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Looking for a world-beating adult marketplace to sell your content?

If you are an independent amateur creator of adult content and want to sell your clips and pics online then you’ll likely be looking for a sales platform that reaches the biggest audience possible.

ModelHub is part of the Pornhub stable and benefits from monthly audience figures in excess of three billion people. Offering innovative ways to monetize fan subscriptions, receive tips/tributes and even earn from your free content, the site lets you rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in porn.

In this ModelHub review, we take a closer look at the platform and find out what kind of services it offers its creators – and how you can use it to make money from the adult industry.

What is ModelHub?

Operated by the world’s largest adult site, Pornhub, ModelHub is a platform where amateur models can sell and share their content.

Not only that but creators can also sell subscriptions to their channels to monetize their loyal fans as well as receive tips and tributes for their work.

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The platform was launched in June 2018 as a way of expanding its services for the 57,000+ models who already contributed content to their site.

A range of cam girls, porn stars and amateur creators, the Model Program by Pornhub recognized that without a way of retaining the upload of free material to its site, they would be losing traffic to other platforms.

The result is a one-stop shop where porn fans can check out free material but also access premium content from their favorite professional and indie stars, all without leaving the confines of Pornhub.

A win-win business model, content creators can leverage the huge amount of traffic that Pornhub generates and the site can continue to rely on a steady stream of premium and free content from top porn, indie and cam stars.

This particular business model is also increasingly popular on cam sites. LiveJasmin recently rolled out BimBim, for example, which has a similar appeal to ModelHub.

Why Sell on ModelHub?

The primary reason for selling on Modelhub is clearly the fact that content creators can tap into the huge amount of traffic offered by one of the world’s largest adult websites.

If the fact that your videos could be seen by almost 80 million people every day isn’t a draw then not much else will be.

After all, the burden of marketing and promoting your content is often placed on you whereas here at Modelhub, you can rely on a steady and sizeable stream of visitors.

However, for some, the sheer size of Modelhub could be viewed as a negative as they have to compete with a much larger number of models in order to get attention.

After all, there are only so many pages that a visitor will browse through and not every model will get featured on the first few dozen pages.

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So, what else can Modelhub offer you as an incentive to sign up?

First up, they have one of the best customer service programs in the business with a huge team of dedicated support workers who can help models get started, promote their content and hone their skills. The team are available 24/7 through a mix of social media and email.

The platform also offers a great range of ways to monetize your content including the sale of fan subscriptions as well as videos and pics. You can also tap into some additional ways to earn by opting into programs like Pornhub Premium, ad-revenue share and auto-exports to its partner sites (see below).

And, one of the great things that Pornhub offers is a pay to download feature on your free to view content.

A nice addition to the way you can monetize videos, you can earn twice for your ‘free’ content; once by getting a share of the ad-revenue and again if a member wants to download your video to keep.

They also offer a great range of marketing tools which are free to use and include auto-tweets connected to your social media accounts to help drive targeted traffic to your channel plus your own personalized model website.

ModelHub also has a very large and active community of creators who use Reddit and Discord so you have an instant knowledge base of existing users to help you learn the ropes.

But, if you want additional tutoring and support then there is also a massive selection of video tips and blog articles published on the ModelHub site.

Creators can also take advantage of additional services which include geo-blocking tools and DMCA and Fingerprinting technology to secure your content. Monitoring the top 50 tube sites, all content by models who are opted in for this service will be protected from their videos being ‘stolen’.

Models can also use a coupon campaign on ModelHub to promote sales across their social media channels. This means you can offer discounts for any new business you drive to your ModelHub website and allows you to take some control for your marketing.

Lastly, if you are a cam girl working on Streamate then you will find ModelHub pretty easy to work with as they integrate directly with this camming platform so you can monetize your live streams here as well.

See more: Make money with Streamate.

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What Can You Sell on ModelHub?

As a content creators on ModelHub you can sell:

Models can also receive one-off tips from their fans which can be a good mechanism for monetizing the sale of other services and items.

What Can You Earn Through ModelHub?

One of the nice things about joining ModelHub is the fact that you can link this to their successful and well-paying Model Program. Through the program, content creators can:

  • Earn money through ad-revenue from their free-to-view videos
  • Receive 65% of all video sales (including custom requests)
  • Receive 80% of all subscription sales
  • Receive 80% of all tips
  • Earn $50 for every model referred to the site

You can also increase your sales by adding your premium content to Pornhub Premium and get a cut of the monthly subscription charges to this service. This is currently in the region of $45 per 1000 views.

And, if that wasn’t all, Pornhub also allows you to opt in to its partner-share program which means you can earn cash for your content by auto-uploads to sites like RedTube, Tube8 and YouPorn.

Modelhub also runs regular contests with the top earners on their platform winning cash prizes. Calculated monthly, the winnings can be as much as $1,000 with special categories for Top Newcomers, Top Amateurs and monthly themed competitions.

In total, the site pays out more than $165,000 each month in competition prizes and ModelHub believes that its top creators can realistically earn more than $10,000 each month.

Payments are made monthly as long as you have a minimum amount of $100 to withdraw.

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ModelHub Review: A Large Marketplace for Adult Content

There is no doubting that there are some massive advantages to being a part of the ModelHub program, as opposed to rivals like OnlyFans, ManyVids or IsMyGirls.

The sheer fact that you can get your content under the noses of such a huge audience is a big plus point and very few platforms can come close to competing with them on this front.

However, with almost seven million new videos uploaded every year and adding to an already huge library of over 13 million clips, this can be a daunting amount of competition.

What are the chances of an amateur and a newcomer getting their content seen in such a large pool?

So, yes whilst there is less of a burden on creators doing their own marketing your best chance of success and getting your content seen is to actively be driving traffic to your ModelHub site.

And, ModelHub can help you do this with some great marketing tools and a huge archive of helpful articles and video tips to maximize the impact of your own promotions.

There are also some brilliant ways on the platform to monetize your content even if you are aren’t regularly being featured or one of the top earners on the site.

And that is through their ad-revenue sharing scheme and premium downloads. By posting free to view content you can effectively be earning quite handsomely whilst, hopefully, gaining extra fans who might want to pay for your premium videos. Or even subscribe as a regular fan.

The fact that you can also benefit from tools such as digital rights protection, geo-blocking and some great marketing features is also a pretty big plus point.

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The only other negative thing that you have to consider here is the rates of pay being offered.

At just 65%, the commission charged by ModelHub is high when compared to the likes of AVN Stars and OnlyFans (for example), both of whom pay their content creators 80% of their earnings.

Overall, there is a lot to recommend about this behemoth of an adult content sales platform but some aspects which may give you pause for thought.

The bottom line is one which boils down to the economy of scale. Basically, you have a potentially much larger audience with greater opportunities for monetizing content but with earnings being 15% lower…so, what do you do?  

We can’t make that decision for you but as part of the world’s largest and most trusted adult website, ModelHub is certainly a very safe choice.

Sign up on ModelHub to get started.

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