Hey, Big Spender: The World’s Largest Cam Show Tips

London cam girl, FitLariss received a staggering 338,000 tokens this month as one of her fans, Cowboybuff77, delivered the astonishing tip through Chaturbate.

With models receiving around $0.05 per token, this generous gift equates to approximately $16,900.

Whilst this is the biggest tip received to date on Chaturbate, is it the biggest tip on a cam site?

We take a look at the etiquette of tipping performers on cam sites and some other stories of extravagant tips.

Record Breaking Cam Tips: Who Gets The Biggest Tips?

FitLariss is a popular model on Chaturbate and Cowboybuff77 is certainly her biggest fan. As a reward, the London cam girl has made him her honorary ‘husband for life’.

chaturbate fitlariss big money tip

What’s not to like? We can see why Cowboybuff77 tipped so highly for this cam girl. Image via fitlariss.

The previous record for the highest single tip on Chaturbate goes to ChronicLove with an unexpected surprise of 252,521 tokens or $12,626.

Not the highest tip but certainly worth mentioning is Chaturbate model LovelyAnne who received two enormous tips; one from an anonymous donor who sent her 130,000 tokens or $6,500 and another for the lucky girl of 169,169 (or $8,460).

Not bad for a day’s work, eh?

However, this kind of pales into comparison to the lucky cam girl, LocaLoca_ (on MyFreeCams) who has also received two big payouts.

The first was in 2015 when she received the highest single tip on a cam site ever, receiving 999,999 tokens from an anonymous user.

Equivalent to $50,000, the tip at the time was the highest amount that any user could donate to a performer but she managed to hit the headlines again in May 2017 when she received a tip of 1.2 million tokens and banked herself $60,000.

Amazingly, this wasn’t enough to secure her the top paid performer spot for the month which went (for the third month running) to CrazyM_. Regularly receiving tips of 999,999 or 99,999 tokens, CrazyM_ is raking in the big bucks on a regular basis.

Most Expensive Cam Show

What all of these tips have in common is that they were given by users as tips, not as an exchange for a cam show or particular performance.

Of course, one would like to think that each of these members were ‘rewarded in kind’ by the grateful recipients of their gifts but none of these stories tells us about the most expensive cam shows. For that, we need to dig a little harder.

On Chaturbate where the cam shows are free you can access private shows for anything up to 90 tokens a minute which is the equivalent of $7-$10 per minute.

The girls set the price, not Chaturbate so the top pay scale is for those performers who think they have something pretty special to offer. And usually they do. The top end cam girls can be pornstars, celebrities or do some very interesting and niche private shows.

There aren’t any stats on the average show time for a cam site but most men visit tube sites for between 5 and 10 minutes making the most expensive shows on the site anywhere from $35 to $100…..unless you’ve got more stamina (and cash) to spare.

Other cam sites charge roughly the same price for private or true private shows at a rate of around $3-$5 per minute so $100 is an expensive show. But what’s the most expensive cam show?

Perhaps the most infamously expensive cam show was purchased in 2014 when a man paid twice for two one hour cam shows at a cost of $42,000 per hour.

Not only did he part with $84,000 but he is yet to claim either of these two shows.

The shows were auctioned on the Kink.com website and were an exclusive comeback gig for the hardcore dominatrix, Maîtresse Madeline Marlowe.

The mistress was pleasantly surprised to get a wire transfer for the money a few days after the auction ended but even more so when the gentlemen, a man from Australia, never got in touch again.

Marlowe believes that the client in question was happy to pay the fee as part of a financial domination and the transaction was all he needed to satisfy his demands.

Maîtresse Madeline Marlowe most expensive cam show

Maîtresse Madeline Marlowe: A $42k cam show? Image via kink.com

With some cam girls reportedly earning $75k a month, there is big money in cam sites but with so many free shows, how do they make their money?

Well, private shows are one way but at $100 for a ten minute session, this would mean spending 7.5 hours every day each month and that’s if you have back to back, premium rate private shows on Chaturbate.

The only way that these girls could be earning anywhere near this kind of money is by way of tips. So, just what is the tipping etiquette of cam sites and what does it get you?

The Etiquette of Tipping Cam Girls

We’re pretty sure that users who tip thousands of tokens are received well by cam performers but we can’t all afford to part with that kind of money. So, what are the rules on tipping and can you get a good show without paying through the nose for it?

Firstly, the golden rule to remember is that a tipped cam girl is a happy cam girl and a happy cam girl will do all she can to please her audience. Tip well, tip regularly and tip at the right time and you could make your way into a cam girls good books.

The second thing to bear in mind is that tipping is a must. Whilst there are many cam sites that operate for free, these girls are working for rewards. Don’t be the zero-token member who lurks in the background who doesn’t bring anything to the party; worse, don’t be the freeloader who asks a girl to do things and then doesn’t pay for it.

Cam sites are a legitimate way for performers to make money and for guys to get something very specific back in return. There is a price to pay for this as a service.

Next, remember that whilst girls like their men to be generous, tipping for tipping sake isn’t half as rewarding for either of you unless there is something linked to it.

Not all girls will do all kinds things for tips but most will have a list of what tips can buy you on their group shows. Some girls (or couples) have a menu from which you can make requests but you should always ask before you tip and just expect it to be done. The girls are there to please but they aren’t performing monkeys.

If they have a large group in their room then accommodating everyone who tips can be tricky…think about it.

tipping cam show girls

Most girls have a menu of what they will do for tips so do check them out.

Lastly, when it comes to tipping, learn rule #1: the more you give, the more you get.

Just remember that tipping $17k is probably not going to get you anything more than an emergency meeting with your bank manager…

Featured image via FitLariss, Chaturbate.

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