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Fancy riding a high-tech sex toy to mind-blowing orgasm?

When it comes to saddle sex machines, you might already be familiar with the Sybian or The Tremor. A ride-on sex toy with a mountable dildo that delivers a hammering thrust or a quaking vibration, these machines are popular with adult movie studios and cam models. But did you know that these aren’t the only powerful pieces of furniture you can get kinky with?

Yes, the Motorbunny is one hell of an advanced sit-on sex toy and comes with a staggering range of accessories. In our Motorbunny review, we look at the two most popular designs, and what makes this award-winning pleasure machine so popular.

What Is The Motorbunny Sex Toy?

Launched in 2017, the Motorbunny is a ride on sex machine which comes with plenty of bells and whistles to make your playtime super exciting.

A powerful sex toy, Motorbunny is available in two designs:

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Both machines provide a powerful ‘0-11’ vibration using a 7,000 RPM motor and come with a huge range of dildos to attach so you can completely tailor your playtime experience.

The designs also incorporate 4 rugged, stainless steel eyelets on the side of the machines so you can also use clamps and restraints when you play.

Motorbunny Original

motorbunny original review

The Motorbunny Original is a basic saddle design which not only delivers extreme vibrations but also features a ‘twirl’ function.

Fully adjustable from 0-160 RPM, this means that those dildos can stir up some real pleasure!

Mains powered with a 12-foot cable, you can add a separate LINK module to add Bluetooth app control to your device. This means you can program the Motorbunny Original with your own vibrating patterns and waves or even offer up control remotely to someone else.

Able to support a total load of up to 1,000 lbs (or, two people) the Original is a durable and solid piece of kit.

It weighs in at 17.8 lbs and measures 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L.

Motorbunny Buck

motorbunny buck review

The Buck Thrusting Machine has an identical base design but the rotating mechanism has been replaced with a thrust motor.

This means that your attachments not only vibrate with insanely pleasurable intensity but they also deliver pounding stimulation.

There are two settings which can be toggled to suit:

  • Thrust: Up and Down, 38-187 thrusts per minute
  • G-Thrust: Up and Forward, 39-190 thrusts per minute

So, depending on which attachments and settings you use, the sensations can be varied to give you the ride of your life!

Accessories & Attachments

Both the Original and Buck can be completely customized to suit your own tastes and Motorbunny sell a staggering collection of silicone and TPE attachments for your new toy.

This includes low riders which don’t penetrate but simply vibrate as well as standard and large dildos.

motorbunny attachments

There are even attachments for men which turn the Motorbunny into a jiggling butt ready for action.

Plus, if you can’t find anything you like the look of, you can even purchase a Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock adapter so you can BYOD to the party!

Hell, they even sell a range of attachments which are compatible with the Sybian!

And as well as dildo attachments you can also purchase some other accessories to enhance playtime with your new Motorbunny:

  • Right Angle Wedge: This foam support base transforms the Motorbunny from horizontal to vertical so you can enjoy prone or doggystyle stimulation.
motorbunny accesories
  • Knee Pad Attachment: All that straddling action can really take it out of your knees so these pads can make your playtime more comfortable.
  • Easy Rider Freedom Sling: Another device to make using the Motorbunny easier to use, the sling can be used with a partner or the saddle sex machine.

And, of course, the Motorbunny ride-on sex machines have those handy stainless steel eyelets so you can buy BDSM restraints and mounted nipple clamps.

You can also pick up a nice range of covers, cases and replacement adaptors, rods and springs.

The World’s Most Advanced Power-Vibe

The Motorbunny ride-on sex machine gets its vibrations from an eye-wateringly powerful motor but that’s not the only thing which makes this one of the most advanced pieces of sex tech on the market….

LINK Technology

For some added fun, you can pay to upgrade your Motorbunny to include remote controlled LINK technology.

This high-tech wireless integrated control function lets the user configure their ride-on sex toy for:

  • Long-distance remote access
  • Integrated adult gaming
  • Music-synchronization
  • Pre-programmed riding routines

All YOU need to do is plug in the LINK controller, download the app to your smartphone or tablet device and away you go.

It’s a great way to make the toy more interactive and you can pass over control to a long-distance lover.

Cam models are particularly enamoured with this functionality as it integrates seamlessly into cam platforms like Chaturbate.

motorbunny bluetooth link controller

You can even use voice commands through Siri so you can enjoy a fully hands-free playtime!

Oh, and Motorbunny even works with some cool adult games like Fappy Bunny; a fun little platform app which vibrates as your character soars through the game. But, beware, one wrong move and you get one hell of a monster buzz!

How Much Is a Motorbunny?

The basic model of the Motorbunny Original costs $899 and comes with 4 standard TPE attachments and free shipping.

Or you can upgrade your purchase to include additional accessories as follows:

  • Connected: ($999): Comes with 4 attachments plus LINK technology.
  • Supreme ($1,139): Comes with 7 attachments, nipple clamps and knee pads.
  • Ultimate ($1,279): Comes with 9 attachments, 3 covers, nipple clamps, knee pads and 2 restraints.
  • Ultimate Road Trip ($1,269): Comes with 7 attachments and a case plus LINK technology.

If you want to purchase a Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Machine then you are going to be spending a minimum of $1,549 for the basic kit.

Spend another $100 to upgrade your purchase to include the Vac-U-Lock bundle.

Motorbunny Coupon Code

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Financing Options

Investing in one of these ultimate pleasure machines isn’t cheap but Motorbunny offers the option of 0% financing so you can shop now, pay later.

Provided by Klarna, there are a couple of ways to pay for your Motorbunny and you can choose from:

  • 4 Interest Free Instalments
  • Monthly Financing

See website for further details.

buying motorbunny

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Motorbunny

The manufacturers are so confident in the performance of the Motorbunny that every device comes with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee.

So, if you try it out and it doesn’t hit the right spot then you can simply ship it back (without any attachments) and you can get some money back.

It’s not a 100% refund as Motorbunny deduct a fee of $199 for inspection and returns but its not a bad insurance against the purchase price.

Covered by a Full Warranty

The Motorbunny Original come with a Five-Year Warranty which means the company will repair or replace your device if it’s found to be faulty.

Obviously if any damage is found to be a result of over-exuberant play then you might not be covered!

Outside of the first five years you are still covered by the Ten-Year Quality Guarantee and if there are mechanical issues then you can qualify for free repair. And if the Motorbunny can’t be fixed then you can qualify for a 50% discount for a replacement machine.

Note: The Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Machine only comes with a One-Year Warranty.

Motorbunny Review: The #1 Pleasure Machine?

Saddle style sex machines aren’t new and the Sybian is probably the most well known brand of ride-on sex toy on the market.

See more: our pick of the best sex furniture on the market.

Yet, the Motorbunny proves that there is room on the market for another big gun.

If you directly compare the two designs, the Sybian lacks several features.

Notably, the Motorbunny comes with that all-important LINK technology and this makes it a pretty popular toy for cam models as well as individuals in a long-distance relationship.

motorbunny remote sex link controller

The Sybian’s motor is also slightly less powerful, it weighs more and doesn’t come with those fancy stainless steel eyelets.

When it comes to spending over a grand on a sex toy you are going to want some assurances that your money is being well invested. We love the fact that the Motorbunny comes with so many guarantees and warranties PLUS there are more than 500 authentic product reviews available to read on their website.

And judging by all those satisfied customers, there are only a couple of complaints that people have.

The first is the fact that the Motorbunny isn’t whisper quiet. When you consider just how powerful the motor is that delivers those intense vibrations, it would be difficult to completely dampen the sound but it is worth bearing in mind.

The second is the thrust range on the Buck machine. Unlike some sex machines you may have seen online (and these are often custom made or DIY designs), the Motorbunny Buck doesn’t quite extend upwards as much as some people would like.

The solution to this is to buy a longer attachment or even use a custom sleeve to give your existing dildo a few more inches in length.

review motorbunny buck

Overall though, most customers are delighted with their purchase and give the Motorbunny a 90% Five Star rating.

Yes, you are looking at parting company with a serious amount of cash if you want to own a Motorbunny but with those attractive financing options, it’s a lot more affordable than you think.

On the upside, this toy is possibly one of the best things you will ever own to enhance your sex life. Not only does it deliver some seriously memorable orgasms during solo play but can also transform the way you and your partner get intimate.

The bottom line is that this could very well be the last sex toy that you ever buy.

Is it worth it?

We’ll leave you with this though, as Winston Churchill once famously said (okay, it was about horses), “No hour of life is wasted spent in the saddle…”.

Check out the Motorbunny today!

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