10 Famous Male Pornstars: The True Kings of Porn

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You’re on a first-name basis with your favorite female pornstars, and you probably know much more about them than you’re willing to admit. 

But why is it that male porn performers are so often seen as accessories? In truth, they’re stars in their own right — and just as worth paying attention to as female pornstars are. After all, they’re often the ones doing the real heavy lifting in a scene.

Some of the most famous male pornstars include legendary names like Rocco Siffredi, Manuel Ferrara and Lexington Steele. Of course, everybody’s heard of Ron Jeremy too, right?! But how many of the top male porn stars can you name? And which of these adult industry legends are considered the best of the best?

In our list below, we present our candidates for the 10 greatest male porn stars of all time. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the true KINGS of the adult entertainment industry, and what sets them apart from their peers.

These adult movie legends are responsible for bringing some of the best porn in the world into existence. 

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10 Most Famous Male Pornstars

Most famous male pornstars
Our full guide to the most famous male pornstars, pic courtesy of Rick Hall (CC)

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You know exactly which legendary male icon of porn we have to start with, right?

It has to be…

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco most famous male porn stars
Rocco, greatest male porn star ever?

Let’s start off with one of the biggest — and we do mean the biggest — male pornstars of all time: Rocco Siffredi. 

This Italian Stallion remains an incredible celebrated performer.

Though he’s mostly known for his size, Rocco is also responsible for bringing more hardcore porn into the mainstream. 

Rocco is beloved by female performers for his ability to respect limits and instill a deep sense of trust in his scene partners. Many people who have worked with him insist that there are certain things they would only be willing to shoot with him — and no other performers in the industry.

He’s also happily married to another adult film star and has even worked with the world-famous film director Catherine Breillat. 

Want to watch more of Rocco, but without the hardcore stuff? Be sure to check out the documentary about his life, aptly titled just Rocco.

Manuel Ferrara

Manual Ferrara male porn legend
The legendary French porn star, Manuel Ferrara

Perhaps the most famous male pornstar still working today is Frenchman Manuel Ferrara

His incredible good looks and of course, his irresistible French accent, make him the favorite of many in the porn community — and of those who like to watch. 

He’s especially celebrated for his ability to dirty talk and is a six-time winner of the AVN Male Performer of the Year Award. He also does lots of group sex scenes, which certainly have earned him many admirers.

Interestingly, he was mentored by Siffredi, which is why so many people see similarities in their styles.

Recently, Ferrara has also started to direct pornography under his own studio, Manuel Ferrara Productions. He says that he’s thought about retiring many times, but that the genuine friendships he’s formed with many fellow performers often make it tough to turn down roles. 

He is the father to four children, including one with fellow pornstar Kayden Kross.

Evan Stone

Evan Stone, men of porn
Evan Stone, on set with Missy Monroe.

Of course, no list of famous male pornstars would be complete without a mention of Evan Stone. 

He’s especially popular among women who prefer the “Fabio” look and is known for his long, luscious locks of hair. Stone also has one of the best senses of humor in the industry — likely because he’s also worked as a standup comedian. 

He’s worked on close to 2,000 different porn shoots in his life, so chances are, you’ve definitely seen him in something. In fact, he’s even played Donald Trump in a few recent porn parodies.

Lance Hart

Lance Hart, one of the most prominent men in porn

Lance Hart is also one of the top male porn stars working today — but if you haven’t heard his name, it’s likely because you’re not into his specific niche. 

If you’re looking for the definitive name in male submission porn, including forced bisexuality and femdom porn, you definitely know Lance Hart.

His undeniably good looks and commitment to the kinds of kink that would make most people blush makes him a true boundary breaker. In addition to serving as a plaything for dominant women, he also does lots of porn parody work in some bizarre roleplays, including a Batman and Robin scene. 

Hart is well-known for his contributions to conversations surrounding consent in the porn industry, as well as for standing up for sex worker rights.

Ricky Roman

One of the biggest male pornstars in the gay porn world? 

It has to be none other than Ricky Roman. 

He initially got into porn when a friend invited a then cash-strapped Ricky to take part in a shoot. He found he liked it so much that he decided to make it a full-time gig.

Half Filipino and half Italian, Ricky Roman is also well-known for his obsession with filming public sex scenes. 

Best of all? He’s incredibly versatile.

Zenza Raggi

Zenza Raggi
Zenza Raggi, top male Arab porn actor

No list of male porn performers would be complete without showing one of the biggest Arab porn actors in the industry some love. 

Zenza’s golden skin and gorgeous curly hair make him a popular favorite among men and women alike, though he only performs with female actors. 

He’s known for filming more passionate scenes, which is why his work is so often categorized in the “female friendly” tags.

Unfortunately, Raggi’s career met an early end. He is currently in jail, serving time for possession of illegal narcotics.

Maybe now is the perfect time to get a prison penpal?

Bruce Venture

Bruce Venture
The clean-cut Bruce Venture

Bruce Venture may be one of the younger porn stars on this list, but what he lacks in age, he more than makes up for when it comes to experience. 

He’s also the proud owner of one of the biggest members in the entire industry — something that’s definitely helped his meteoric rise to fame. 

He has classic “boy next door” good looks, and a seriously ripped body to match. Perhaps that’s because he’s always been a big fan of Bruce Lee. In fact, he chose his performance name in honor of his idol. 

He’s been in more than 200 films already, even though he’s only been in the industry for about 5 years.

He can often be found shooting taboo scenes, college scenes, or even doing a little bit of MILF porn

Rico Strong

Rico Strong
Legendary Rico Strong in action

We can’t talk about some of the most famous porn actors without mentioning Rico Strong. 

He’s a legend everywhere, but especially within the interracial genre

He’s well-loved for his rougher scenes and loves to play with power dynamics. He’s also seriously jacked, which makes it even easier for him to have his way with performers. 

He’s also a frequent performer in gangbang videos. So, even if you haven’t actively searched for any of Rico Strong’s stuff, you’ve probably seen him in something on your favorite porn site.  

Tommy Pistol

Tommy Pistol famous male porn star
Mr Hardcore, Tommy Pistol

Not to be confused with another of the most famous male porn stars, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Pistol is the darling of the hardcore taboo scene. 

If you’re into porn that’s a little more out there — and like the rough stuff — Tommy Pistol is one to watch. He’s also extremely committed to talking about consent issues in porn and safewords, which is especially important in the hardcore and taboo community. 

Plus, his Twitter account is full of hilarious gems. He’s also an intense fan or horror films and is working on becoming a crossover star in the horror genre. 

If you like tattoos, playing with limits, and seriously kinky stuff, you’ll love what Tommy Pistol has to offer. 

Lexington Steele

Lex Steele
Mega famous male porn icon, Lexington Steele

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about one of the biggest pornstars in the game: Lexington Steele. 

If there were a “jack of all trades” award in the porn industry, it would almost certainly belong to Lexington Steele. He got his start in old school porn magazines and gradually made his way into video work. 

Now, he’s one of the most sought-after performers in the world. He’s made literally millions of dollars off of his career and overall notoriety. 

From intense BDSM scenes to interracial porn and more softcore stuff, this man has truly done it all. He’s especially well-known for his, well, backdoor work. 


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