBiz Awards – Cam Site of the Year (Gay)
  • 2018 Live Cam Awards – Best Overall Live Cam Site
  • 2018 AW Awards – North American Platform
  • 2018 XBiz Awards – Cam Company of the Year – North America
  • 2017 XBiz Awards – Live Cam Company of the Year — North America
  • 2017 AW Awards – Most Innovative Cam Site of the Year
  • 2017 AW Awards – Homorific Award
  • 2017 Live Cam Awards – Most Innovative Live Cam Site
  • 2016 XBiz Awards –  Adult Site of the Year — Live Cam (North America)
  • 2016 AW Awards – Freemium Camsite of the Year
  • 2016 AW Awards – Most Innovative Cam Site
  • 2016 AWA Awards – Best Overall Adult Webcam Site
  • 2016 AWA Awards – Best Credits/Tokens Adult Cams Site
  • 2016 Live Cam Awards – Most Innovative Live Cam Site
  • 2016 Live Cam Awards – Best North American Live Cam Site


Taking 2.5 times more awards than My Free Cams, Chaturbate should, by rights, romp home in this category. Interestingly though, Chaturbate has actually only taken the most prestigious title of ‘Live Cam Site of the Year’, once in the 2018 Live Cam Awards. The rest of their gongs have been in niche fields like ‘Gay’, ‘North America’ and for innovation. By contrast, My Free Cams has won this coveted title four times including in the most recent 2019 awards from one of the leading judges of the adult industry.

For this reason, we are awarding a tie for this category proving that it is quality and not just quantity that will win you the race.

Head to Head: Costs

So, we now know which site attracts the most traffic and how they are faring in the industry but what about for the users themselves? And what about the models? How much money do the cam stars receive from the tips and what can tips buy as an audience?

We take a closer look at the costs of each of these sites to determine which one provides the best value for users and the most profit for performers.

is chaturbate the best live cam site or my free cams

How much does it cost to enjoy a show on Chaturbate and My Free Cams? Image via Wikimedia.

My Free Cams

Both Chaturbate and My Free Cams are freemium live cam services and you can enjoy a live show in the company of others for absolutely nothing. However, you can also pay for a private 1-to-1 with any model and get personal, focused attention….for a fee.

So, how much are the private chats at My Free Cams?

A private show costs 1 token a second or 60 tokens per minute which makes a ten-minute show on the site a total of 600 tokens.

Depending on how many tokens you purchase in one transaction, each token is worth between $0.08 and $0.10. This means that a ten-minute private chat will cost you $48 to $60.

For other types of chat such as group shows, spy shows and truly private shows, the costs are as follows:

Type of Session Rate/minute Cost of a 10 Minute Show
Spy Show 20 Tokens $16 to $20
Group Show 10 Tokens $8 to $10
True Private 80 Tokens $64 to $80

As for what each performer will do for tips, this varies across the site and you can find some interactive toys available to control for as little as 40 tokens all the way up to several hundred.

is my free cams the best live cam site or chaturbate

Though a free to view site, the costs of watching a show can add up. There are normally well over 100 free sex shows online at any given time in the top categories. Image via Wikimedia.

And, what percentage of the session fees do the performers make?

Models earn a flat fee of $0.05 per token irrespective of what the purchase price was for a token by the user. This means that for a 10-minute private show, models will earn a fixed fee of $30.

Premium membership is free to all users who make a purchase of tokens and gives you access to all of the sites features.


The cost of a private show in Chaturbate varies depending on the model themselves as they can all set their own rates. These can start as low as just 6 tokens a minute or go up beyond 90 tokens a minute.

Like My Free Cams, tokens on Chaturbate vary in price depending on how many you purchase at one time. The cheapest rate is just under $0.08 whilst the most expensive is $0.11.

This means the cost of a ten-minute show on Chaturbate could vary as much as $4.80 up to more than $99!

Tipping, just like with MyFreeCams, varies across the site and you can find models who will perform for next to nothing whilst others demand much higher sums for even smiling. It all depends on how popular they are.

You can pay an extra $19.95 per month to become a premium member of Chaturbate which gives you access to lots of neat features, removes ads and makes you more prominent in group chats. You can also pay to join the ‘Fan Club’ of your favorite models (costs vary).

which is the best cam site chaturbate or my free cams

What kind of money do the girls make on Chaturbate? Image via Flickr.

And how much of all this does the performer receive?

Just like with My Free Cams, models earn $0.05 per token which means that a ten-minute private session could see them make anywhere from $1.50 to $49.50+.


From both the perspective of paying for the services on these sites and making money, we think My Free Cams wins the category. Although when you compare the prices to other sites, both Chaturbate and MyFreeCams can be expensive, at least with MyFreeCams there is more consistency.

Better than Chaturbate? We’ll say just about. 

FreeCams Compared: Chaturbate vs My Free Cams

So far, it is an honorable draw between the two sites and reflecting across the two offerings, we’d have to judge that this is actually quite a fair conclusion.

If you take into consideration the design of the site and the navigation then Chaturbate may just pip the post. My Free Cams has a dated look to it that is indicative of the fact that the format is now 17 years old. The former is slick with a modern and responsive design that is easy to navigate. By contrast, the latter has the feel of an ‘old-skool’ chatroom.

who wins out of chaturbate or my free cams

My Free Cams and Chaturbate; who gets to stick it to the other? Image via Wikimedia.

They both have a huge variety of cam models to choose from and the quality of the streams are generally very good whichever site you choose. This is more indicative of the right technology being more readily available for cam models than any great quality control initiative.

Both offer performers that have interactive toys and both have models from across the world including Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe as well as in the United States and Canada.

If you are looking for a cam site that embraces more diversity and want to watch gay or transsexual models then Chaturbate would win out as MyFreeCams just doesn’t cater for this niche. In fact, they do not have any male models on their site at all, including couples.

For this reason, we have decided that Chaturbate just narrowly edges a win here. So, for 2019 the Red Light Network judges Chaturbate the winner of the Freemium Cam Site of the Year.

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    When looking at the traffic metrics, one thing that should be stated: Chaturbate offers a whitelabel while MyFreeCams doesn’t. Therefore, the traffic stats for CB is much greater, as Alexa, SimilarWeb and other similar networks can’t account for the whitelabeled traffic that a network has going. Granted; CB’s whitelabel isn’t used by the big names that Streamate has rocking, but they actually offer a whitelabel, while MFC doesn’t.

    Good comparison!